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The Storage Shed Escape Walkthrough

The Storage Shed Escape

Tesshie - The Storage Shed Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape. In this game, you have to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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The Storage Shed Escape  Walkthrough 
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Wow!! Tesshi-e!! Let's go!!

yay! what a lovely surprise...i'm right behind you nira!

i will try to play without any help.. this games take too long to be posted to cheat or ask for help

i love the porno music btw

brown chicken, brown cow.

so far 3 keys and wood with nails.. i think i can doit alone :)

I have 3 keys, too.

hehehe safe opened

a little help for you guys



4th key after finding 2 mr.buddys

and.. out with Happy coin!

and out with happy coin!! wow i did it in 30 min without help!!

btw dont open the door!! get the golden lock and use in the hole for happy coin!!


Have a bunch of stuff and going in circles however I did find a hammer and a pry bar witch in reality is the master keys to everything.I would have been in the scooter,glass case,locked doors and locked door quickly and out.

sad because i finish too fast and now i have to wait anohter month for this games :(

off course 5 starts

I can not get the ladder to stick at black marks?

another great game. thank you tesshi-e! i so appreciate your efforts.

Awwww! Either a very short Tesshi-e or I caught a live one???? :D

Phin Phan, you're not alone. If this were real my tools would be a heck of a lot more useful than they are here.

phin phan, you have to build something first to put in the space, then you can use the ladder.

OK a lot of progress made, got a drill, made holes in the wastebasket kinda thingy, put a wire in it and fished a key out of the water, finally got all the wood and nails and plank to make a table and get the Mr Birdies. Have the exit key and am staring stupidly at the latch thing on the well and trying to figure out how to get down in there.

andrea, open the door, but don't go out...you'll get a gold lock to attach and blah, blah, blah.

PoP, of course, use it on the chain and basket thing. Out with happiness

WOW! Tesshi-e! since there are just 23 comments, I must be early. I'll try to catch up and help where I can (but I'm usually left in the dust).

Wow you guys are fast. I am stuck near the first. Put round stone thing in, but no idea what to do anywhere. Don't understand the hints or where to use things.
I have a crowbar and a magnet with a rope and a vase.

Don't overthink the round stone thing Jenny, the solution is right there on it.

I see it but don't know what to do there.

yay! playing tomorrow AM!!

jenny, there is a clue for the round stone things on the bench...it will give you the nudge you need. ;)

Thanks for the help, moved on a bit more now.

stuck again. Where is the plank?? I have fire wood and nails and hammer but can't do anything with them.

I need help please? How do I open the safe? I see symbols on the wheels and in the floor but how does it work?

Jenny, there's a missing spoke in each wheel...

jenny, have you smashed the square cement space below the bench?

Thanks again, I figured out the safe. Now I am stuck with 1 mr. Birdy and no key for the case I think it goes in?

This comment has been removed by the author.

and what do I do with the glass jar "I can't get my hand in"?

I'm stuck. Got the wood pieces and nails, got the clue to open the safe but it's too dark still. No idea how to get the purple thing up on the rafters.

Jenny pour water in it.

pour water in the jar...use red key to turn on headlight (2 views on scooter)

Thanks again, got the gold lock finally but no idea what to do with it. Some one said use it in a hole?? where is that??

Oh hey! Thanks! Never saw that second view before.

POP, put it on basket and hook in where I took water from.

Out finally
Thanks again for all the help.

Oh, and btw... hi @zoz! We were both late for this one!

THe well. Clip it onto the chain and then attach that to the hook thing on the side of the well and climb down.

Where's the plank?

Always phenomenal

unknown, the plank is in the safe.

Hi just1! I'm left in the dust, as usual. I seem to be stuck with the trash bag with wire in one hole, but it won't go in the water. Do I attach the other end of the wire, and if so, how?
(I always seem to get stuck where no one else has problems).

I'm right where you are Zoz!

nice to be stuck with you jillydoc! But we really should move on. Somehow.

zoz, you need the chain from the right side of the shelf. There's a sneaky spot inside the closet door, check there, that will help

I would if I could! LOL

Andrea, I can't see, it's too dark! LOL

Look on the door itself

Thanks Andrea! I had not really looked in the closet since I had no light. But now I'm back on track. Are you with me, jillydoc?

Thank you!

Yes, Zoz. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out the wagon wheel Master Lock combination!

Having trouble posting (playing in Chrome) so I may be absent for a bit.

Got it. Mistook the start on the bench as the direction to take wheels.

Jilly The picture in the floor gives the order of which wheel and the direction to turn the dial. Each wheel has one spoke missing.

Oh, you got it, good

Yes, Andrea. I guess the Start on the bench was a red herring, because I didn't find any use for it.
Thanks for your help. Just the push in the right direction I needed. Hope you made it out Zoz, there's barbecue waiting with your happy coin. LOL

the start on the bench was for the diagrams on stone button thingy.

