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Alps Escape

CoolEscapers - Alps Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Cool Escapers. You are trapped in some nice room. The exit is locked, but there are several objects and hints that may help you. Try to escape from there! [Subbed by Pistelli]

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Alps Escape Walkthrough  

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cool a live one

am up to the stage of the second room. I can't find the code to type in the Weird Game on the computer.
I see Modem Code is written 614532 at the top of the screen and the modem has ADK-364 on it. Not sure how to use this. Any hints?

It only takes numbers??

Hooray Roberto!

Just going in...hi, mattyboy, I may be no help at all but I'm coming

Look at the modem and notice how often each number blinks. Number 1 blinks 4 times etc.
For the weird game you need to put in the blinking times in the 614532 sequence.

If you do the square roots you wind up with a grid of numbers, no digits repeating:


I suspect it's a sequence for something. Likewise, the square and its area values:

16 35

27 48

now to figure out where to use them.

Thanks Charlie, nice catch!

tried arranging color sliders like the weird game letters, but not getting anything

16, 35 etc. are for the picture corners

You need the letters after opening the door.

use corner #s on left pic

ah, right behind you

And now you're on your own just1...gotta go to work.
Good Luck!

Bye Charlie, I'll do what I can for ya...

seems like the family pic should be clue for color sliders, but it's not working for me

still can't get blinking lights have 247405?

Got it...go by the apparent age of the family members (yellow & purple are twins)

or their heights, rather

It's hard to focus on those blinking lights... I got 460852 (so 2 goes 1st, by the sequence)

they may be different in each game, not sure

remember there's always 2 ways to interpret a # sequence - in this case, 6 means the 6th # is 1st to use

thanks just1 got it now

I'm going to make some coffee - find the screwdriver and lighter for me while I'm gone, won't you? :>)

got the L/R panel open - you don't need SD after all

a beautiful puzzle that was, very tricky! Figure out which direction each number will turn when the gear is moving left, then use the #s in xyz order

I'm out! Thanks Roberto, that was a great game, gorgeous graphics, excellent puzzles, I only wish it had been longer!

Excellent game thank you.
Clever puzzles which take some thinking about presented in a nice setting.
We need more games like this!

How nice to see no sign of 'The Dazz Ley Sho'

thank you, very nice game :)))

any help with the LR directions please? I have LLRRRRRLL as the order 1-9. thanks

phew figured it out, just mis-typing - nite everyone

got the same numbers from modem as just1
had to cover the other lights to see just one to figure out amount of blinking

number sequence for weird game



I love these games...been such a long time since the last one. Thank you so much! Hope to see one again soon!! Yes indeed very "nice" CoolEscapers!

safe dial

hints see in comments above



at jigsaw, top right tiles don't move to figure out which pic goes at which side


for once an escape game where we don't need a SD...! ☻

brill game with creative puzzles that needed to use your brain, nice graphics with a beautiful end pic - thx Roberto ☺

& thx esp. just1 for your hints ☺

5 stars!

Need more!

That was good! First I was stuck forever and hints didn't help, because I could find only the blinking modem lights and no idea where to use them. Then, many aeons and a hundred million clicks later I did accidentally find the pixel where to turn the computer on, somehow missed it before, although the computer got many-many clicks.

Really nice game. Some puzzles were very challenging (like the gears) but I figured them all out.

That was really good, thanks Roberto, things looked complicated but logic prevailed. :D

Superb game! Might be the best in a while.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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