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Cowboys Quest Escape Walkthrough

Cowboys Quest Escape

5nGames - Escape Game: Cowboys Quest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 5n Games. Assume that you are a smart and brave cowboy in town. You are in quest of something. You know what the cowboys are usually after. So look around the place, collect objects and use hints to solve puzzles. Once you find what you are searching for, you can escape with it. Good luck and have fun!

Play Cowboys Quest Escape

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Yes Help!! LOL

I feel like I am missing a scene?

hammer is also used on lantern, sort numbers and symbols by rising numbers...

Hahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa I knew youd come old bud!!!

As on chimney

Stuck with a bunch of logs?

Oh and a bottle?

don't miss hidden panel under stairs

btw, hammer is also used on horse head next to door

And I am not doing math on a saturday!

Thanks Hotz now have horse food in bucket.

The 4# isn' t working?

Do it small to large see Hotz comment

in right house, don't miss letter box right on bench

Or did you mean 4 # on Horse pin?

Ah thanks guys!

Well now my Horse shoe won't go on horse?

No the one with the symbols bandy!

For the other 4# : 4083

I hate math

AWWW Key in Feed bucket!!

Ohh I like that pic in the house!!!

Feed the horse for key

I stuck with letter box and 2 bottles, missing 1 horse shoe...

Moved right Pic in house key fell out and gone now?

Sorry bandy, I hid it))))

Magnet top ceiling

Yeah i love it too!!

Use magnet bandy !! From 4# , hint on star hat

I've taken both pictures as souvenir for you bandy!! I love cowboys))

Good find Dazz!!

finally, bottles are used on a hotspot on the floor, left of table in right house

My last map piece wasby books

6 coins go on panel top left of fireplace for my last horse shoe...

Thanks Hotz now have some money!!!

Logs for fireplace

use the marker on the wall skin

Crud now I am missing a horse shoe?

My last one was from map on white board

Bottle for logs

Bandy , one on left moose, hotz hid it there))

Thanks Dazz map was picky to place!

I mean right one!!

The marker is called a Branding Iron. Just info.

Match behind cuffs

Use stick from horseshoes on fire, then use it on sheet under the guns

And out Thanks for all the help!

I' m rich!! I got gold!! Hurrayy!!!

LOL Dazz!!

Can't light fire. Do I need more than the 7 logs? Fuel? Paper?

Did you get a bottle to use outside?

No, looking now. I used 2 bottles on floor for coins is all so far.

There's a white one outside somewhere behind the horse? I think it was under pillar

Don't look at me, I didn't hide it))

I think you did. Thanks, I finally found it. By post just left of red chair outside.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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