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Who Lives Here 38 Walkthrough

Who Lives Here 38

Abroy - Who Lives Here 38 is another point and click type puzzle game developed by Brain Busters for Abroy. 6 people have lost their memory due to amnesia. Your job to help them find their homes! Good luck and have fun!

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Hmm filled it out and clicked Done, but nothing happens.

ad covering bottom clues.

all clues


Thank you.

@ smokehalo, same. I believe that means something is not right.

Nope, something is wrong. I checked my answers against the w/t. Still nothing happens when I click done.

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The Done button doesnt work. Had to open the walkthrough and click to the end of the video to see if I got it right. Of course I got it wrong because there were too many open holes in the clues. Very disappointed. If youve got something going on in your life I would prefer you skipped a week than post one that is impossible to get right and doesnt work on top of it. Love this game though. Thanks

Agree, Done button doesn't work - I had everything right by the walkthrough

Same problem. Got to end and done button doesn't work, though I know I have it right.

Same problem. Got to end and done button doesn't work, though I know I have it right.

Unless I am mistaken, the clues do not provide enough information to determine for certain the location of two of the sports, and three of the drinks.

@beavinator This one is harder than usual, but the clues do provide enough information.

The game was very good, more challenging than usual, it's a pity the Done-button doesn't work -- but still got the satisfaction of finding the solution.

Done button doesn't work, but the clues provided are sufficient to solve. They just require some critical thinking.

After you guys responded I decided to take another crack at it. Not sure what I missed last time, but this time I was able to solve it. Though I DID still have to make a guess between two possibilities toward the end, then back out several steps to try the other when that one didn't work, which is kind of annoying.

This one was an easy one for me, but my Done button didn't work either. Oh well, still super fun, thanks!

me too :( for once that it was easy button doesen't work :(

It works now. 2:59.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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