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Avm Harpy Eagle Escape Walkthrough

Avm Harpy Eagle Escape

AvmGames - Avm Harpy Eagle Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. There was a harpy eagle accidentally trapped himself in one house. This little bird was only looking for foods and he entered the open window, and he don’t know how to escape. He was crying and very hungry and there’s no people to help him to get free and to have some food to eat. Can you help this little bird feed himself and after free from the house? Find the clues and use the hints and solve the puzzles to do it. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky panel on left to get you started.

It really does not pay to find a game early with no one to help. This sucker's hard.

L/R combo is from the bottom of the staircase up.

thanks lurker...that makes me feel much better.

don't sell yourself short...and, you're not totally alone and i'm sure others will be along soon.

Right puzzle in scene one is simply just pressing the button until the first circle lights up then repeating.

The L/R puzzle upstairs is the three branches. Do the one on the left, then press the green button; then the middle one and press it; then the right and press. Goes from bottom to top. The blue one is sneaky because it's small.

The other L/R puzzle is from the colored plants, you have to do it in order and press the green button after each plant...the last plant is bottom up (look at it carefully)

I'm on the colored light bulbs and I have seven yellow balls in inventory. Nothing else.

What RRRR means?

Lol, Brett! Jinx!

I got in early on this one, so if u get stuck let me know...and none of us could get the last puzzle, hoping you all can help

Roberto, if you press in an odd spot on the edge, it's actually RUD1. I suspect the 1 was supposed to be L. Either way, I haven't solved it.

What 2nd L/R puzzle? What scene number?

The only puzzle I see that looks like it might fit that bill is in scene 4 but I can't move anything on it.

you will get that clue later Roberto, click off the letter, in the box to change it

Oh, I put in one green button. Guess I need another one...hmm

scene 4 on top of the stairs

just one green button is all you need

Ooh, then I need to solve the 4 bulb buttons, 4 clock dials, and figure out what the 5 concentric circles mean. Plus the colored flashing bulbs.

Oh, and the 7 dots in Scene 1.

there is a sneaky hotspot on the left wall in scene 6, thats for the colors

the dots activate after you place the green button. Press and hold

Not those dots. The round. Off to look for that hotspot.

Sneaky pole in the middle of Scene 11.

used twice lurker

Thanks for the place to click!

Argh, missing one yellow ball.

Oh, I put in one green button. Guess I need another one...hmm

Just one green button adellett

sneaky hotspot on the left wall in scene 6? can't find it!

Do I need to turn lights on first?

@roberto look at the purple graffiti on the left wall, HS is just to the right of that

lights come later

its a bit tricky just move your mouse around and click it will open up

Got the first diamond. Going around whacking everything with the pole. No luck yet.

scene 11 and 9, use the stick on the ceiling

So in addition to the buttons on the tub and below the 4 lights, I now need a 5 digit combo for the box I'm lugging around.

scene 11 is on the left

Thanks brett! Forgot cursor doesn´t change.

you have the clue for the box, look under the colored flashing bulbs

Ooh, that helped a lot. Thanks, Brett. I know you're just waiting for us to catch up so you can finish. I was there this morning with the Wow.

Yup, i just cant see how it works, need all of your help:)

I did try the bars on the windows. Or wait, do I have to do them in the same order as the lights?

nope i did left to right...

ill spoil it if u cant get it

Yeah, I must be counting wrong. There's also a bit of a glare. Do you count the bottom part of the window?

I also can't get the 7645 to work on either set of buttons. Just press that many times, right?

ascending order 1 click each for the red buttons

Got the 5. Don't count the bottom sill.

Thanks. Now working on other set of dots with that weird paper clue.

thats where were stuck

Ill keep checking back to see if someone gets it:)

Oh great! At least that's probably the last thing.

i think its my last diamond

lots of smart people here...someone will get it:)

Tried adding the two numbers on each dot. Not it. Or doing it in ascending order like the bulbs.

stuck too on bathtub.

have you found the 4 diamonds for the bars yet?

been there lurker:)

Maybe we have to combine paper and clue in scene 8?

was guessing that, tried rotating in the direction of the dots and reversed it. Just not seeing it and there are 5 dots not 4

Not from adding the two place numbers (2+4, 2+3, etc)

Why the empty box is still in inventory?

