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Garden Escape 2 Walkthrough

Garden Escape 2

TototoRoom - Garden Escape 2 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Tototo Room. In this game, you try to escape the garden by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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In and Out :)

Nice game :)
Pretty straight forward, but the bottom locker inside the building is a bit tricky (look at the code panels on the side of the 4 lockers).

What goes on back of cross?

Nothing goes there. The cross goes on the wall inside the building.

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OHH It's for the hook!

I thought something went there LOL

Good game, I liked it.

I liked it too. 5 stars

Enjoyed this one. Aw but I didn't get to see the green cat topiary dance this time

Got through a couple of puzzles. Stuck with a cross now.

Nice ! Thanks Meggi for posting!!

You probably still have the star shaped hint in your inventory as well. Use that on the statue to open the door and then you can use your cross.

Cute! I liked the code for that bottom cupboard door!

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I had already opened the door. I'm just a dummy for overthinking it. Of course the cross hangs on the wall. Doh!

We've all been there Maroon . . .some of us more than others LOLOL. (raises hand)

Anyone still there???

Hi Jon D. I got in late too :-)

Out now, I liked it. You're still in Jon D ?

Kind of stuck after enter building

Got the symbol puzzle... let's see if I finish by myself


Jon D. hang the cross on the hook to the right. You will get a picture showing you a new hotspot outside the building. If i remember right, that gives you a 4# clue for inside the building. For the lower door of the cb, look at the symbols on the side of the cb. Two of the doors will give you the sequence for the corners' door. Don't miss that the statue inside has a lower and upper view.

Thanks Emmes ! I was stuck

I see mention of a cross above, but where is it? All I can do so far is push the little columns according to a picture and something happens, but I don't see what that was. No star-shaped hint anywhere and I need a key for the guitar and something for the back of the statue. I can zoom in on the wall at the bottom of the columns/picture, but can't open it...

Zoe, clic on middle cb below little columns

oh...thanks seb!

After that one little hint for the key, seb, everything else followed nicely :-)

Great game!!

what a great game I enjoyed it a lot x thank you

nice game

Where's the code for the bottom door? I think I need that to get the four-corners puzzle clues.

Ah, the puzzle buttons are more than button arrangements..

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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