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Kloof Street House Escape Walkthrough

Kloof Street House Escape

Games4King - G4K Kloof Street House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Someone has been trapped in the house. So you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from the puzzle house. If you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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just a nudge, but when you get the numerical pyramid sheet, keep in mind that the top two digits are TWO separate numbers, not a double digit number.

stuck with 3 flowers...

new to posting..need key..stuck with 3 flowers

hello you two...there are two keys to be found in the first two outside scenes...there is a sneaky spot in the upper left column in first scene(not the one with the fountains)

knife is used is scene with book with clock clues

where do we use the line clue?

ahhhhh u follow the line with corners

stuck with cube, pyramid paper and flowers now

the cube and flowers come towards the end. with the pyramid paper, think about a grid with the numbers counting across.

new to posting..need key..stuck with 3 flowers

thx cate

I am stuck too. Have 5 digit clue and don't know where to use it. Need 4 digits; 5 letter answer, and where to use clock clues from book.

there is a room to the right kim where u use they clock clues

I am so stuck with pyramid paper. for what grid? 3 times 3x3, 4x4 grid, green bugs grid or yellow 3x4 squares?
sorry, it's 3am here.

OK, I give up for today and will try again tomorrow. good luck

The pyramid of numbers is for the 4x4 grid. Highlight the circles that correspond to the numbers on the paper. So highlight the 2nd circle 3rd circle 5th and so on. Start at top left and count left to right on each row

Kim on door with letters spell the word key. Once you get in there you will complete a puzzle on right wall which I think is where the 5 letter clue is

I'm stuck trying to figure out the other 2 grids, the square grid and green faces grid.

stuck with green faces too. and target colour clue needed. Havent used the 5 number clue yet, I don't think

I haven't used it yet either that I'm aware of. Still need 4# and the 3 3x3 grids also

Where to use 3 flowers?

Cate said the flowers and the box are used towards the end. Odd there are two blocks on the 3x3 grids between the cherubs that don't light up cause they are behind the water.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Jen Jen - Green faces are used at the end of the game

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insert screen to numbers
the numbers

i'm so sorry i bailed...a buddy stopped by...give me a second and i'll go back through it to remember where i got the clue for green faces...and, you will need 4 yellow cubes in all.

3 x 4 grid is used at the end - you open the door to the outside

3 flowers set on the outside - a hint colored dials - - then we get a card with a prompt to the faces of green

I don't understand your comment Kajamira @ 7.31

have 3 flowers and yellow cube. missing 1 shield.

januarii, she's referring to the pink grid.

januarii R
card with numbers: 2,3,11,12,5,9,13 - numbered square 4x4 - 1,2,3,4,5,6 ....
and click on the numbers of cards

No clue for 3 colored circles, 3x3 grids and number code in fountain?

ohk I already did that one.

I did the number pyramid a long time ago. Left a good hint on how to solve it. If we got the flowers from outside where do you place them at?

the shield locations....

pink grid
4 digit code on fountain
4 clock panel
the 5 letter word puzzle in bedroom
using knife on chair in green face puzzle room

where's the clue for numbers on fountain?

cate pls spoil the 4 digit fountain no.

Where's the 4 digit clue?

if you have opened the door to the outside - where a metal gate> after prawejh flounder is a bench - it is placed on the 3 flowers

Roberto - code for fountains - this time on the big clock

roberto, don't worry about the circles or grids yet. the number code on fountain is the single clock time in room on upper right wall.

I don't understand what any of that means

januarii, the code is 1010. it's from the single clock on wall.

Roberto 1010 geesh was it that hard for someone to point us to that so we could progress

Finally!!!! Thanks!

Time: 10:10

once you do the fountain, you should be able to move ahead some...it will give you the shield that you're missing.

when you do the 5 digit "post" code at the end, count the current standing position as 1 and count from there...in other words, click each post one less time than the number.

Soccer balls go in the empty o's on the word Door. I tried it once but must have had the colors backwards. Get red lady bug and 3x3 grid clue

hint in left tree in garden. sneaky spot in branches.

missing 2 ladybirds and clue for 6 crowns puzzle.

Water the right plant to get another lady bug and open door. Place the flowers for the target colors which was the order I figured they were small to large. Then you get the Green face grid clue.

roberto, it's the hint in the garden, left tree, in branches.

Thanks again!

the 4 yellow cubes give you your last lady bug.

After you do the "slider" from the green face grid. Don't miss the clue hanging in the tree for the 6 object puzzle in shield room

Out with a huge help! Thanks!!!!

great game g4k, enjoyed it. thank you!

you're welcome.;)

Password is spelled out on 3x4 grid

Time: 10:10

Roberto - code for fountains - this time on the big clock

Thanks for the help Cate. This was a rather aggravating game

you're welcome jenjen...didn't mean to add to your frustration by not giving out the clock time...roberto asked where it was, not what was it, so didn't want to spoil it for him.

if it's any consolation, i played this earlier on the g4k site and i spent more time than i'm willing to say on trying to figure out that pyramid clue.

cant enter the yellow squares because of fountain
How do we turn iot off

@joe...you can't turn it off, but you can hover over the little bit of the corner and click, click, click and you'll hit it eventually. :)

Thanx Cate
that sucked

yes, indeedy, it did.

Thanks a lot Cate and Kajamira

I imagine I'm missing something evident, because anyone need help, but I don't know what to do with the 5 digits number (first scene's door), and whith the three 3x3 yellow grids, behind the fountain. Could someone help me, please?

I've entered to the room at the right and I've used the 5 digits clue there.

Now I have the clue for the fountain's greed too.

Good game. Thanks for the hints.

Out with a huge help! Thanks!!!!

I had to reload to get be able to do the right/left puzzle. Some of the puzzles were too obscure to be classed as clever. Finished it, but only with help. Could have been much better.

thanks for 4#clue for fountain everyone was stuck on!!!!

where do I find colors for gate...still need one ladybug and a key for outer door in scene 1


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