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Museum House Escape Walkthrough

Museum House Escape

Games4King - G4K Museum House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped inside an old museum. You need to get escape from this museum by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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well got key and jug???

bingo 1240 for clock got pick now..

I gotta be missing a hotspot?

Drop look in far right room at paper on bottom of paper

Use lock pick on two keyholes (scene with 3 doors)

clue paper behind right door for 'east king'=4#code and do the math for 5#code...
thanks for clock hint!!

Stuck with 2 keys jug coin and 3 gems?

Hotz wow does word relate to the paper I got the 5# code?

bandy, use EA ST KI NG on grid for numbers :)

Ohh intersecting #'s

teddy bear goes on cupboard upstairs (1240 stairs)

Hi guys!
Frogs go on three holes up but need clue for turning



Anyone use the valve handle yet?

Man i hate jigsaws

wow a spinny froggie game huh? LOL

Dazz tree goes on left side if that helps.

I think shoe has hint for frogs 693 but i need one more frog?

Habe no valve handle or teddy bear yet, got 4 gems, key, match, 2 coins and jug

hahaha Dazz, I was looking for some tree holes to put frogs.... :D. I should read more carefully.

Got place for gems but i assume they need clue, got sd from lighting candle and a wheel, im sure you're all ahead

where's my shoe?! Whose wearing it?

Dazz it will let you know when shoe is placed.

Come again hotz? You said teddy goes on cupboard upstairs where you put your frogs but can't open it

Dazz I just put it on cb right side?

dazz, cupboard will open with teddy on top of cupboard...

Ah thanks guys!

Frog 2 from 4# of banners


I am missing 1 coin, 1 gem, 1 #code (in scene behind middle of 3 doors), 1 frog and a bulb....
I haven't used jug yet...

yay used all keys I had..

bulb? for what?

and no idea 3 digit code from shoe..

Leroy, bulb for lamp behind door, you open with

i have a match, a valve and a jug, i think the bulb goes on the last room

Bet leroy took our last coin))

Oh 9625 room needs bulb?

huh? i didnt take coin LOL
and I aint opened panel next to 9625? Or have I?

Drop room after 9625 door

I know Mr clown LOL tell Dazz I didnt steal that coin OK

LOL Drop I think somebody got it!!

well I can still zoom switch and codepad at 9625 door??

Its because we still didn't crack it leroy, searched evvery room for anything but no luck yet, im open to suggestions

Trying 693 in the code, might be changed

Don't bother, no go

ya use code on the shoe?
I think it code for frogs LOL

I still think shoe hint is for frogs but have to get last one?

I just need 3rd frog..

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have a key and a jug. I don't know what 'drop look at paper paper' or whatever means. Help?

Drop is a name of a player and look at the bottom of paper for math hint for door

dropbear my nickname LOL

Notyou its math for code, spoilt it 10:08 am

Don't look at me, i hate maths

Well boys and girls I am out of here GL.

Ok band, see you dude!

Where do you find teddy bear?

Teddy bear came from using sd on picture of jigsaw

Argh...computer went wonky. Thanks for the help though! :)

OK, I don't have a paper. I know I am going to feel stupid once I get unstuck, but I'm still stuck with a key and a jug.

Where is the paper?

Last room third door

Oh forget it. Walkthrough just takes me to another session of the game. And the stupid ads that live halfway down the page that you can't stop. I guess I haven't been missing much, and I might just quit this site altogether. I have very little computer time as it is...and now I'm just ticked off. :(

I"ve clicked all over that door and nothing is happening.

Im playing on their own site butneed to keep adblock off

hey NotYou! don't go...it's a very good game. There are a couple of bugs yes. but keep going! Haven't seen you in a long time!

I don't have adblock. This computer, a replacement for my good laptop that was stolen along with my car, doesn't have the power to handle those stupid ads. I think I'll just go cry somewhere.

the door right of clock, should be opened by handle from clock

Hi Sharon! I really miss you and the others and playing these games. I'm dog sitting right now so I have a rare time of internet, and I don't want to spend it being frustrated!

Jeepers! Sorry about your laptop notyou, are you playing on their site

But I have no handle from clock. I have a key and a jug.

Hi!! Do you need help we can help you! Where are you in the game. Yes so sorry about your car and laptop! OMG!

NotYou when you click 12 and 40 on the clock the lockpick drops to the floor.

I think im going to repeat the game there is definetly something wrong!!

So if you place the bear on the wrong dresser you cant move forward, the other dresser gets you the coin

Oh, thank you. I was looking for hands for the clock. I got the lockpick now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I knew it!! Thanks brett!!
Definetly a bug

Right Brett that was the first glitch! I think it was the middle room to start with the black squares that would become a number clue. Stay with it NotYou..I look for you from time to time!! Good to see you!!

