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Coastal Escape

Games2Rule - Coastal Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to visit the coastal region for your vacation holidays. But unfortunately you missed the way back to your place. The place looks very scary. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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don't try to use shovel on bamboo stick, shovel is sticking on my mouse and I have to restart...

my last plant was in background in scene with 4#clue

thanks, I have a sling shot in place and have found rope for it and stone i think. have other objects like shovel and stuff

fork is used on right statue

I am trying to get the fruits out of the trees?

Too bad I read that just now.... I guess I need to restart also

And need one more plant ( got the one Hotz talked about )

There is a sword to use on bamboo stick and one other place.

chest on beach unlocked and snake pic done. have walrus and water can I don't know where they go . knife is for show under tree

Ok got plant last scene right drop shell in hole.

o i c. water can for holes and then plants grow

bandy, do you have the plant by using shell in far right scene?

Finally sword used again on trees.

Just found it Hotz thanks!

And off to sail the wild blue yonder LOL

bondslave walrus has a faint out line were to place I don;t remember wich scene though?

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 8:58 AM  

where is sword at plz found knife and used it on shoe for sling shot piece got fruit down but cant open it with knife

i think sword on beach scene near chest

where is hint for stars on stone?

no the thing i found is not a sward sorry. tried it on bamboo and not working

bondslave, for stars clue you have to use fork on right statue

o thanks.. those dots have me confused too

ah finally got last stone for that hint


       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:16 AM  

how did u guys get things out of the trees


Skully the sword. I had to try several times for it to work

I am stuck now. have a yellow ball thing at beach scene I can't do anything with. Still have turtle, but no where to put them. There is a spot near the dot sign and nothing works there either.

ok found turtle spot and got fourth bambooo, guess i use rope on them now

Yes bondslave you are making a raft to escape.

nope .. guess i need more bamboo. rats

There is also a sail some were

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:27 AM  

this is getting me angry I have butterfly oar 4 ropes knife missing flower still cant find clue for dots!!! cant do anything

Butter fly goes on blue things for 4 turtles

Skully did you use sword on thing that fell after sling shot was used?

Why can't they test these first????? Shovel sticks to cursor in bamboo close up!

flamingo hint not for bullseye?

Yes it is tricky on colors bondslave

i only have one oar. guess that's the problem for me

i also do not have all four plants in place. can't find anymore seeds to water

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:36 AM  

I did that but I still have it in my inventory!
no I don't have sword yet!!

The grey thing is not a oar it is a pry bar.

Skully sword came from dots puzzle.

i am thinking it is a bug that i cannot get to the yellow thing in the shell scene. nothing I have works on it. Can't find the hint for the bulls eye on tree either and don't know what to do with the flamingo hint or whatever it is

The flamingo moved is hint for bullseye?

you get the sword when you solve the dot connection puzzle. near where the star puzzle is

Move the bird in scene were sling shot was used that is clue for bulls eye

Move the flamingO? huh? i can't move it lol

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:43 AM  

I'm out ty all for the help!!!

that's great and then you leave the ones left just hanging and take off. Not a very good way of thanking everyone for help.

The clue is behind him on rock?

LOL Bondslave I am still here.

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:45 AM  

who said I left I am here

I see the clue behind flamingo. i did put it in the bulls eye on tree and it did not work

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:48 AM  

ask me anything if I can help I will I am not rude that way bondslave sorry if I made it seem like I left! I was just thanking everyone!!!

Sounded like you left skully sorry. Is there something to be done with that stone at the shell scene?? I guess I am done since I can't get the rest of the stuff to work.


I can't see colors well enough to spoil them for you ?

Shell scene?

You mean the one with a snake on it?

There is a big clam on the beach and to the left of it, in the background there is a yellow stone or something. My cursor can hit it, but I can't interact with it. Thought maybe it was something left undone.

If so scroll was in scene with dots puzzle

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:54 AM  

did u get the last flower for the shells?

OH no. that rock was just left over.

Too many rooms.

I have 3 flowers and not sure what shells you are referring to. I am missing two plants for the holes. Not finding any seeds to water for them. bulls eye on tree not done either.

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 9:57 AM  

that's all you need from there I used what I thought was the oar on the coconut with turtle in 1st scene that gave clue to eggs in last scene

Did you put the shell in log last scene right?

Yeah I did the eggs already. There is also a hot spot between the star puzzle and the dot puzzle. Way back in the scene in the middle. Can't do anything there either.

Too many rooms.

Yeah i did the hole on the tree branch or log scene already.

Thanks for all the help, but I am calling it quits. I think something is wrong with some of the puzzles. Nothing is working on anything I do. See ya in the next games guys. Getting too frustrating at this point

Sorry bondslave !

       Anonymous  5/23/16, 10:05 AM  

I am restarting what do have left in inventory?

I am replaying and still having the same problem with bulls eye. I did get four flowers but have no idea where to put them. Figured out the rest of the other issues. Things working except for tree dart board. Maybe I just need a hint for it.

There was a bug in my first game. I did the bulls eye right but it never worked. This time out. Grrrr. lol

so if anyone is out there, riddle me this...i have a banana thing from alligator and one of my bamboos stuck to it in inventory...is it actually a sail and that's what it's supposed to do, or, is it actually a banana and i have to start over?

Cate. That's a sail for the raft you build.

Nice game. I only got stuck with the rake. However, there was no hotspot on the right statue.

My problem was figuring out the slider puzzle. I kept trying to drag the pieces instead of clicking them to the next spot.

Forget that - my spade's stuck on the pointer.

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