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Avm Stone Palace Escape Walkthrough

Avm Stone Palace Escape

AvmGames - Avm Stone Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In out of your city there is a palace which has to luxuries and tourist place. So you went there as a tourist for watching that palace at evening. It’s a closing time of palace. Unfortunately guard did not see you inside the palace and he closes the door of palace and went home. Now you are trapped in that palace. In that palace there are many secrets and objects. You have to find that clues, objects and unlock palace with the clues and objects found over there. Good luck and have fun!

Play Avm Stone Palace Escape

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Hello everyone! Sneaky triangular wedge in top of scene 2, use it to pry open something locked...

Have a small stick thing and a metal(?) sword. Missing 1 wooden sword and 1 rainbow flower.

Hello! Going in!

Joining in - but trying to cook a meal too so this will be interesting....

Purple triangle wedge goes on chest in scene 4. Guess we need a hammer now

use the stick on the scene 6, dome ceiling

So far have 2 coloured leaves, 2 identical swords, another (different) sword, a tiny wooden-looking thing, a boulder

a wooden wedge above the door, use with the stone to open the chest

Hint for pandas in S5

same looking swords go in 4 round holes in scene 7

Can someone spoil the pandas for me. I can see the clue but am having a hard time getting the difference between a couple of the sizes (I love middle age lol)


use the number of flowers (RBGY) in scene 5
I think, because I used 5B (not 6 blue)
get the order for the colors of the flowers on the scene 4 (reverse)

Thank you Sisli. There is a hotspot between two doors in scene one. Cant remember what I got there.

K Stevens it's straight down the line from the top of the pandas then the large one and the one under large two times. :-) stuck with tiny stick

@ KStevens: sorry - I saw the clue that I was sure was for the pandas - but I can't make it work either. Tried it both ways. Maybe it's for something else?

However - 4 colour clue is from flowers outside. Click on coloured discs in S5 (x times for each number of flower). Then you get direction clue ...to be used elsewhere I think

use the stick on the scene 6, on the roof of the dome on the right, gives a flower for S4

ahaaa got it thanks Sisli

Use ladle (spoon) on pool for key

Bigger swords for in scene 6 all the way right

omg after you gave the hint for the stick it all flowed together...and out!! Thanks you AVM really nice that you did a twister puzzle. :-)

sisli, thank you for the heads up on flower count...wasted an hour of my life that i'll never get back trying to play this on their site earlier. again with the lack of logic. :P

Ty Sisli for sorting out panda hint : )

Thank you so much :)

Finally found that darned rock (scene 7 on right) that everyone else had for a long time lol

My stone won't hit the wedge and I can't find the stick. Boo hoo

granmaj, you need to place the wedge on the chest first, then use the stone. Can't remember where I found the stick...

Ty Mute. I have already placed the wedge. I'm giving up and going to cook supper!

My stone wont work either. I think maybe because I placed the wedge long ago in the game and then found stone. I should have probably had both in my inventory first.

Panda clue is wrong. It's 4321433

Completely stuck now. Have nothing left in my inventory. Missing 1 flower and 1 big sword. No idea what to do with the rest of the puzzles...

can't get the pandas to work used same as others over & over 4321422 maybe bug

avm, what was the point of the close-up on the blue flowers, if not to count how many there were? and if you're not going to go by the correct count, why bother? gggaaaaaaaah.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Cate, it looks like it should be 4321322 but that didn't work for me, 4321433 worked.

thanx Cate it still doesn't work tried all ways giving up

just saw Mute that one worked TY Mute

joycy, don't give up...look at mute's comment @10:27...thought that the code i offered worked for me, but i'm no longer in the game, so give mute's a go...

cate I can't get the colours to work it doesn't seem to have proper logic just similar

joycy, for the colors, i don't know why they bother to leave clues, as they are not accurate...anyway...spoiler...

click as follows r2, b5, g3, y3

a direction arrow will pop up telling you to reverse the order, so back up a scene and look above doorway at the four flowers...move them to the order of clue given...spoiler...


I agree, cate. Why bother having a zoom-in on the flowers if you are not even going to count the sixth blue flower. That's exactly the type of thing that makes me dislike these games.

me and thee, bear...they'll put out a good game and reel me in...and then, crashboombam, i'm floundering with pointless or incorrect clues in the next.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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