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Avm Chalet Grand Cerf Escape Walkthrough

Avm Chalet Grand Cerf Escape

AvmGames - Avm Chalet Grand Cerf Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this game, someone trapped the Grand Cerf in the cage. You have to use your talent and puzzle skills escape the Grand Cerf from the cage. Good luck and have fun!

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AVM is early today ...going in

Hi Avm :)

Hi All :)

514 ...etc number code used on yellow/green dots in bathroom

Can't seem to get green black clue right?

I don't usually catch these live.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Shape discs go in S5

Got 3 green things in S2 by luck - can give spoiler if needed.

Finally !! LOL

Key from S2 used in S5 for paper clue - don't understand it yet.

The number clue on the wall in scene 2 says, S6PO92iL4E1R.

Hey bandy : ) I have that green /black paper. How/whered id u use it?

thank you Bear, I haven't seen the '9' :)

Bandy, press the green and black buttons as on paper, don't worry about the colours

Bottom window # omit 0 and use on gate in S10

ZL just follow the dots colors don't matter

Zu the shape paper is for arms

Oh ok - ty bandy and yvonne : )

Combine the number pad clues in scene 1 and scene 10. SP1O2IL5E8R9

Finally beach balls go on grid in S8

where is scene 10?

That same clue is used again in scene 9.

Use code beginning 0125...etc on keypad in S10 BUT ignore the zeros

Scene 10 is two scenes after you place all circles with shapes in scene 5.

Oh lord another pic slider from Hell!!

Hotz S6 go right

Finally a place to use other key. Now I have almost as many flowers as beach balls, lol.

ok, I am missing the lowest circle, any hint where to find?

3X3 color marbles in S7 clue is in S9 Red is on top

for my last circle: yvonne @ 9:58 AM

And I have to go to a class now. Leave lots of hints, ppl. GL : )

Flowers go in S1 don't know clue yet?

This pic slider is driving me insane. There should be some sort of clue for sliders like these.

Hotz always pleased to help you :) you are ahead of me, I'm on the bathroom symbols

I am ahead? I think, I am far behind.
I haven't solved bathroom symbols (deer cage) yet

Bear How to move them? Mine are stuck?

Finally they move!

Hotz Lol I always think of you as leading the charge! I'm usually first in last out :)

Slider pic is not working well. Have to click and click till they finally move!

It appears that you can only move the sliders diagonally or two spaces at a time.

Bear, thanks for no. clue, could only see it after you posted the no's.

Well I give not playing around with slider pic all day

or 3 spaces in slider pic

Seriously, this pic is near impossible without some sort of hint. Plus you can't move the tiles normally, which makes it twice as difficult.

Bear, I think the pyramid is in top left corner, but not sure...

It can't be, because that would leave no place for the woman lying down.

Hmm, maybe I have it put together wrong.

Yup. posted reference image on the blog.

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Thanks Avm, well I got the man and woman right lol, before seeing image

wow, thanks AVM, this picture slider was hard but fun.

OK. Welcome. remove the image link.

late to the party...will play catch-up...thank you bear for the 5 number hint earlier.

You're welcome, cate.

That pic slider kinda has me soured on the game now.

I had three tiles in the wrong spots and was stuck like that forever.

for 5#s in S9: use the clue in S1 and in S10 (think #-block)

Can't escape, have hand clues which I think are for scene 3 but can't figure it out.

I can't get the clue for the deer cage to work.

Hi pat, look at paper I think 1 was arm down middle was both arms up 3rd one arm down

thanks, Got that one Yvonne, I am trying to get the deer out of the cage

stuck on hand clues too. I think it should be
left side: deer, buildings(?), right
right side: stone, scissor
but no :(

I have used the clue forward and backwards inside and out, it still won't work.

pat, sorry :)

I'm done with this one. Have fun, everyone.

Tried that also, changed scissors and deer horns, tried darkening all but clue pic and also the oppisite

Assending order. Final cule

And out. Thanks AVM, didn't quit make sense to me but it worked!!

Yup. Thanks all.

I can't see an ascending order of 'deer', 'buildings' and 'scissor'

I need a last ball, order for flowers, clue for yellow circles, anyone remember please?

yvonne, what yellow circles?
5 dots in scene4? note top number line on window in S3.

hello, yvonne...nice to "see" you...missing last ball as well, but still stuck on slider and hoping to get one from it. what yellow circles are you talking about?...the five at the beginning?

if it's the five in scene 4, click according to number line at top of window in scene 3, with 1 being on left, counting up to 5 on right.

AVM, your clues don't make any sense!!!

i'm done with this for now...have been on picture puzzle for quite some time and the move "twist" is more annoying, than challenging...can't find image link...not how i want to spend my birthday. @alpha, where are you with your png?

       Anonymous  7/25/16, 11:36 AM  

out, nice and challenging game,thanks

IF there is an ascending order for hand clues, it makes no sense.

ascending numbers of fingers: there are 2 clues with 2 fingers. NO

showing fingers from left to right: maybe for clues stone, buildings, scissor and right, but not for deer...

I give up on this :(

happy birthday cate!!!

thank you, hotz. as to the deer/hands thing, how did you get the paper down to see it? mine is obstructed by avm logo.

cate, you wiil get a clue paper from 3x3 flowers in S1

Taking forever to load

Pic for slider...


Anyone find the clue for the flowers order??

Ahh.. Had to finish beach balls first.

Ahh.. Had to finish beach balls first.

dave, thank you so...maybe now i can muddle through!

CATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, hope you do something lovely today :)

Anyone find the clue for the flowers order??

Hotz, thank you, after I did the circles everything fell into place, was away for a while. What to do with hands clue?

clue for flowers order is above beach balls after solving

thank you, yvonne...got distracted by this game and, sadly, all i want to do at this moment is throw my monitor out of the window in a blind rage at the skewed logic of avm...but, yes, i think it's time to take a lovely walk on the mississippi. ;)

cate, would love to take a walk with you, I will be thinking of you, big hug from me for your birthday :)

Any idea what we are supposed to do with the beachballs once they are in place.

POP !!! Found the clue

Hi, I can't seem to get the black/green buttons, I read the hint not to care about the colors but still can't get it, can someone spoil it please?

just look at their position at paper clue. if e.g. the green point is high, click upper green button.

Anyone found out what is meant with finger clue?

yes but which one? there's 2 buttons up and 2 down

Got it, so yes the colors do matters to figure out which one to press

Can't get the final puzzle at the deer cell, even with the paper clue. I've tried matching the shapes of the hands to the 5 figures in each of the five rows, but no luck.

OK, I did (changed color to blue) one left button on the first row, left 2 on next row under it, left 3 on bottom row, then 4 and 5 in the rows in the right hand column and it worked, but I sure don't understand why.

Happy Birthday Cate :)
added extra hint for final clue.

Anyone please give me final snap near deer

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