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Abandoned Dark Fort Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Dark Fort Escape

GamesNovel - Abandoned Dark Fort Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Novel. You are visiting a fort with your friends, you get amazed looking at big fort and forget about your friends. You are so amazed you suddenly noticed you are lost and the fort gets closed. Now to escape the fort you have to solve puzzles to get the key for great escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Too dark for me.

4 purple slider door: just drag all sliders to the other side

don't know what to do

Lau, click the plant for piece that goes in right scene

I've got a coin, a number hint and 3 pieces of paper that seem to be a hint but I can't put them together

btw: 8 blue squares are clue for door with 4 dark circles with different sizes in right scene

Isabel, in the room with the colored buttons you can click in the middle and place the pieces of paper

thanks hotzenplotz! there is a space in the new room, where you can put the puzzle pieces together

thanks najb!

thanks najb!

Nothing left in inventory, and no clue for coloured balls puzzle. Anyone out there?

I'm here Sue, don't think I'll be of any use to you though lol

Did you do the +3 +1? that's what I'm stuck on

yvonne Any hint on how +3 +1 puzzle works?

No Yvonne - stuck on that too! Bit clueless here :)

OOPPSS We are at the same spot LOL

bandy, you're here :) sorry can't help you, you'll probably solve it before me.

I am working on it I get left side 1452, right side 4167 but ???

We're both relying on you Bandy :)

1458 left right starts with 2

Ok Great !! LOL :P

bandy, no pressure lol :)

Got it - R 1458 L 2965

Jo H can you give a bit more info??

Knew you could do it Bandy :)

Escaper!!! My hero LOL

Escaper did it not me LOL All I can say is I was close!! LOL

look at the lines connecting boxes 1 in left box so the line going straight to right 1 + 1

Thanks Jo H

And out at last, thanks for your help guys

Great I can't tell those colors apart :(

Thank you :)

Thanks guys, get loads of help from you so glad I could return the favour. Slight faux par, R should be L and vice versa!

Ok got some help and made it !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Please could somebody spoil the order of the colours? I can't get the paper clue to work.

Hi SLs blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, yellow, grey, green

Thanks. That's what I've been trying and it's only just worked on the eighth attempt!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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