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Escape From Abandoned Cruise Ship Walkthrough

Escape From Abandoned Cruise Ship

Escape007Games - Escape from Abandoned Cruise Ship is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Dream up situation you are visit to abandoned cruise ship with your younger brother. Your bother went to home after closing the ship without noticing that you are still in the ship. You are trapped alone in it. So use your skills to collect the necessary object and solve puzzles to escape from there. Good luck and have fun!

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the pipe comes apart, the thing you keep gets dipped into the inkwell that was found to the lower right of first stairwell. then it gets rubbed onto the blank piece of paper.

this is the only think I've put together..lots of stuff....still looking for where they go...

Hi Lynn, where is the pipe that comes apart?

I am still looking for a screwdriver blade. I have the handle.

The dice you have to click on one of them to put them on screen then add the rest for 5# hint for box. same with U D papers for levers

I got a live game. I'm going in.

POP found pipe in room with 5# box and spot for b/w discs.

Hi Nis34r!

my last sneaky black/white button was on the ground in door scene

Jenny, SD blade comes from 5 black/white buttons....

Thanks hotz, going looking now.

Rats, Hotz, I already have that one.

crowbar is used on floor in room with 5 symbol hint.

the 5# from dice open black box in 3rd slot machine (lower part)

I am stuck with half the coloured dots hint, a paper with coloured #'s and SD handle.

2 steering wheels go on big pipe in scene with single rusty tile on the floor

Then use paper hint with 2 circles and 5#'s under each on the wheels.

still looking for last b/w circle and 2 more coloured balls.

jenny, paper with colored numbers is used in scene with colored chairs

Yay, found the last b/w circle in room with all the colourful chairs. Puzzle for coloured #'s papers is there.
Moving on!

Where did you find the crowbar?

and out!

in stairs scene with 3 direction arrows go down, in this scene, you can find crowbar in background

Let me give you an advice: trying to copy * Games these days is not such a good idea. They are not in a great shape. Not describing an item is also a negative thing. Hiding microscopic items between hundreds of other junks is not fun at all. Try again. Red X.

I have 2 more black and white chips to find and 2 more u/d pieces of paper. Where did you guys find them?

This was pretty good! Finally found the last card to find the directions for the levers and out

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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