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Lonely Escape

MouseCity - Lonely Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You were exploring the countryside and you got lost. Now you are all alone! Collect useful items, solve puzzles to escape the location! Good luck and have fun!

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Open Mouse City and get a SD game! LOL Short but good game.

How nice. The piano worked even before I found the clue paper to tell me what fa-la-la means. I feel I'm being treated like an adult.

Just starting, hey buds

Crowbar in car trunk

Short, but nice one :)
Same here Just1.

Hammer last left in pool scene

Not getting tv clue?

Look at the dots on top of the dials.

Or the piano? Seems normal

Dazz there is another clue up top left room for piano

It is on painting

Piano hint is on the painting in the room to the left of the couch. And if you're not musical there's an extra hint on the pillar in the room to the left of the tv's.

ST I had to use both LOL

Jeepers creepers!! Didn't notice the skull last right room with key, thanks bandy!!

Lol, Sound of Music, Bandy.
Doe a deer, a female deer etc. :P

Piano: faagbcge

Second batteryin bucket black room, first behind the remote?

Guys! 5# spoiler plz? I can't see the numbers

The numbers on top of the dials. The numbers below the dots on the dials.

Stupid box was under the couch, bandy must've hid it there

Dazz 35826

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Dazz read up LOL

Thanks bandy!

Anytime amigo ;)

Who broke my toy robot?!

It was me, Dazz.
Hiding with laser under the couch now...

Wait till I set my robot on you nomelted!))

That car actually worked.

« Do ré mi fa sol la si », not « ti » !...

And « sol », not « so » !...

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This comment has been removed by the author.

pdgph, next time it will be Fla, Ga, Be, Ni, Yo, Oh

Guess the tune!


(It's astronomical ;)

sa re ga ma pa dhi ni

Si and ti are interchangeable.

"The solfège system used in many countries—including the United States—was revised in the 1800's so that all notes begin with a different letter. The 7th note Si was replaced with Ti."

Good game SD Thanks

ha ha thanks Sd short & sweet

Use TAB key to find the hotspots.

Lots of useless gabble on here but very few actual clues.

Where do I use the hammer and what are the batteries for?
I can't find any skull with a key either.

Jenny - far right on the ground floor there is a skull on the chair. Try the hammer on that. There is a gold lock at the top of the house on the right .

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