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Exlex Asylum

Exlex Asylum Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. After being the leader of a nationally known paranormal investigation team, you decided to go out on your own. After several solo investigations that didn't turn up much, you were alerted of a haunted asylum on the south side of the city. You decided to go there on your own and see what you could find. After exploring the building for a few hours you started hearing noises. Then everything went black. Now that you are awake, it's time to search for some answers. Good luck and have fun!

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what? no comments till now? who are the ppl springing at a SD game when out?

Orbs! Gotta find (or buy) an orb jar...

Hi Alpha

ah LOL hi Zoe ☺

the ghost traider is back... :-o

does anyone figured out the word?

Rats! have to go... :-(

leave clear hints plz - CU ☺

IIX = 8 in this game....

Bye, see ya later!

Orb jar - go up twice from start...shop to buy map is left twice from start, and then up twice...

red key in AB

Piano plays real notes!

Huge map...gonna be here a while.

missing screwdriver...

Holy water in c use lamp

and stuck on puzzle in G - any help?

I'm really struggling with the piano clue. With or without the rose tinted glasses.

how do you open the door in C?

#g c g #g f g #d d #a
the last taste is on the left

last key i meant :)

Piano is a bit tricky. The "C" is high and the last note (A#) is the first one on the left...

Lilly, use the lamp to light the space

I can't get that piano to open at all??

the door in C is jammed need a S/D maybe?

yvonne, should i use lamp in C o other room...?

I used the lamp in AB to get the red key?

I need SD - any help?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I haven't got a screwdriver, did you get a skeleton hand fall from c? I don't remember using anything on it, sorry

oops...Looking for SD, need 4 more red gems.

Amanda, thank you :)

I give on the piano I can't get it to open.

Use SD in F. I guess we need something else (crowbar?) for C

where to use rose glasses?

I still can't open the piano either.

Use the rose glasses in the book

Use the rose glasses when reading the book- be sure you have all the pages.

for piano:
#g c g #g f g - most possible on the right side
#d d #a - on the left side
# is always black

i hope it helps...

Has anyone found the knife? to cut the back of the picture

Use glove from AD in V

Silver key from using code on Page "G" in the book (use rose glasses)

Safe for using code from Page G is in AF

It worked, Thank you x

knife is in the letter box

JEB, thank you :)

still looking for crowbar... :(

Finally crow bar in K

crowbar is in k!

finally... in K!

and OUT...

Yay, crowbar!

Finally out also (stupid piano held me up ) LOL

GREAT game! Thanks SD!!!

Can't remember - did we use the clue on page "H" in the book? It was five lines of different lengths...

Could someone explain to me hoe you know to go right or left on safes I have never knew how to figure that out. Thanks

Yay!! Thank you SD! just now getting to play...have to catch up!

i just tried out... ;)

kmoorer - I don't think there is a specific rule for it. Some combination safes require to to pass zero every time. Some say to start going clockwise and some say to go counterclockwise. In this case, I started counterclockwise, then went clockwise and then counter again. It was just a guess on my part that worked.

Hi and thanks for game :)

but completely stuck with piano
there are 2 hints on book with and without pink glasses but how combine the two please ?

if i remember right u use piano twice with 2 different hints. the way u use the first hint, you can apply on the second one.

Thanks, going to retry

back - ev'body out I suppose...?
I only need 2 orbs more to buy travelling sphere, but can't find any more... :-/

Thank you Zoe I have it open now. I can never get these without someones help. thanks

I think with the piano, all you do is play the same notes twice. Maybe you have to see the second hint (rose-colored one) first before it works?

Where ARE the rose glasses you all keep saying to use???

@Jenny glasses in N (use hint in book after adding pages)

new piano notes are shown with the glasses, but i don't know which notes are which.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Seb!

Thank you Zoe I have it open now. I can never get these without someones help. thanks

I am having so much trouble with the piano...with the second piano clue...

Castlerock, you are not alone, there aren't any notes showing, so don't know what keys to press

me too, castle

did anyone figure out the word for the box in U?

Box in U is Ghoulie

I only played the piano once and did not use the red page at all. got a red gem.

For the piano, where there is more than 1 note marked the same use the first one you come to (or most left one)

thx jenny

yup...out without playing the red notes.

my 2nd piano hint

G# C G G# F G# A#

but d/w...

Castlerock, don't bother with the piano, Jenny's comment, put in the word, get the knife, use on back of picture, gets uou the last gem

word comes from anagramming letters in book

POP! thanks to my musical knowledge (melody) ;-P

hint in book is wrong, it shows in red (wear glasses)

G# C G G# F G# A#

but you have to play

G# C G G# F G G# A#



gives sneaky coin ☻

last key i meant :)

For piano, and also with safe I believe, back out after you miss before trying again.

I am still missing pages but only door locked s silver one. any help on page locations?

lauvee click on the pages anyway, that's how you get the clues you need to move on.

Really sorry about the second piano clue, you did not have to play it any way but none the less, I did fix it. :)
Thanks everyone!!

