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Avm Old Historic Palace Escape Walkthrough

Avm Old Historic Palace Escape

AvmGames - Avm Old Historic Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In out of your city there is a palace which has to luxuries and tourist place. So you went there as a tourist for watching that palace at evening. It’s a closing time of palace. Unfortunately guard did not see you inside the palace and he closes the door of palace and went home. Now you are trapped in that palace. In that palace there are many secrets and objects. You have to find that clues, objects and unlock palace with the clues and objects found over there. No two consecutive numbers can be directly next to each other either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Hint: 5 must be fixed above to 8. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Avm :)

Hey yvonne ...And AVM : )

And I hope I don't get crashed out of this game like I did another one earlier ...

Hi Zuleika :)

There is a second wheel in S2 Very hard to see up top almost behind time

Hi bandy :) yes, that one was sneaky

Use hammer above the two stone pillars

Hi yvonne and Zul!

Stuck? No clue for sliders or l/r puzzle. The fruit puzzle - starter to just to try and separate the 4 types on the 4 arms but - do we need to see a hint first maybe?

Aha just found hammer (left pillar S2)

In S8 now. need key and trying to work out red/green puzzle

Plant in S8 gives hint for L/R puzzle

slider picture in S4 gives jug

Water plant for flowers

Barrels in s5 give hint for directions in S7

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:04 AM  

hi (again) ev1 ☺

pic puzzle


Swords go on shields S7

notice the position of colours, for the order

Still needing colour for 3rd position

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:09 AM  

where is hint for 3rd colour?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:10 AM  

LOL snap Zuleika ☺

Where to place switch?

Hey Alpha : )

scene 5 for 3rd colour

@yvonne . Hell yeah - forgot to go back to S5 (facepalm)

Hello Everyone , welcome

hey you guys...playing catch up...did you already finish the puppeteer?

Were is S5 ?

Use switch scene 6

I guess it is behind green red puzzle?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:15 AM  

in s8, had red buttons as inner square, green ones as outer one, but nothing happened...

bandy, did you get a key?

Placing both swords doesn't seem to do anything ....

cate I left it for now :)

No not yet no key for me?

@ Alpha - did u find hint for red/green puzzle in s8? I haven't found one yet.

bandy, what have you got in inventory?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:18 AM  

no key yet, either & where are swords from?

One sword in S6, think the other was from directions puzzle in S7

Nothing yvonne ?

Ah switch goes in round hole in S6 - lamp flashing now

Zu did we get a key? to go from s8 to s5. or am I imagining it?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:21 AM  

well, nothing in inv & no s6 yet, nor s5...

Don't know what lamp flashing (continuously in meant signify) - nothing else happening.

yvonne Thanks for your help but these getting so far out of reach. I will X out thank you though.

@Zuleika Smith, might be need one more clue for lamp flashing :)

@ yvonne. Yes we got a key - think it was from watering plant in S8. Water jug was from l/r puzzle

Ty AVM games - appreciate your help : )

Ah bandy, I'm just opening game in new window to see what opened that door

First sword might have been from butterfly puzzle - sorry can't recall. I should write these things down...

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:27 AM  

you can look for me, yvonne ☺

It was definitely a key to open S5 yvonne

did you see the fleur de lil on the puzzle use that in s3 for key and sword

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:30 AM  

& where's hint for butterflies?
(going thru frustration waves atm...)

AO, hi have you seen my comment :)

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:33 AM  

ah, fleurs-de-lys - doh, moving on - thx yvonne ☺

AO, pleasure :)

alpha, i only have one sword for now, but it came from fleur de lis puzzle.

Apologies - water jug was from slider picture in S4

Ty cate - memory jogged. Sword and key for S5 came from fleur de lis symbol puzzle in S3

have to go bye for now all :)

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:36 AM  

CU yvonne ☺

good evening, yvonne. lol

how to use 4#clue in S6?

hello hotz, not sure yet.

Kinda stuck. Empty inventory. Need hint for coloured circles puzzle in S5 - one gem placed there too. Hints needed for both puzzles in S1. Need additional hint for flashing lamp in S6 - also for number puzzle there. Hint for word puzzle in S3 is above doorway in S7, but think we need another clue .... Nothing happening with swords.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:44 AM  

finally saw 2nd sword in s6
(have again a - too - small game screen...)

by the by, i don't know if anyone is still looking for a sword, but there is one in scene 6.

watering plant gave 2 flowers to open another door.
No key, swords scene 5 or 6 for me either.
need hints for everything, word, butterflies, fleur de lis symbols, red/green puzzle.

My game is going really slow now - screen almost freezing at times. If it crashes that will be 2nd time today.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:47 AM  

fleur-de-lys hint is on arielle pic puzzle, that will get you started (like me LOL)

Where are all the hints?

that's a drag, zuleika...maybe clear cache?

I tried to brute force the 4#code in S2 with 4 numbers in S6, but no luck...

Ty cate - done that. Just seems to happen once in a while regardless.

4Swards need. Once you fix all got clue paper. Hope you guys finish it soon. Good night

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:53 AM  

hi & bye AVM - thx for the game ☺

Yes ty AVM xx

Two more swords eh?

Hey - just noticed a hint in Intro to game (above). Seems to be for number puzzle in S6.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 11:58 AM  

tried in vain to solve number puzzle in s6...
some connections d/w...?

stuck again. Thanks alpha for the fleur de lis hint.
placed 2 swords are there more cause nothing happened.
still need word hint. and what is up with the #'s in scene 6? the #8 does not move so what is the order?

good find Zuleika!

oh yes, of cause. good find Zuleika!!