Hate it when it's like that, with you now notyou

so make sure you don't place Bear1 in the frog room!

good find Brett. thank you this little but important step!!!

I just got the puzzle done. Thanks Sharon! :)

Ok yeah the puzzle was fun!! :-p Ok still here if you need help!

I too just got it done, man this takes long

ok you get the bear behind the puzzle make sure you don't put it in the frog room!!

G4k are mocking their players with this long puzzle and teddybear glitch

the frog room is up the stairs from start screen

are you kidding me, brett? so we have to start all over? man, oh, man.

Hey cate!!

sorry it's too much for you Dazz...it's very challenging and yes there is a couple of glitches. I normally would give up on a game that had glitches. Somehow I got lucky and placed the first teddy in the right room. If you need help just holler!

I don't mind the challenges sharon, it's no game without challenges, but the fact that after a long search you realize you have to replay from the beginning because of a glitch you have no idea about that makes a lot quit the game was the thing, would've kept searching for nothing if it weren't for brett, thanks for your offer

the frog direction hint is swapped. I think it was 639 top to bottom.

Nothing is too much for me!

Cant get the teddy anymore after placing it, looks like we need something else

Yes I made a comment that there are "glitches' in the game. And indeed I do thank Brett, he's great and appreciated his comment! So moving on?

Maybe its because of shoe direction hotz! Thanks

Notyou...it was great seeing you!! I hope you work out what you can and really hope to see you again soon! Good Luck!

hello dazz, et al...so i started over and now the key for the second room, middle door won't work even after code entered. i was so enjoying this game, but i'm not sure if i'm willing to do a hat trick on this one.

The bulb will give you last two gems, that cupboard should never have opened after placing teddy the first time

Whete are you cate?

cate, maybe it's the wrong key, there are some similar keys in this game...

That door opens with handle i think

ok, so i went for a third round and because i used the pick on bottom lock first, it disappeared, and, now, i can not open the top lock. shame g4k, this is unlike you guys...an unsatisfying hour of my life that i'll never get back. moving on.

thanks, hotz and dazz, but i had opened everything and that was the only keyhole left.

Very sorry about that cate, an unfair game

The auto start ads on THIS PAGE have rendered the games unplayable for me. Thanks tons, EG24. Thanks a lot. I get that we need ads but do you have to have auto start commercials that we can't stop that render the game unplayable? I don't even use adblock out of deference for the need for ads for free games but you still use them to screw me over. Thanks a bunch.

Sorry you good folks here. I miss you. Guess I'll have to keep on missing you and missing the games. :(

Adblock helps you with this notyou, just download it on your pc, but thete are games you need to close it to play

thank you, dazz, them's the breaks! will catch you on the flip side.

I loaded adblock. You try to do the right thing...anyway, I think I'll just go play at Kongregate where they only make you watch ads at the start of a game. They've got a nice escape series, Cube, going on now.

gawd, i'm like a rat in a maze, hoping for that potential treat...have taken a break, collected myself and i'm gonna try this madness one more time. has anyone made it out?

Oh just a little thought for all the players that do use Adblock...the games are free but by using it the developers of the games don't get paid. So keep in mind you are playing for free! I personally don't like ads blocking my every move in a game..but I can sit through one or two in the beginning of a game.

I did cate, after the glitch
Where are you?

carrying this bear around trying to find a place to put it other than the frog room.

Did you open the room after the middle door? The one with 4#? Banners are the hint but i think i posted it

You'll find my bed there, plz put it by mypillow)))

dazz, i did earlier...and, i just made it out, though i'm so sour from earlier attempts that there is no joy, just relief. thank you for your help.

Sharon, I agree with you. I understand the need for ads but when it makes the games unplayable then what do they expect? I think the ads got more intrusive BECAUSE of adblocking but now I've joined them. I can handle the ads at the beginning of games. It's the little side commercials that run that are messing me up. Take heed EG24. Either you can fix your ads, or I can quit coming here or use adblock. I don't see how the last two options help anyone.

Yes NotYou agree wholeheartedly! I think it's all about browsers..and since your good PC laptop was stolen it could render your game playing impossible. I'm so sorry. I only hope for the best for everyone that plays the games!

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i finished the game with help from you guys. If u place the 1st bear in the back room, you get another bear later for the frog room. That will get you out

Just played through a second time
put teddy in correct places but then the frogs did not work
Sharon...I know you are a fan of G$K but this game sucked cause of glitches

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