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Escape From Holland Cruises Walkthrough

Escape From Holland Cruises

EightGames - Escape From Holland Cruises is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his US trip, a tourist trapped inside the Holland Cruise. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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roulette puzzle on wall is a bit tricky. you need 2 playing cards for clues and the numbers can be clicked on, as well as the colors.

was a bit of a pixel hunt,but do-able,out now

I am using the "menu" to assign colors on the 5 wheels in the room with the blue chairs. It doesn't work. The four light switches in the same room are also a mystery. Clues?

i think menu colour puzzle was to point the arrows all the same way,don't worry about the little slots,hope that made sense

orit, the switches correlate with the grey scale circles clue...go from light to dark, clicking each switch one time...won't work until you find the paper with the 4 grey scale circles.

I was able to do the switches after finding a Light grey, white, dark grey, black clue paper. Although all the switches looked the same colour to me.

I think I got the clue from putting thestick into a drink holder second last room to the right.

for the light switches,you find a clue somewhere with grey circles,go from light to dark

For the menu, all the colours point left. Not to the markers.

that was what i was trying to say,uncle rim !! lol

Indeed Kev, makes perfect sense now. Not so much before I found the puzzle.

The lion picture is annoying. Throw some (4) books at it.

The 5 black circles go above/right of the slot machines.

POP. Over thinking....

My knife is stuck on a green disk. I have the piece of paper with the 4 white/grey circles for the light switches but the switches don't work

here to use the knife

put the lightest colour first left etc

use the knife on the 2 squares reveals the switches

nice game only trouble I had was pointing the colours

Irene you need 2 pieces of paper one for the outside then the inner circle

oops different puzzle Irene lol

good game…menu colors a little deceiving

Can someone please spoil the order of the light switches

got the switches. Didn't realize I needed to use the knife on both pictures.

Where are the light switches????

finally found the light switches. follow white to black on the code.


switch order is 2134

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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