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Deserted Villa Escape Walkthrough

Deserted Villa Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Deserted Villa Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are locked up inside this villa which has been deserted for years. The villa is in a bad condition and you must escape from there as soon as possible. Explore the villa, collect objects and clues and solve puzzles with them that you can escape from the villa. Good luck and have fun!

Play Deserted Villa Escape

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Tiny things to find and puzzles in faint places - hunt carefully!

Had to keep hunting repeatedly all over the house front.

Found two keys in scene one, as well as other things.

No clue needed for scene 4 puzzle on wall to the right of the back door. Just click each shape to move to the middle.

Horns go on wall at bottom of stairs. Check one of them first.

where did you find 2nd horn?

To do the eggshell puzzle, just click on one top shape, then its corresponding other half. (Once you've found and placed all the other halves, of course!). They don't move, but the top one changes colour (faintly). Do all four with boldness, and the safe opens!

clodagh, where is left horn? I stuck with 3 eye-symbols and missing some shield symbols and many other stuff...

Oh dear Karissa - I wish I could remember. I think one was somewhere obscure on the front of the house.

doh, compass is clue for letter-direction-code

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You use the compass again later, Hotz.

3 eye symbols go in Scene 5 on wall

The left horn comes from the 5 numbers in scene 5.

left horn is in S-5 after placing shapes and entering numbers (shapes are the #clue..)

I sweared I won't play again the First Escape Games and I was weak. This time never happens again! It is a completelly nullshit. Adios!

thanks Clodagh and Karissa

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@Popeye, I enjoyed this game. I'm sorry you didn't like it. But in the future, could you use nicer words to convey your disappointment?

Quite enjoyed this - I must have been in a good mood this evening - and still smiling!

thank you forgot to do the number part

Thank you, Clodagh. Had serious problem with those eggshells. Nice game

Ditto, Milena!

I liked this one, only problem was my fault for not finishing the puzzle :)

A lot of hunting but I did like this one -

Once I found the second key in the first scene, things moved much more smoothly!! Enjoyable game!

cant find second key in first scene,eggshells don't work sorry giving up on this one

Not a bad game. Didn't like how hard it was finding the spot for the 3 eyes.

escape girl First did you get all of the bottom 1/2 of the eggs? If yes just start on the top left and click the top egg and it should have an outline of color then select the bottom 1/2 that matches. Then click the next egg on top. etc etc

Anyone remember where they keys were in the first scene??

Some of the puzzles are too faint to make it fun.

One key is in plain sight at the lower right. The other is from the 4# clue on upper house, and its puzzle on wall of house.

Got stuck for a bit on the 4-letter puzzle at the bottom of the stairs until I realized that the arrows weren't a different puzzle... they were the clue.

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