Finally out, and finally able to comment. That BBQ looks awesome, even at 2a.m. But I think I'll just go to bed.

Thanks @Andrea for the help and @jillydoc for keeping me company in Stucksville.

Where are the nails?

Great to be stuck with you too, Zoz. Sweet dreams.
zummi, the nails were in the scooter, I believe. You need the key and I can't remember which one it was, or how I got it, sorry.

I didn't use the motor scooter twice, finally got out, thank you

Well, I'm stuck with some sort of bag, a crowbar (used, I think),some pliers and a magnet/string combo (used). Hope someone can write a walkthrough as none of the above hints helps me.

@Clodagh use pliers (put ladder)top on shelves to get a key and string

you get ladder in the safe on the left of sccoter
you need a handle to open it

you get handle by putting stone button below window and click 7x according hint bars white drawn and hint start on bench

Someone here????


There's a MAGNET stuck to the back of one of the metal cans.

The bench says, start with the dot.

Turn left; there's a STRING hanging on a wheel. Combine with MAGNET and use it by the down arrow left of the wheel. Get a CROWBAR.

R twice, use on wooden box, get BUTTON.

Left, click floor under wheel, use button. Make patterns, left then right, starting with dot (7 moves). Get HANDLE.

R twice, use on cistern, back away, lift lid. Get LADDER, note symbols.

1st symbol on metal cans (5). 2nd on the stones; 3rd on the metal bricks. Turn left, place LADDER in front of shelf, look at top shelf. Get HAMMER. Get WOOD. Note one more metal brick, 2 more stones.

Total 5 cans, 4 stones, 5 bricks. enter nos. in box on shelf for WIRECUTTERS.

Use LADDER again, cut KEY and take WIRE.

Key is for closet door but you can't see anything in there yet. Take SD from inside door. Go back to the bench, use HAMMER on exposed floor in front of it. Get DRILL and clue for a safe.

Go to shelf, look at R side, use SD and take CHAIN. Look down, get PAIL on floor. Use DRILL on PAIL, then WIRE, then CHAIN. Go to cistern, dip some water, collect a RED KEY.

Go to the scooter, use key in the middle, get BOX OF NAILS, click to combine them with WOOD. Click R on scooter, use same key, turn on headlight. Now you can see the safe.

Study the clue in the floor. The 'U' shapes refer to the wheels around the room. Each has a spoke missing. Starting with the wall next to the shelf, the moving to the left, you get 6R, 4L, 2R, 8L; these are not just # of clicks but the positions to go to. Enter in safe, get PLANK and MR.BIRDY #1.

Turn around, pour water in flask to get DIAMOND KEY. Combine HAMMER with WOOD/NAILS/PLANK to make a TABLE. Place on marks on floor next to flask, put LADDER on TABLE, Go up and get MR. BIRDY #2.

Turn to shelf, use DIAMOND KEY on Mr. Birdy display case. To open, look at words on side of closet, and the positions of the letter 'M' (6 moves). Place BIRDIES for exit key - save game now to see both endings.
Take PADLOCK from exit door. You can walk on out the door, or...

Attach the PADLOCK to your PAIL so you can hang it in the cistern. Climb down and get the HAPPY COIN.

Enjoy the barbeque!


Thanks for the WT, couldn't find that hotspot right of closet!!!!
And didn't know that thing was a bucket (pail??)

Thank you very much Seb - I had opened that lid and seen the clue, but completely missed the ladder!

And thank you very much Just1 for a brilliant walkthrough! Helped fill in one or two gaps.

Thx for the WT Just1!!!
I removed the chain but can't find the PAIL. (is it a bucket?)

POP had the pail already. It's the square pot.

Thank you Just1. Brilliant w/t. Had conpletly missed the view with the chain. Thanks again.

thank you Just1 so much for your wonderful WT,and thx Catqueen for specification for the pail =square pot( vase)

I cannot find the "diamond" key. I have a blue "hexagon" key, but that was already used on the closet...help?

Oh...pop...pour water into glass jar and get diamond key....out! Great game!!!

@just1 - thanks for the fantastic WT!!

Thank you, Tesshi-e!! Fabulous game! So much game in such a small space. Wonderful. Thanks for the great w/t, @just1. I look forward to the next one from you. I did not find this easy, but I enjoyed it very much. The glass jar was hard to see. It's on the floor under one of the windows.

Safe combo, 6R 4L 2R 8L isn't working for me

Good game. I wasted a lot of time on the safe 'cos of that confusing START notice...

safe combo - use the order from the hole in the floor, 5R 9L 2R 6L

Robamimi and teeshie in one week, brilliant. Best games out.

Excellent as always.

thank you so much for the walkthrough just 1
fantastic game x

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