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Cargo Harbour Escape Walkthrough

Cargo Harbour Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Cargo Harbour Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are working in a harbour where lots of cargos are exported and imported. You are fed up with the work and hence you want to escape from the harbour. The only way to escape from the harbour without getting caught is by the boat. So, find the necessary things and solve puzzles to escape from the cargo harbour. Good luck and have fun!

Play Cargo Harbour Escape

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when you find the solution for the colored triangles puzzle, be sure to square the number within the triangle for push count.

found that clue and pushed but not working? I have 321 413?

ooops read your post again - will square now...

Thanks, Cate, was stuck with that for some time. Still need the last purple symbol

milena, have you found all of the chess pieces? they are sneaky and they gave me my last piece.

you're welcome, milena. almost didn't try it, because of the 16 count click for one of them.

No, cate, still looking for my last chess piece

missing one chess piece and key for chest

use the knife on a tire for the key

ok, so there is a pawn, knight, bishop, castle, king and queen...which one are you missing?

thank you milena! now just have funnel which won't go in hole in ground in 2nd to last scene

Finally found the last chess piece on the ground under purple symbols

funnel goes on the boat in last scene

I am missing the castle

the pawn is in second scene...grill of green equipment.
knight in third scene, close-up of stairwell on right, underneath it.
third piece, fourth scene, bottom cargo hold, third in.


Thanks, cate for your help. The boat can go now

got all those cate and the one in the scene with long bars and crane. just can't find the pesky castle

fourth piece, sixth scene, lower left, under bar.
fifth piece, eighth scene, in the back left of open space, click and make holes in ground...in one of them.
sixth piece, seventh scene, cargo hold above white truck cab, click the boxes...in one of them.

found it -sped away!! Thanks for your help cate!

found it -sped away!! Thanks for your help cate!

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you're welcome! i'm all in for a boat ride.

got all the chesspieces but need one more purple gem, what to do with the alphabet and the circles in first scene?

@jose...did you get the sheet of paper with said alphabet?...go a few scenes in and look up high...it was on a machine extension on the right hand side, i think. click on the letters that are circled on the paper.

and, the chess pieces go on ground, right side, first scene.

I am missing one purple gem.
can't find anymore hot spots.

Where is the hint for the coloured triangles?

jenny, the hint for the triangles comes from putting in the proper dates found on stamp.

the stamp is found in the first scene, behind the circle/square/triangle puzzle.

input the dates in the fourth scene.

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Triangle puzzle:
Y=9 P=4 G=1 R=16 B=1 Pu=9

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