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Amazing Place Escape Walkthrough

Amazing Place Escape

GamesBold - Amazing Place Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Have you ever visited the awesome place that ever existed on this earth? This is a great opportunity to make it happen, you can travel to magical places around the world, as well as solving the mystery in it. Good luck and have fun!

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going in

Hints: Only click on useful items like keys, hammer, stick, saw, etc. in beginning or inventory slots will fill up and you will have to start over. In scene 1 there are 2 keys, saw (use on box), screwdriver (use on disk), hammer, matches.

HINT: in room 2 there are 2 keys and a stick. Use hammer on flowery pot.

HINT: in room 3 there are 2 keys, one skeleton key, sands, wrench, metal liquefier. Use s/d on disk, matches on wood box.

HINT: in room 4 you can use one of the left portal keys. Use treasure key. There are 2 more keys and puzzle solution for puzzle in room 3. You can now use the remaining keys to return to room 1.

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HINT: in room 6, put sand in metal pot under inventory bar. Make note of 6 letter clue to be used in room 1. Click on letters in room 1 and get a head.

HINT: solution for 4x4 puzzle in room 3 is

Clue is hard to read in room 4, had to BF 1st line. Got some glue and a jar.

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 11:53 PM  

what's the match for?

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 11:53 PM  


Stuck in room 6, unable to light or remove torch. Have tried everything in inventory (matches, scredriver, etc) without success. Hints anyone? Thanks!

Mig Uri, where did you use the match?

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 12:04 AM  

lots to find, thnx maximom

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 12:05 AM  

I think it was in room 3 on a yellow cube or something

Hi Mig Uri! I am stuck in room 6, can't do anything with torch. Maybe I wasn't supposed to put the sand in the metal pot until I lit the torch???

OH, OK, thanks Mig Uri, I did use the matches there, but I was thinking I had to light that torch in room 6 too.

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 12:08 AM  

I can't find the key in 5, where exactly it is maximom?

One key was stuck on the pier, just to the right of the 2nd yellow sign from left, in the middle of the last section before the round part of pier. I don't remember where the other one was.

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 12:19 AM  


       Anonymous  7/10/16, 12:20 AM  

I used one of the keys for the left portal Maximom

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I think I used the long stick to remove the key stuck to the pier in room 5. I replayed to see if I could light the torch before I put the sand in the metal pot in room 6. Turns out the sand puts the torch out. Nothing else happens. Need a good hint to go any further. Will give it another 5 minutes, then calling it a night.

Maximom please don't go! I'm here, we always work these out together!

JenJen, where have you been? Glad you're here, now let's knock this one out of the park! I will stick around, but I am up way past my bedtime!

Ah ha! Finally got the metal liquefier to work on the metal pot in room 6!

There are numbers in scene 4, below the last vase all the way to the right. Still looking for a place to use them. Also, what are all the directions used for???

Of course nothing else happened. This game is similar to Atacama Escape which means there might be a broken key behind the torch that we have to remove and repair.

JenJen, use my post at 11:49 PM for those numbers. The directions will be used in the last scene if we ever get there. GB games are all the same, thankfully.

Sorry been going back and forth. How did you get it to work on the pot?

Well I got the pot removed. Stuck again. LOL! Thanks for hanging around!

Ahh the directions were for the colors. I just used your spoiler. Didn't realize that's where the clue came from.

Errr I mean the numbers. ugh it's late for me as well!

well, we are now in the same spot! There should be a broken key somewhere in the scene. I reviewed the w/t for Atacama Escape and the key was behind the torch. I tried everything left in my inventory (long stick, hammer, wrench, liquefier, matches, saw, s/d) without success.

This one is one of the worst. Like I said the last time. Why do I bother their games ANNOY ME! No f'g hot spots, that stupid pop up on every screen change. And those damn numbers, I knew something was there but couldn't see them until I was zoomed in 200%. Get real what ridiculous game designs! This will be my last one for this developer!

And I only found 1 key in scene 5. However, that was all I needed so I could get to scene 6. I had all the other keys to get back to scene 1.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well I zoomed in 400% on scene 6 to the right of the torch and finally saw the 4th rounded triangle that goes in that same scene.

They use the same solutions for all their puzzles so I usually end up checking old w/t. The numbers in room 4 were very poorly placed with the 1st line concealed by the object slot. Unless you know to check old w/t how could you solve that??? I am also frustrated because they often put out good games but you never know what you're getting until you're almost done. No game should be this frustrating. Let's hit the sack!

Hi folks. I've been catching up... In trying to use the directions on the compass puzzle, I think I accidentally solved it. I read the directions NW/SE/W/E from the first four scenes. I then tried to stop the compass on each pair (NW/SE) and (W/E), however I mistakenly did (NE/SW) instead and got one of the gold circle things. (NOTE: If you want to stop the compass on a number, click it when the bar is four numbers higher: that is, NE is at 5, so click when one end is at 9.)

Hi Seraku! The spinning circle puzzle is usually triggered by a number clue in another scene (it's always 5-24) but sometimes you can get the gold coin without seeing the clue first. Have you made it to room 6 yet?

Hi Maximom... Oh, I just got lucky then. Yes, I'm in room 6 without a right portal key. Oddly, breaking the vase in 1 nor using the liquefier on the pot seemed to produce any items. I've been looking behind the inventory window on all scenes, but nothing so far.

(* I think the vase was actually in scene 2.)

well 5-24 is not working for me. unless I got it and didn't realize it

Well, like JenJen, I am really irritated. I suspect that GB just messed up and there is no key in room 6. Even if they didn't, they made the game too difficult.

Ok I need 2 gold coins, 1 hourglass, 3 oval/silver pictures, and 1 lamp

The first time I played the game, I got the gold coin from spinning, but now I'm not getting one after replaying. Typical glitchy GB.

I'm off to bed it's almost 5am here.

I need the exact same items as you do, JenJen. I also need to get out of room 6. I also need some sleep!

Good night JenJen, it's only 3:41 AM here! I'll check back tomorrow. Hopefully Seraku will have worked it all out and left some good clues!

It's 1:45 AM in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I'll give this a little bit longer and will definitely post something if I make any progress. Have a good night y'all.

Good night and good luck tomorrow Maximom. I won't check the game. I'm done with this developer. I do not enjoy these ridiculous games and that stupid pop up every time I change screens. They clearly do not care since they don't post nor have they fixed the game!

Moronic game. Codes work before I saw the clue. On the torch nothing is applied.

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 5:25 AM  

came back hoping there might be something but no way out, a game for time wasters

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