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Daily Escape 27 Walkthrough

Daily Escape 27

Darakeguma - Daily Escape 27 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Darakeguma. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I counted 12 mouse clicks that I needed to complete. (Not sure if a bug or a design choice, but inventory items automatically select when the mouse is over them, which saved 3 mouse clicks.)

Darakeguma's games are all like this

place ladder left of door, above box
(click top left)

OK. I took about a hundred mouse clicks all over the place, but I got it done before I even started thinking.

ΑΩ... Sorry if my post came off too harsh. Not being familiar with Darakeguma's prior work, I was simply surprised at the brevity. But it is nice to have found a supply of quick escapes.

As usual, doesn't work with FF.

Zirc... I see the notice about using Chrome, but for reference I was able to play it with Firefox (46.0.1). Maybe I just got lucky?

reading your first comment, I assumed that you're not familiar with Darakeguma, hence I answered to take away your unsureness - your words were not harsh at all :-)

I also played in FF without probs

No, not in FF for me anymore, BUT IE does. Perhaps try that Zirc.

And people complain that SelfDefiant's games are becoming too short!

I played fine with no problems in Firefox - then read these comments - what am I doing wrong??

It's number 27 !

I think even Bio will have no problems with this one, but .... you never know do you ...

So, let me start with explaining what we are seeing here : this is an escape game.
That means the door is locked .. click it for yourself ... see?

On the left up high is a shelf, click on it ... too high dummy! You can't reach that!
The brown thingy is wood.

Think think think .....
What's in the glass box.
Yes! A saw.
But ... nothing is simple in an escape game and Darakeguma is no exception!

See the reddish bar below the glass box? Click it and you're back.
Click the reddish bar on the right and note the statue in the corner.
Oh my, it's not a statue! It's a hammer.

Now it is hammer + glass box = saw.
Saw + wood = ladder.
Ladder + shelf = key.

Sigh ... if necessary .. leave.

Clodagh, I think you should adjust your computerprogram to become part of us.

You're really a bit of a stranger now, that's a pity, we would like you to join our club.

Arrie, your WT reminds me of these games a long time ago ... So let' sit all down now again on the porch and relax with coffee ( or something else) and a sigaret !!

Yes granny M, there is a bit of a "history" with Darakeguma, isn't there? :-)

Nice WT Arrie

Oo Arrie - an invitation to the Dark Side!

@Seraku check your FF updates.47.0 is current.

hahaha @arrie NL! Very funny W/T! I found this fun and refreshing after scrambling my brains with all the Akarika games. At least this one doesn't flash you anymore.

..flash, us, the way it once did when we enabled an item, :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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