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:00 PM  

huh? never seen someone doing this before... ok then, trying again... thx Zuleika

Got it, but it was not easy.

Finally got number puzzle done in S6. gives 3rd sword and shovel.


1st row: 3-5
2nd row: 7-1-8-2
3rd row: 4-6

the hint in intro:

"No two consecutiv numbers can be diretly next to each other either horizonally, vertically or diagonally.
Hint: 5 must be fixed above to 8."

Using shovel in s5 gives last sword

Not getting the 5-10-6-4 clue

for the coloured balls in scene 5 is it the same ones as before. I can't tell what the outer ring colours are.

Now we have 2 sets of 4 #'s and still nothing works in scene 2 I haven't seen the slider or word hint yet either or the red/green puzzle hint.

still need the fruit puzzle hint too.

Jenny - you mean same as the colour puzzle in s3 (think it was S3) ?

I am not enjoying this game much.

if yo look at red/green puzzle without zooming, the red balls are in a square in the middle, maybe that's the 'hint'

yes scene 3 colours. or is there another hint for the scene 5 ones somewhere?

maybe numbers on paper for fruits, count letters...

Jenny - part of word hint is above door in S7. Seems obvious what word must be but doesn't work. Maybe need another hint?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:11 PM  

I arranged the balls in vain like that...

yes, it works!!!!

Smart thinking Hotz - u may be right : )

Same here, damn

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:13 PM  

me neither, Jenny...

I have done it like that several times now Natalie but nothing happens.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:13 PM  

great find - thx Hotz ☺

Hotz, you genius you! Thanks.

fruits give an additional clue for 4#...

Yes it works - ty Hotz!

Yes, those arrows are for the 4 crooked #'s. to use in scene 2

bottle is used in S4 for color clue...

My hint paper from from fruit puzzle has disappeared from inventory...

Pour water bottle in planters either side of puzzle for colour clue for scene 5.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:19 PM  

my fruit puzzle is freezing... :-/

last gem: use knife in S6

Looking for place to use candle and trying to decipher new clue paper (stars and ovals)

Out finally! you do need a paper for the red/green puzzle.

candle goes in space behind gems. for last two letters for word clue.

after fruits the rest is straight forward.
nice and easier game ;) thank you AVM Games!!!

use stars on the slider puzzle.

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:23 PM  

no chance, fruit puzzle keeps freezing...
can't be bothered to restart game :-/

Of course - thanks Jenny : )

Out. Thanks for help everyone. See u soon ; )

Same here, damn

if yo look at red/green puzzle without zooming, the red balls are in a square in the middle, maybe that's the 'hint'

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:39 PM  

finally it worked, after loads of attempts & swapping slowly...

& now the hint paper just disappeared from inv, too...! :-(

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:41 PM  

can someone spoil arrow hint or number order plz


how to solve red/green puzzle please?

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 12:56 PM  

thx Hotz, it worked (was already afraid that it wouldn't with so many glitches here...)

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 1:01 PM  

LOL, thought I'll be out in a jiffy after fruit puzzle, but only have 2 gems placed - sliders, colours with rings & letter puzzle not solved yet... :-/

for slider you need fruit paper

flower hint after pour oil to lamp

the second hint for word from gems

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 2:13 PM  

back - had to take a break from this one...
thx anyway Lilly

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 2:13 PM  

bottle from number puzzle for s4

get hint for s5

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 2:15 PM  

colour puzzle in s5 gives hint for


       Anonymous  7/1/16, 2:18 PM  

(suns indicate positions)

get hint paper from letter puzzle in s3 first
move balls with the arrows

       Anonymous  7/1/16, 2:21 PM  

finally out - phew, hard work for me at this one & bummer re glitches...

Really fun game... had a hard time trying to figure out where to use the water bottle and it got a little daunting at one point where it seemed like I had a dozen puzzles with no clues to solve them, but eventually everything clicked into place.

Thanks everyone. Hope all enjoyed

now that was a great game! thank you, avm...no glitches, no nonsense...didn't need to suss out clues in forum or deal with unnecessary tidbits...good puzzles. thank you again and i look forward to the next one. :)

The reason the suns indicate the positions for the sliders is if u use a set of binoculars u can see a sun symbol flashing in the lamp when u switch it on. Brute force will work but that is the clue.

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 3:46 AM  

really Yvonne? :-o
never encountered binoculars in the game...

I had to BF the number puzzle and in scene 6 and just read in the comments that the hint was in the intro. I'm sorry, but no. Just no. Nobody reads the intros and to put an actual puzzle hint there is a little ridiculous.

Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. Developer thought players can solve without any hint. After I buy the game I thought of giving more clues. So I have added in instructions.

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 6:04 AM  

huh? AVM as game purchaser & not the dev as written in game description above? :-o

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 6:06 AM  

btw Sam, maybe I'm part to the little minority that is at least skimming the game intros
(but didn't see hint either as I wasn't expecting to be sth there...) ☻

But it's weekend. So my programmer not available

I have never managed to finish one of your games
I love them
They are challenging, interesting and really stretch my logic and problem solving ability
I get further each time but without Hotz, AO etc I would never finish bUT it does not matter, they amuse and challenge
Thank you!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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