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Abandoned Gas Station Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Gas Station Escape

Escape007Games - Abandoned Gas Station Escape is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. The story of this game is to escape from the gas station. Imagine a situation, you are visit to gas station. Unfortunately, the gas station main door was locked. You are stuck inside the gas station Try to escape from the gas station by finding object and hints, solve the puzzles and get main door key to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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There are two sets of gray collectibles. Five are the sliders in the first scene puzzle; four are the buttons used at the end of the hallway in the second scene.

Three pieces of paper form a clue to setting the four gauges which cycle between low, medium and high.

Rusty metal plate and sand paper reveal answer to six letter puzzle (although you can probably guess what the word is just by looking at the six possible letters). While the plate is easy to find, the sand paper is hiding at the bottom center of a scene with a large pile of garbage (same scene with the clues for the hallway buttons and the Roman numeral/hex puzzle).

Thankfully, the Roman numerals can be swapped freely on the hex puzzle once you have found the missing tiles. No tricky sliding nor having to only swap with immediate neighbors.

Hi Seraku :)

I can't do anything after putting the 4 gray buttons in second scene, didn't get anything from it either, of course the roman numeral I need is behind it

Rubber hose hiding near the bottom center of the scene left of where you will use it with the gas canister.

aridza, you need to find and zoom in on the clue to the four buttons to be able to press them. The clue is on the left side of the same scene with the hex puzzle clue.

And greetings to you too, yvonne. (:

Seraku, thanks for the help, out now

ANyone still here? I can't find where to put those 4 buttons. I've clicked everywhere in 2nd scene......3rd scene has a zoom that has no use that I can determine. Any help would be much appreciated

Got it! Missed Seraku's first very helpful comment. And 3rd scene is exit.

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an enjoyable EightGames clone - thx 007 ☺

& thx Seraku for your hints, esp. the sand paper

Anyone still playing? where can i find the 5 digit number code?

aniholl, the 5# code can be found on the two barrels that need to be wiped with the cloth. The cloth can be found in the same scene where you enter the numbers, just look behind some wood.

I really like these games 007, thx (& also the music)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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