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Mission Escape - Underground Walkthrough

Mission Escape - Underground

MouseCity - Mission Escape: Underground Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things got crazy and now you must escape the underground! Look around, see what you can find that might help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Never used the green wire which was actually a key...but great game as usual.

Let me start with a spoiler .... I know I know ... The lid on the ground.


start at the top (=1),
click 1,4,5,7,10,11,13,15

Coat hanger in dark "cave" to get key

Hi Zoe :) Any other ideas? about the crate, or the coloured letters, or something ...

Hi arrie - did you match the colored buttons and get the flashlight?

lol, see my spoiler, Zoe.

Oops...sorry, to get the flashlight you put the numbers from the barrel on the right into the gray panel - then you match the colors to open the gate in the tunnel

oh...forgot to read back...lol!

Did you find a place to use the hook?

how do you open that gate with the Ace etc.?

just spell out all three words on the wheels, but nothing seems to have happened - green lights went on...

duh...that stopped the green sludge...

hook pulls ladder down

btw, reopened the game, the coat hanger is somewhere up leftish in that dark cave. Not exactly in the corner, a bit more to the middle.

Ah, you found wheels ????

crowbar is in ladder scene for box

LOL, what a game ... Zoe, where are the wheels?

I had a key, but did not use it. Did you, arrie?

use the cutters in the computer room on the grate at the left - get broomstick and put hook on it. When you spell out the three words on the wheels, that stops the green sludge and you can then go into the dark cave and pull down the ladder...

AmyElvis didn't use the key, so I suppose I won't use it either :)

Ah, LOLOL, you found CUTTERS ?!?!

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The key we found in the first part of the cave (it was called a "green wire") was not used...

And I have error. Put color on the panel on the right side and the bars won't open.

This comment has been removed by the author.

So, cutters. Nafanja, where are the cutters?

match the colors from the inside out, if that makes any sense
spoiler below:


cutters are:

spoiler below

behind the rock where the green sludge is

lol, I have no intention to finish the game anymore, just wanna know where those cutters are.

I'm having fun with this, there's only sludge (thanks translation site) in the computer room? I don't have a rock there.

Do you have the torch yet?

Zoe , thank you) Realized in the reverse order it was necessary)

Once you match the colors on the computer, the gate in the dark cave opens up, but you can't see that until you have the torch. Then you go to where the green sludge is flowing out of a big hole in the wall.

Thanks for your great spoilers Zoe, they will be very helpful for those who need them.

I'll leave the cutters where they are, behind that rock that should be somewhere at some green sludge .. somewhere in this game. :)

And yes, lol, I have the torch, using the poison-hint.
Thanks again!

hi (again) all
what do you mean with inside out re colours?

Alpha - the colors are matched from the middle of the computer going outward. Look at the direction of the green arrows. Maybe I could say the colors are reversed, if that makes any sense.

POP! got it

take colours at right side of machine, first row as it is, 2nd reversed

Or maybe "mirror image" might help....

thx anyway Zoe :-)

Updated, the black key wasn't necessary. Thanks!!!

yay - you got it!

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No game

Finally worked
Classic SD

Hints are useless for someone trying to get started, even walkthrough is useless. Both mention a coat hanger in the dark spot but there is none there in my game.

I restarted and finally there was a coat hanger but further on with the flashlight there is no little box on the right with a key in the dark cave.
Sad that this game is so messed up!

Jenny, it sounds like your flash player is broken, not the game. It wouldn't work for everyone else if it was the game.

Aha! Arrie, Jenny and others...what we were missing is that the colors on the left side (all red to begin with) can be changed, though there's no hotspots, and you have to click right on top of the little suckers

It also doesn't help that when you enter that room, an ugly noise starts playing, and continues when you leave it...I had to mute that out

...and the rest is just as Zoe described it. Easy after that.

according to the walkthrough, there's a place in the tunnel that opens up for a key, but it's not there in the game! can't progress any further until this glitch is fixed...

Really Just1? oh ....
They had three colours for me to begin with, blue red green if I remember correctly, oh well, congrats and thanks for explaining.

Pretty good game. I liked the submachiney feel about it. The only downers were the ugly noise that just1 mentioned, and having to flounder around in a dark room to find an item.

Wasn't aware of the sound glitch, it's been fixed. :)

anyone here?
I have turned off my green sludge but not sure where to use the broom handled hook for the ladder?

ignore that message - hadn't spotted that there was another scene to my right!!! duh!!!

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