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Escape From Zombie House Walkthrough

Escape From Zombie House

FirstEscapeGames - Escape From Zombie House is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are locked in a house which has been occupied by zombies. It is very frightening to be in the house as you are scared of zombies. You should get out of the house as soon as possible by eliminating the zombies and unlocking the door. Find ways and means to get rid of the zombies and unlock the door. Make use of the clues and objects you find in the house to solve puzzles and escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape From Zombie House
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1st in and stuck in first room :P

paper clue on floor by red stool is the clue for the 4#

Going in! I played one "scary" game today and it was very good, hoping this one is too. I love scary games.

click and hold mouse on rope, push up to open door

scissors about gate with doll in it

use the club you found in trunk to knock the chandelier to smash the zombie

hi (again) all ☺

let's go hotspot hunting ;-P
computer magnifier is ready

key for fridge in bag

pic puzzle


How did you come up with the code for chest from House/Ghost paper?

2nd scene

bullet from wall hole, use stick

use glove on glass shard pile for crumpled paper

Code for room one please, I am having a bad room escape day or something. lol

invisible ghost/house puzzle on wall right of pipeline

take numbers from the underlined letters

you need the hint paper for it

(in first room right of doll cage)

Hi K, count the points of one of the hotspots, it brings up on screen

cut blanket from armchair

saw blade also in fridge

a line hint on stove pipe

Thanks Alpha and Yyonne, that was a hard clue to spot.

very bad colours at circle...!

it's the lighter purple

ah, assembled saw is used on padlock in first room for ladder

shoot zombie in bathtub in basement

Use rag again on tub after defeat zombie.

Is that a leash I have in inventory?

it seems so Roberto

use stick again on pipe in basement for colour hint scroll

Stuck! Don't know where to use 3 digits from tub or colors from paper.

Click on bath, use needle? to release water

use rod from window in 1st room on bathtub (water)

This comment has been removed by the author.

hmmm! Forgot to scroll inventory!

code from tub for phone

also clean mirror with cut blanket, use it

on dog, then leash

put red balls in zombie hands - missing 1...

another invisible puzzle bottom right in hand room

no need for 3rd red ball, next room after skull puzzle

My nav arrow has gone, can't go further than hand room

My scenes after hands disappeared?

btw in basement, there's an unclickable 4# puzzle...

Maybe some hatches.

hm - seems to be a bug - no more nav arrow either...!

No! it´s a puzzle! Use stool.

AO I can click them, what's the no.?

AO are you talking about scenes after the hand room?

My arrow is back now! lol

ah, thx Roberto

nope yvonne
talking about hand room with skull puzzle

This comment has been removed by the author.

combo lines on stove pipe at fire with yellow number plate, get 3rd ball

well, I could go in rooms after hands without the 3rd red ball before nav arrow disappeared

another switch tiles puzzle.

AO thank you :)

number is from yellow card combined with clue from pipe.


number lines
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8

take the yellow lines to find order for numbers from yellow number plate

(it starts with 0)

now that was tricky with the disappeared nav arrow!

in hand room, there's a shuriken in drawer

Can´t solve the word "Zombie".

I can't get past room 2... I'll try back later.

there are 2 tiles with a top red line.

tile puzzle


where are you stuck exactly?

there's a, um, thingy bottom right in pentagram puzzle room

Do we need to see a clue before the tiles work?

great - anagrammed combo chess figures with pic puzzle letters, gives a nice sentence ;-)

didn't see a hint - it worked (game title is one anyway)

amount of stone pics for wall buttons in hand scene

gives, um, ruler?

almost forgot about 3digit# from bathtub

it's for drawer in far right room, get cutter

ah, my ruler is a blade

use loaded cutter above TV for symbol hint for

drawer in last room

AO, help me out with the stone tiles please, I'm tired now, but want to finish

key from drawer for dresser, get

bone, combo with thingy=stone for hammer

Colors for last puzzle is very hard to distinguish.

hm yvonne
what shall I say... probably I got lucky
you may exchange the 2 tiles with the red line on top
there's also a tile with a short red line at bottom, it's the top of the Z

Got it and out! Thanks for the help!

demolish TV for SD for clock, get

chess scroll, now letter puzzle works, get bulb

The top of Z was my problem. Very hard to see.

AO, the left right ones in the hand room

Very nice game! Thanks FEG!

click 4X the big pic and 3X the small one.

bulb for black «umbrella» to shoo ghost

free doll & let it burn


take the lighter purple & the greener green


Got it yvonne?

phew, that was a fig. forceps delivery LOL
several invisible puzzles with tiny hotspots

thx FEG for yet another challenging game ☺

Roberto, yes thank you, that was a long slog, those colours! thanks for you company :)

AO, thank you, good night :)

sweet dreams yvonne ☺

Wow that was a hard one. I was going to come and see if anyone here needed help, but it looks like AO has pretty much each puzzle covered. Good job to everyone who finished!

There are 2 purples on my skull puzzle. No blue...?

Hmm, left that room and came back. Now it's fine.

And now that nav arrow disappeared. Too glitchy for me.

read the comments maryd02893. didappearing of nav arrow is part of the game.

Is anyone still here? I'm completely stuck!

(one hour later...)
still stuck?

LOL! Someone finally posted a WT and now I'm finally out. That was a heckuva game AO!

glad you found out in the end codeman ☺

My game has become unplayable part way through. With the coloured skulls, the green skull turned blue so I had two blue and couldn't complete the sequence. I closed out of the puzzle twice before it would work. Then after I go to the rooms on the right I went back to look at something in the same room (the hands in the floor) and my right arrow disappeared so I can't continue at all. I tried backing out it to other rooms but the arrow is just gone. I'm playing in Firefox as I always do. Was this game tested before it was released?? I was enjoying the game, but I'm not sure I want to start right from the beginning again.

Damn it. Got to the same room and the game froze completely. I'm done. Red X from me.

I think it was awful when you placed two of the gems in two of the hands you got the arrow to move on....without the 3 hand, you couldn't pick up the blade from the drawer and you'd lose the arrow making it impossible to go forward again. FEG you shouldn't have allowed us to go through without the 3rd gem in the 3rd hand. Sam if you read the comments above a lot of people including myself restarted the game thinking we were all froze. I would have loved this game if we didn't get stuck in that spot. So warning to anyone else that might play ...make sure you go to the basement and input the numbers and make sure you have all three gems to put in the hands.

Anyone still here? I'm stuck on the phone dial. Have tried all the color combinations, using lighter purple, etc. No clue as to if it wants the "position" or the "number" it would be on a clock face. For example, is green an 8 or a nine? Need spoiler, please.

Also, I don't know which number clue goes in 2nd room nor basement room. I have no gun to shoot zombie.

Can't find the WALKTHROUGH either.

Got gun from 4# on wall in Room2.


Moving forward now.

already closed game, but IIRC the hint for the phone numbers in basement was from empty bathtub (use rod from window in 1st room)

ah, ok, progress for you ☺

Yes AO got that one. stuck with all the possible variable combos for the wall in basement with yellow card. I closed game and won't restart, but thanks for being so conscientious to come back and help stragglers.
You are much appreciated.
Again, I think some games are a little too over-the-top ambiguous when it comes to needing help for most of the clues. This one with pull/drag the rope was interesting, indeed.

thx & pleasure Merridy ☺

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