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Detective Sir Biscuit - Green Burger Mystery Walkthrough

Detective Sir Biscuit - Green Burger Mystery

MouseCity - Detective Sir Biscuit: Green Burger Mystery is another point and click escape game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Someone has sabotaged Mr. Green's restaurant's neon sign. There are six suspects who had motives to do so, but can you guess who did it on your first try? Good luck and have fun!

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I swear these take longer to load than to play

don't bother it's just another guessing game,

Not really a guessing game; there are clues. It's just not much of an adventure game like most of their games are. Talk to people, observe things, pick up a clue or two... I thought that there would be more to it, but your first solid clue is the key. I kept thinking it was a red herring.

I really liked the concept but i knew who it was almost instantly. Would have liked more clues. 3 stars from me :)

Definitely not into this type of game format. :(

I have always enjoyed Carmel games a lot. They are always imaginatively put together. Unlike other Mouse City developers, Carmel games are never buggy and always worth the download, even if they turn out to be easy. They also do a really good job of making them seem fresh, which is something that you won't see from other Mouse City developers. The character interactions are often amusing as well.

That said, it does seem like Mouse City is going the unfortunate route that a lot of these game makers are going. That is, shortening up the games and raising the number and length of ads. That is not a strategy that has proven to be sustainable for internet-based businesses. I hope Mouse City figures that out soon.

The note is on green wrapping paper. The paper in the gift shop is blue. There is nowhere in the story any indication that the lock or door was sawn open. I replayed the game twice to catch that. It's not there.
Otherwise, I like these games and the character interactions.

You don't need that, one clue you get is enough to find the suspect, it's already there!!

Well, maybe the paper in the shop is greenish.

Agree with jonderson, short but great game, i love these!!

How boring. It's all reading.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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