Because this game sucks.

And EG24 keeps wanting me to prove I'm not a robot. I found a video, but it's incomplete.

where did you find the box? Also, any use for the on/off switch clue?

On/OFF switch clue is for the panel in the upper right in scene 5

The green/red dots.

thank you brett and lurker

Ok more beer, that always helps

If you look at the paper long enough, it starts to look like a boy. Dots 1 & 4 are the ears, 2 & 3 the eyes, and the swirls on top are his hair. I have been on this game far too long.


i've lost the clock puzzle. saw it once and now I can't find it. anyone remember what room it is in?

pop. clock puzzle at bottom of stairs in scene 4

I'm trying to be polite and not rate the game until I'm done, but I'm starting to see why another site gave it 1 star.

I am stuck with you lurker.. damn dots

Can someone please spoil the blue plant L/R solution? I've zoomed in and RLLRLRL but it doesn't work.



Beware - I had to restart the game to get the blue plant to work

All right.just started and can't get the third plant L/R puzzle. I enlarged it and can see quite clearly that it is RLLRLRL, but it's not working. Can someone remember what it was?

if you mess up you have to restart the game...

Thanks Brett, but that doesn't work for me. I have the first two green lights lit but the third L/R doesn't do anything. Red X for me.

OH, I see it's not just me. Not gonna restart.

I have rllrl for the 2nd one. But that was an hour ago, so I could be mistaken.

well, the dots on the bathtub are stumping me.. time to hit the X in the right hand corner and quit this one

Seriously, you mess up one leaf and you have to restart? Then maybe the bathtub dots have the same problem and I've wasted an hour trying to solve it. I have other things to do. One star.

I did the 2 first leaves and had to close the puzzle to check the third. When I opened the puzzle again, all 3 lights werw grren and puzzle solved.

*were green

impossible without wt, otherwise gg

Nice one bandy

don't go avm!!...what about the bathtub?

bathtub? which seeen

scene 9...the four buttons.

No need to restart the game. Its automatically reset if you clicked wrongly

Not true on the restart

when the symbol appears you need to just click the button.

it locks you out if you miss it

don't want to start again...what is the solution for the bathtub buttons in scene 9? and can you explain why?

people have to restart the game

Hey bandy & cate,
Just now released the walkthrough

Need to see the clue paper first.
It have only number 2 and 3.
So, 1-3 is first, 2-4 is second, 2-3 third and last 2-4 last

?? is bandy even playing?...lol...i'm thinking he means you brett...gonna check out the finish on this monster.

Button orders . 13 24 23 24
Hope it helps

I like your games, but that was a reach! Look forward to the next one

Think he meant brett...but bandy is better anyway:)

i gotta say, avm, you lost me on that one...i've the clue paper, but didn't get that out of it...will take a peek at the video...maybe then it will click for me...thank you for the quick response, and, like brett, i look forward to the next go round.

Sure cate and brett, we create one new puzzle in next game also.

Did anyone work out that final puzzle? I tried what was posted and it won't work for me.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

if i remember correctly, you click each button once in this order, 13142324.

Got stuck with blue plant. The grrn button doesn't budge.

Got clue paper for RLUD but the RRRR buttons won't change!

Took me 4 tries on the tub before it would work. Also had no idea on the final box so I just pressed buttons till it opened.

Sorry AVM
Even with walkthrough it sucked
Nothing worked
Had to redo multiple times and nothing worked
Red X for me

Good to get back to some hard puzzles, but some of these were truly obscure. For the bath tub puzzle near the end the spoilers above didn't work for me. It sort of worked by reading the clue from right to left, but entering the solution from left to right.

bar guerr bar sbhe gjb guerr gjb sbhe

For the final two button box the clue is

fcvenyf ba n jnyy

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