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Daily Escape 25 Walkthrough

Daily Escape 25

Darakeguma - Daily Escape 25 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Darakeguma. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Took all about 1 minute to get out LOL

Same here, bandy. That seemed pretty pointless.

I think the goal on these is how fast you can get out! LOL

No, the goal is to get in ...

I updated Java as was suggested in the former one. All cookies were deleted, all in a desperate attempt to get in.

Alas .... the sad song continues.

Oohh, I remember the days, months ago, where I woke up, running to the laptop in hope for a new Darakeguma.
I even learned how to spell it without having to check it again.

I remember the graphics, the sound effects, the discoveries, the saws, the wood, the doors, the walls ...
Oooh I remember how the last clicks got me out.

OUT ...... will I ever, ever be able to experience that feeling again? To get OUT in a Darakeguma-game ..... ?

:( Arrie
have you read red sentences all around the game (even if not opened) may be it's useful for you (or not ?)

Dear seb, thank you for your sympathy and information. I especially like the (or not ?).
Yes, I did and no, I won't install Chrome, I work on FF.

I use FF also, wouldn't load so had to go to IE... took longer to load it than to finish the game :/

nice as usual

I use FF and had no trouble loading it. Yup, it took about 20 seconds to finish. I like these games, but this was a bit silly imo.

arrie - lol! You even learned to spell it - wow!!

I still miss the in-game save feature for this guy's games. I still feel the stress whenever I start one of these, that I'll have to leave in the middle of the game, lose all my progress, and have to start from the very beginning the next time :(

Do you need anything? Just ask ... I have windows installed and thought : perhaps IE is still on there, perhaps I didn't delete it and BINGO !!

Oohh, I'm going to enter the happiest 20 seconds of today (that's a lie).

Bio, yes, it's tough.
I suggest before you start:
1/ make a cup of coffee
2/ close the windows, shut out the noise
3/ turn off the alarmclock
4/ pretend it can't be as hard as Neutral.

Arrie I tried with IE and it works , hope you get it :)

Seb !! Yes !!

Yay Arrie. You're back!!! Bio and small will be so grateful :-)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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