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Magic Angel Island Escape Walkthrough

Magic Angel Island Escape

CoolGames8 - Magic Angel Island Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. On this holiday you are invited by an old friend for a vacation to the Magic Angel island, it is a very beautiful island full of wonder, but that all changed since the Fire Nation attack the earth and landing on this island, they create chaos, Fire Nation led by a giant rabbit, he requires you to looking for something special so they will fly away and your holiday can go back again. Good luck and have fun!

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HINT: use 8 ball on owl for new scene

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Well, I'm confused. Picture hints have 2 "first"s and 2 "second"s. I assume it relates to letters in words on statue's arm. Working on correct order...



Can't figure out numbers for safe. Red ball goes on the mouse caves in waterfall scene. Can't get any of the other objects to interact with hotspots (have knife, hammer vase, s/d, magnifying glass, mouse). Stuck. Will check back later in case a clever person posts some hints!

Used knife on hammock for blue marble.

Looking for red ball I guess... Used magic wand on hat picked up and put on rabbit for a small brown rabbit. Can't find the knife and can't zoom in on the word

Hi JenJen! Where did you find a magic wand? I don't think you can zoom in on the word until you reveal all the clues for it.

Oh, NVM...found it it hammock scene.

Hello Maximom!! Sorry was working out the word clue. Finally realized how you got it. Where did you find the knife at?

I put cheese in the waterfall scene to get the mouse. Is that what you were referring to as the red ball?

Ha ha finally saw the darn knife...such tiny hot spots. Fell right under that umbrella and I didn't see it at first.

Oh and the red ball. Ugh I'm pretty quick tonight..not

Good question! I have forgotten most of what I found and where...Did you find the cheese? the S/d was in hammock scene. Some of the other items were in the scene with the beach chair (like the cheese, knife might be there too?)

Yes, the waterfall scene where you got the mouse is where the colored balls go...have found red and blue but I guess there must be other colors,too.

Or maybe just one other colored ball because only 3 spots seem to be active in that scene.

I think we are at the same point. I'm still looking for the other marbles also. I have the same two you have.

I think there should be 5 to match up with the color clue. Have you used the S/D yet?

Somehow I crumbled my jar in the scene with the rabbit and other jar. I tried placing on the right side of the jar on the cliff and it crumbled.

For the number safe I tried the obvious 123456, no go. Also tried a few combinations of the 5 numbers plus the 8, also no go. I haven't been able to complete the last couple of CG8 games. Don't know if it's them or me....

JenJen, I just repeated your action on the jar. The hammer didn't work on it before...I haven't used my s/d yet .

Yes they've been frustrating lately. I've been working on that safe clue also. IDK what the blue plate is for either

Wha......now I have 2 purple marbles!

YAY! the walk through goes to another game. That made sense....NOT

None of their w/t have every hooked up with a w/t....I wonder what they think a w/t is??

Clearly not the same thing we think a W/T is...lol Where did you find the purple marble?

Odd all of a sudden I could remove the hat from the rabbit....

The purple marbles are a mystery...I tried placing the broken pot on the ground in a couple of scenes and then I noticed I had 2 purple marbles...could have been the chair scene where I picked them up.

My rabbit still has the hat stuck on his head. I know in these games one action will trigger a new action. I'll try a couple of things to see if I can get that hat off.

Have you been able to do anything with the S/D or the orange and yellow thing with the dragon going around it in the bunny scene?

No, I have fed everything in my inventory into the ring of fire and can find no use for the s/d so far. I also tried to feed the bunny and mouse to the owl, no go.

Where is the magic wand??? and what do I do with the mouse?

Jenny, the wand is in the tree in the hammock scene you have to place the 8 ball on the owl first. We haven't found a spot for the mouse yet.

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Thanks Maximom, I have been here a while. No one has mentioned the pool cue yet. I have not used that either, or SD or mouse, bunny etc.

There's a pool cue?? Is that also the magic stick or is there something else I missed??

Get the cheese off the beach chair that is next to right arrow. Place cheese by bottom left door thing in the left most scene. I can't remember now where I found the S/D. The brown bunny came after placing the hat on the white bunny. Pool cue is in pool ball scene I think

Mag. glass, hammer, knife and cheese in beach chair scene.
Pool Cue between 6 & 9 in last right scene

Pool cue is in a crevice between the pool balls.

Vase on statue's nose. Use mag. glass on his arm. 8 ball on owl

Now if we only knew what to do with any of the items. lol

screwdriver is in hammock scene on beach near tree. Magic wand in tree on limb and use on hat. Place hat on white bunny for brown bunny view pictures for word hint: cewamn and get red marble after word. Use knife on hammock for blue marble
now you're caught up with me.

Smash the vase to the right of the vase in the white bunny scene

It is 12:45 am here and I have to go to bed. If anyone figures anything out, please leave good hints so I can finish tomorrow
Thanks and goodnight

thanks Jenny and JenJen for cue hint...now I just need a place to use it! So now are we all stuck in the same place?

Oh, I got a carrot!! I stuck the pool cue in one of the mouse holes, bottom right!

And carrot goes on blue plate along with brown bunny for yellow ball!

I can only place 3 of the balls...other hotspots will not accept balls. sigh.

I can't get the carrot for whatever reason

Probably for the same reason I can't get the hat off the rabbit.

