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Wow Japanese Dojo Escape Walkthrough

Wow Japanese Dojo Escape

WowEscape - Wow Japanese Dojo Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game you came to visit Japanese Dojo. But you came to know that someone trapped inside that Japanese Dojo. No one is there to help you out. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Japanese Dojo Escape

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I don't know what to do with the mosquitos :-/

Mosquitos are for the playing cards.

Yellow stick is for the soup in bedroom.

Not up there yet. Hoping there are chopsticks for the sushi.

what are the pink things on the table?

I'm clearly missing something to get rolling. Have the chainsaw, black blob, flower, orb, and hot pot.

count the mosquitoes for the cards

The pink things are sushi, I assume. Looks like shrimp and salmon.

black blob?

Found spot for flower on Buddha head in left room. Now have 2 black blobs.

Black blob is a stone for the cairn on the table beside the sushi.

Ah, the blobs are rocks to build the thing next to the sushi. I have two of four.

You'll get another stone from the bath. Two in that room, if I remember correctly

Next up, where is everyone getting mosquitoes?

Lurker, after you put the green/yellow bulb in the outlet and turn on the switch. Mosquitoes fall on the bed.

And I have to go :-(
I was doing so well, too. And finally in a live game.

The "orb" is a citronella plug-in! Wow, that's a new one. Got my last stone and the key.

Razor blade for square on bed.

Found the soy sauce for the sushi. After 2nd key, on table.

Oh good, the jigsaw puzzle solves itself if you get the pieces close enough. I'm bad at those.

Quill for frame in kitchen.

does anyone know where to use chainsaw?

opended a bunch of rooms now but still have unused items

Wow, this game is huge. I haven't even found any fans yet. Missing a leaf and a fish for the dining room. Found one of three heart pieces.

Still looking for somewhere to use the chainsaw. That and the brush are my unused items at the moment.

@lurker, other two pieces for the haert are in the same book, lol

oh, and brush used one sushi, 4 times

also mising a leaf, a fish and 3 japanese dolls and one goldpiece

You don't need to find fans.

missing 1 sword a another key
anyone there yet????

Missing one leaf, one pair of swords, 2 dolls, and a place to use the chainsaw.

Chainsaw for bottom cabinet in "gumdrop" room. I still need one set of swords.

So the book where you find the first heart piece, keep turning pages. The rest are there.

found the last goldpiece!

what a gumdrop room?

Ugh! Thanks for the chainsaw, Lurker! I thought I tried that :)

Last gold coin gets you a figurine. Missing two, the leaf, the fish, and probably something else. Used everything at least once.

Those five chairs shaped like gumdrops.

Mama Qiqi, the room with the 5 stools you can turn over. Just missing a leaf and one doll now!

That rainbow sushi was very pixel-sensitive.

anyone found the last fish and leaf?

any one know where to use the duster or feather?

Ginner, both in kitchen.

elkwhale thanx!!! what about the fish?

Duh, the shadow fans are for the color clue, not to place something. Last set of swords.

Still looking for the leaf and fish.

Having a hard time remembering where all the fish were. I think one from phonograph, one from rabbits?

the strange thing is, that you think you hit every spot in every room but still i'm not out so i must miss something.... frustrating in the middle of the night when you know your kids are gonna wake up early

got both lurker

i remember seeing a puzzle with highs and lows, but dont remember where?

Twin-bed room, through right hand door.


Checked a video. Looks like we're dealing with another disappearing piece of a Wow game. I hate when you spend so much time on a game and something disappears from inventory.

you're kiddibg right?

Aaargh! Last leaf for me -- use chop stick on bamboo in first scene! Shoot me :) Out now.

Fish - dried flower vase in far right scene, bed (razor blade), phonograph and one more...

out! never found 4 fish by the way

thanx elkwhere and lurker for playing, see you. i'm off

...5 number sliders! That was it.

my last coin was in room before rabbit room - pour hot coffee into hole in floor.

last fish disappeared from inventory, so can't escape.
Sick of these glitches WOW, get your act together!

Thanks for that last leaf in the bamboo, elkwhale! That was really sneaky, I never would have found it without your hint.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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