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Abandoned Ancient Island Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Ancient Island Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Ancient Island Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. On this holiday, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful island of dreams filled with natural beauty, but suddenly you woke up in a dark room and you have to find a way out or you will be trapped in it forever. Good luck and have fun!

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HINT: use wire on red door for new scene

Red door?

Red door after you open gate. HINT: combine sticks that you remove from alcove with rope to get key for gate.

Thanks Maximon but still no progress. I have nails rope and matches.

Use rocks to remove sticks from alcove in left scene.

Need several attempts to remove looped rope in scene with lion. Now need a place to use it.

HINT - Used hand truck to remove board over bench. Now looking for place to use it.

HINT: found a long stick on brick fence in lion scene. Combine with yellow tshirt.

I don't know why I waste my time playing their games. They frustrate me because every scene I get a pop up about allowing them to store files on my computer. Nope sorry not allowing that.

I can't figure out where to use the following: gum wrapped on stick, shirt wrapped on stick, modified fabric or the shovel. Hotspots are too big for the scene changes. No hotspots for items or where to use them is so annoying!

use long stick with gum on the grate outside the of the house on the right gives key.

JenJen, I am in same spot. Have not yet used shovel, board, hammer and nails, rope, etc. Have the makings of an explosive device with stick, empty oil can, matches, etc. Gold key doesn't work on lion gate or box in house. Need someone who is good at these games to post!

Fill the oil can outside scene with house just to the left there is a faint white looking thing in the grass

use fire on lion and gold key can be used

Ah ha! The old invisible oil can! Thanks JenJen, now I'm getting somewhere new!

get axe and chop tree in lion scene

JenJen, I broke my axe in the monkey scene! And all I have is a log. I was looking for a banana for the monkey.

use log on lake to get new scene

And get a saw from beach!

click on boat in new scene for saw and saw the tree there

And now I have the banana for the monkey!

use saw again in monkey scene somewhere on left by a tree that is a different green. get another log

Have 2 additional logs now. What do we do with the yellow snake and the pile of whatever in scene right of lake?

down one scene from monkey and use the saw again on different colored tree for another log.

combine 3 logs in inventory

make that 4 logs in inventory to combine. now looking for place to use.

combine 3 logs

Maybe we get to build a raft? Nothing is combining for me yet.

That's what I thought as well. But can't get anything else to combine either.

There's another tree to cut in snake scene, brings my total to 5.

Go to the boat again and get cheese this time. Gonna go try at the mouse hole.

Excellent, JenJen, also one more tree in green hill scene, total now 6 logs.

Uh oh, I know what we do with the poor mouse!

The snake ate my mouse. Used shovel on dirt for gold key. Probably for the treasure box.

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I still can't build a raft, either missing something or I'm combining in wrong order. SOS!

POP logs to rope, then add wood board!

Then nails, sail and away I go! Thanks for your help, JenJen!

combine logs, plank and nails and out

Where is snake please?

Nvm, POP!

Gave the mouse to the snake but can't find the shovel.

Neither can I, silberdenkel...

shovel is right of house

Thank you AlphaOmega!

don't miss the other set of slots by clicking right arrow in iventory

Thank you. Finished but didn't like that game.

using hand truck to get board? honestly!

couldn't be bothered to use everything on everything by trial & error as usual in CG8 games, hence followed your hints, Maximom & JenJen - thx ☺

a nicer scenery doesn't distract attention from the fact that it's still a CG8 game with some lack of logic (e.g. going back 3 times to get stuff from boat)

nevertheless, that one was relatively less senseless compared to their previous games - thx ☺

Less senseless ... Well expressed!

I can't see the wire. Where is it? The only wires I can see are in the scene whith the red door, but I'm not able to take them (I've got the pliers). Any hint, please?

already closed game, but IIRC there's a black «wire» (looks more like a crack) top right in one of the other scenes, half-hidden behind inventory

Thanks AlphaOmega! I didn't imagine that were a wire!

I've finished the game. Thanks for your hints!

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