Restarted and got carrot this time

....and still stuck! Can't place all balls, one mouse hole seems to have a cover, need 6 numbers and something to throw in the fire ring.

Yup I'm right there with you. I have 3 marbles. I can place them in 4 of the holes but that's it.

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Same here..only I have 5 balls -red, blue, yellow, 2 purple. Can't get the uppermost mouse hole to work.

My theory is that once we find where to use the s/d we can place the last ball and we will get the 6 numbers. Or not.

I still can't get the purple one. And you probably can't open that one until you have the 5th color. I'm out of here. This once again is a ridiculous game they have put out.

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color clue appeared in far right scene above statue shoulder: purple yellow blue green red

Apppears that 2 purple balls may be a glitch - need green ball

Is it just me not working left arrow?In the first stage is not taken the jug.Able to take in the third stage, the pot and the cue .To return to the left of the price(

Yes it is a glitch in Yandex and Chrome. In Lyss the arrows work.

Safe work 814679

There are 5 balls.Still, only three can be inserted. Did not use mouse and a bunch of broken pitcher.

Horrible game. Just horrible. Too bad you cannot award negative stars. This would be -4.

It turned out to insert 4 ball. Closed top is not inserted. Three below, from left to right - green,yellow,blue.The bottom right purple.Red have to put.

Rose red ball in the upper enclosed area. Just above it clicked .

Is not clear order placing balls.

Tried to play in another window. Now turned to remove the hat from the Bunny,but forgot how to get the purple ball(

Yes,in the first game broke the pitcher in the scene with the rabbit,but a bunch of broken jug is not taken. In the inventory, only a handful of the broken jug with the nose of the statue.And in another window the pitcher in the scene with the rabbit break is not obtained. Looks like a game with bugs(.

you can get the hat off after you have smashed the vase and replced it with the other vase

Finally in the third window got 5 balls(pink did not understand how received=) )Removed from rabbit's hat. Where to use a mouse and a bunch of the broken jug ,taken from the nose of the statue? The pitcher in the scene with the rabbit is not broken.How to put the balls? Again, only three balls are inserted.

what view?

there is no way for me to get into a 'hammock-scene' .
a bug maybe?

In the hammock scene to get,you must in the owl insert the ball at number 8. He just needs to take. If not taken ,then this is a bug.

It is a pity that these games mostly with bugs.

Oh Nafanja, I wish you had a better translation program because I know you always understand these games better than I do, but I'm not sure I understood your clues. :(

I know people have commented about the purple (pink?) marble, but I just can't figure it out. How do I get it?? I have all the other ones.

Am I supposed to do something with my broken jug pieces?

Did anyone ever make it out?

LOL at this ridiculous game

I alreary gave up trying some hours ago…
so far do not know how to finish the game… gave up and let here what I get…

Inventory: balls (purple, yellow, red, blue, green), mouse, hammer, mag glass, crumble jar, screwdriver, magic stick, magic hat, knife)

If someone want to try I’ll let here some help…


Statue scene: take 8ball and a billiard stick, take a vase from statue nose. Color-clue paper on right shoulder of the statue, note number clue (safe clue 814679 – tnks to # Nafanja )

Chair scene: take knife from sand under right umbrella; take cheese from most right big chair; take hammer from left umbrella, take mag glasses from boat.

Owl Scene: Give 8-ball to the owl (opens new scene)

New Scene = hammock scene: Use knife on hammock to get blue ball, take magic stick from tree, take screwdriver from floor,

Statue scene: use magic stick on hat (this gives you a small bunny), take hat, use mag glass on left arm (clue: ocean, waterfall, mountain)

hammock scene: pictures clue (first, second, third + Ocean, waterfall, mountain = word clue: CEWAMN – tnks to #Maximom.)

Rabbit Scene: Put hat on rabbit, brake vase (Gives you purple ball), replace it to new on, now you can remove hat from rabbit

Chair scene: solve letter puzzle get red ball,

Waterfall scene: use billiard stick on left hole take carrot. Use cheese on right hole to take mouse

Owl Scene: open safe to get green ball, put carrot and small rabbit on plate to get yellow ball…

Waterfall scene: there are places to insert balls, but to do so is difficult and also I don’t know the order of the balls

Chris,Hipster Mary, without knowing the language is certainly difficult.I tried different translators ,unfortunately I declare that me and friends do not always understand) And about the game crept into the idea that the author does so for as long as possible were playing in the game.And this is most likely. Sometimes gives passable until the end of the game. Mostly with a lot of bugs,an abundance of commercials and other nonsense. No respect for players. I played in different browsers and everywhere there were any problems. Something like that. Really want understanding) Thank you all)

Yes, and the code to the safe I tried to enter the zigzag and lines..(in order as you go) the position of the balls sketched immediately.Factored shot the ball at number 8. Again, it is unclear expressed himself probably)

Есть позитив,умный в гору не пойдёт ,умный гору обойдёт )

Cris--I've restarted and tried again so many times and the rabbit scene never gives me a purple ball. I can put the hat on, break the vase, take the vase shards, and remove the hat, but at no point do I ever get that stupid purple ball. ARGGGHHH!!

So I decided to give this game another go to see if I could get the green and purple marbles. I got the green one but still can't get the purple one. What a POS game!

Did anyone ever make it out?


JenJen, purple marble appears on inventory when broke vase on habbit scene...

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