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Ena Mr. Lal The Detective 14 Walkthrough

Ena Mr. Lal The Detective 14

EnaGames - Ena Mr. Lal The Detective Escape 14 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Imagine a situation there was a robbery in office,which the data was hacked. Mr. Lal went to office and find the details of the system and got the thief. As you are a person of good problem solving nature, it is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 :-)

move lever to see sign hint

key for battery puzzle in

far right room in left machine

at battery puzzle, you must connect + & -

you can swap letters in letter puzzle

LOL they got lazy - just click increasing amount of clicks already in 2 puzzles (outside & symbol inside)

Not far right Alpha, 2nd from right.

I am stuck with a data stick and a key that does not work far right in keyhole on left.

key for panel from colour puzzle in far right room, hint is

circle puzzle on wall in same room

hint from book for arrows

bottom of machine in far right room

jenny, pendrive is used at far end.
some keys are used at glass boxes. eg: batteries or soda machine

nice game with many different 'riddles'

Liked the game. 4312 to the birds moving.Pink ,yellow,green,red -3421 to the grey buttons(4X5)IN a circle 4 colors to check not from the side worked. In the center is pressed.

number code from arrows for left room

(this comment saves you loads of clicks when putting # in at wrong place ;-P )

scroll hint for

bird sliders

Hotz, what does pen drive is used at far end mean???

colour symbol puzzle (again increasing amount of clicks) gives

key for

glass box with colour devices

NVM Pen drive is used under computer near the end of the game.


first scan bar code, then you can put pen drive in pc

good game with many different puzzles - thx Ena :-)

battery puzzle


Ι am looking for letter code for computer, where can I find it?

use knife on bag, knife from locked panel in right room, key from colour puzzle in same room, hint on wall there

Ah but I haven't got a knife! how do I get my hands on one? My kitchen knives don't work online... ;)

hang on I may be getting a knife soon, found pink key in colour puzzle. I thought I had to add something to blue side but you can only see two sides at a time.

I am out, thank you for hinting about the knife and helping me persevere :)

pleasure Tania, good job :-)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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