Really amazing game Selfdefiant...Love them so much and always look for the creepy guy and wheel chair! Had to make dinner in between. So Cheers to another great Asylum!! Thank you! ThxACxo!

oh and thank you to all the above that gave me some really great hints!

never found last page to book. Bruteforced it in anagram helper and I was missing letter L. made word
spoilerghouliespoiler gives knife in U.

musical staff should only have 5 lines and 4 spaces in hint. To read, erase the bottom two lines.

HELP!!!!! I have done everything except the vent (need SD) and still need 1 red gem for room D....

I think piano solution is
g# c5 g4 g# f4 g4 d#(lower) d4 a#(lower)
gives gem

I have played the piano several times got something the first time but don't remember what as it was early on in the game then played the notes from rose glasses and got sneaky coin....can't figure out where I missed a red gem!!

for sneaky coin play on piano
G# C5 G4 G# F4 G4 G# A#(upper)

screwdriver sd in D

anybody find enough orbs to use the transporter?

7 number drawer in i. gives gem.
5 gems are L r f i ae.

Never do seem to be able to catch these live. These asylum games are my favourites, I have such a soft spot for them. Loved it!

click on piano hints for zoomed view.

needed hints where to find SD & crowbar, hence thx guys for pointing out the locations

thx SD for creating once again a longer game ☺

& thankfully found enough orbs (pretty hard to see btw) for the travelling crystal (my last ones were behind silver door)

What happened to the option of continuing with the game after you've logged out? I don't want to start all over again with a new game today

This comment has been removed by the author.

none of the above piano clues helped me? will try later...

All of my games auto-save, just hit play or start, NOT new! :)

Ok Selfdefiant, I'll start again for now and hope I can continue to the end xx

This used to be a Sharon crap free zone, been nice playing SD off to find a game where there's no xSO R or whatever.

Someone please help. According to the hints posted so far, the gem I am missing is behind the vent in F, which I need the SD to open, and the SD is in D, which I need all 5 gems to get. Wha..?

Hi SD, I noticed a glitch. The notes section on the map does not accept certain characters like numbers or symbols.

already closed game but IIRC, SD is in scene with the pentagram, bottom left of it

Thanks AlphaOmega. I had looked all over that screen and STILL not seen it.

Did anyone make an exlax joke yet

Opened the game today, and the only option was'play' not new game - it took me back to the beginning!! How do I find the game I almost finished last night?

Just in case you missed it at the top of the page HectorPecker:

"We don't force any players to read comments and hints for the games. If you don't need any help, please just don't scroll down this page! If you don't need help, this doesn't mean other users and visitors don't and won't need them later! It is also very easy to ignore any specific comments! Please just be respectful to others!"

Please take note of Yalcin's final sentence.


Why on earth decide that, in this game, IIX = 8, instead of VIII? That's ridiculous.

LOL Austen!

Don't listen to Hector the troll....SLR - we love you here!

Thank you so much Zoe.
It means a great deal to us that there are friendly people out there who care enough to say nice things like that.
Happy escaping (hopefully troll-less) and see you soon

Finished the game and loved it! Can't wait for the next one, and hoping for those slots on the walls in different rooms to place the gems at the end.

Saved this for the weekend when I had more time. Thanks SD - excellent game!

Thanks everyone!!!

There really is nothing like an SD asylum game. It's just on a whole other level. However, I do like it better with the cool creepy music rather than the wind...but either way, it's still excellent. Thanks again Selfdefiant.

SD- not sure why I didn't get a load option to continue game so darn it took me a week to finish the game all in one shot. Each time the only option was PLAY. Could it be setting on my computer?

can't find the silver key?!! HELP!

i need help with finding the last pages in the book and the puzzle in room N. Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really love these asylum games, it's adventuring! KEEP IT UP SD!! will be waiting on the new asylum escaping games mate, Cheers


Go up,up
-acquire SACRED JAR
>Start collecting orbs
Go down,down,left,left,up,up
-buy MAP
In M, click on crumpled paper
-zoom in on paper for CLUE
Collect BLANK PAGE in E
Collect BLANK PAGE in O
Note number CLUE in O
Collect BLANK PAGE in AA
Get CROSS in Y
In G, use number clue on locked box
In I, use crumpled paper clue on locked drawer
Get CROWBAR in K (leaning against doorway)
Use GREEN KEY on locked door in J
Use CROSS on evil spirit in W
Use GOLD KEY on locked door in R
Use RUBBER GLOVE on toilet in V
Go to T
-note piano CLUE
-note shape CLUE
Go to L
-play piano clue on piano
--G#CGG#FGD#DA# (second C on piano)
Go to N
-use shape clue on puzzle panel
-note combination CLUE
Open locked door in N with BLUE KEY
In AB, look in top drawer with LANTERN
-get RED KEY
Use combination clue in AF on safe
-- 36-11-23 (start to left)
In G, open locked door with PURPLE KEY
-note letters at bottom of pages
Use RED KEY on locked door in B
Use CROWBAR in C to open jammed door
-get HOLY WATER inside
Use SCREWDRIVER on vent in F
In U, arrange letters from book to make word
-enter in lock box
-get KNIFE
In R, use knife on back of picture
In O, use HOLY WATER on spirit
Go to D
-place BLOOD CRYSTALS around pentagram

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