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Abandoned Steel Plants Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Steel Plants Escape

Escape007Games - Abandoned Steel Plants Escape is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. The Story of this game is to escape from the steel plants factory. Imagine a situation, you are visit to steel plants factory. Unfortunately, the factory main door was locked. You are stuck inside the factory. Try to escape from the factory by finding object and hints, solve the puzzles and get main door key to escape from factory. Good luck and have fun!

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and no others here to explore things together.

Stuck too, I've used quite all and only have one hint on the inventory.

I think I'm missing some pieces for the pipe puzzle (found 2) and need a code for the five colour puzzle.

Need one more item for the puzzle on last screen too. Used the up/down hint on a well hidden puzzle, in top half of a screen (can't remember which one)

I have 4 of them, and I think I'm missing one more.

Takes me back, when I was 16 and an office junior I had to walk past large machinery and steelworkers to take the post.

... sorry, take the post to the main office.

Good luck finding that last piece for the pipes puzzle. Went over every scene 4 times and still didn't find it.

The up and down puzzle was for second scene

Saw used in fifth scene on pipe

Green pupe in scene 8 under desk

Thanks Dazz Ley. It was the one I were looking for.

Hexagon clue in scene 6

My last circle was in scene 6

Pipes give color hint for scene 9

Now I'm missing 2 hexagons for the last puzzle.

Green hexagon from gears, use brown button as handle

Your lucky dude, im missing four

Black square is a sponge to clean smudge in your inventory for hint

crowbar scene 7

My second pipe wasin scene1, pipes go in scene 5 on the holes

Thanks yvonee! Crowbar used in scene 1

I don't have the brown button. Do you remember where is it, please?

Dazz Ley, been a long time since I've been able to help you lol :)

Im afraid not but it was directly lying on the floor in one of the scenes, would've sent you mine if I could

Its always great to have you yvonne

My last rectangular was in scene 7 behind a tile

Missing one and i think i need a sd

Kris, I think it was scene 7 not a button looks like a brown bar

Yeah kris! Looked like a candy bar to me, don't eat it!

Dazz Ley are you out?

Thanks Yvonne. It's in 7 scene, as you said, up at right.

Nope, still searching for something to use on screwed panel in scene 1, trying to break it

Kris, you're welcome :)

I've finished. Thanks for the hints.

Giving up, nothing to find

Dazz Ley you used the crowbar there, the other one you click on, it moves for colour shape

not colour shape, piece of paper

Aye! So did i, completley forgot! It was still a hotspot

But nothing to find more anyway, thanks yvone! You alone were a great help

what do you need?

I just shut my game yvonne! I ggo,
But thanks for helping me, see you in the next one

Dazz Ley, always pleased to see you :)

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