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Escape from Mystery Study Walkthrough

Escape from Mystery Study

Flash512 - Escape from Mystery Study Room is another point and click escape game developed by Flash 512. You're trapped inside the study room and you have to find some hidden items to solve some puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Sabine]

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a Flash512 - LTNS!


use wire thingy from vase on cactus pot for

horse tail

it's a groove? ah, ok a slot ☻

you'll find another triangle for painting at right side of CB with cyan vases

I am stuck with a dove from green block?

hi bandy
bird goes on pedestal below right painting

don't miss stool behind desk (dunno what to do with it yet though...)

Ok Dove goes on small stool right of FP

At top of coat rack is a circle

Hi AO I am looking for other triangle ? I see no painting right of cyan vases?

there's also some pattern under couch seat & some other hint under snails...

are those the kids of the dev? - cute ☺

triangle is for right painting, the other comes from horse with placed tail from cactus

bandytrc…below the cyan vases (on the cabinet that they sit on) click right side of cabinet for triangle.

(language misunderstanding, naturally no painting right of CB ☻)

OH I am still looking for the other triangle I have one from horse?

Is right, left from board with papers?

behind cute picture on wheel shelf is a spot for numbers and a slot

where does the brown button go?

AHHHH TY Alinpc!

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 5:54 AM  

was asking the same thing alpha

you have to zoom in on CB right of couch first, then click bottom right side

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 5:56 AM  

not getting clue from snails

This comment has been removed by the author.

Button in the mask. At the top.The weight put in the hours. The tooltip doesn't work yet

button in mask at very top…push button for sky light…click sky light for bird or stool clue

Worked 1 and 5 times kettlebell pull.

birds clue from skylight… give cabinet knob

Good find!!!

ah, 1 position more up for mask - thx Nafanja

top shelf on glass cabinet reveals three number clue

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 6:03 AM  

thank you Nafanja

For the code to insert paper.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Were is the paper I only find one on board but can't do anything with it?

can't doves make work with ceiling lamp hint... :-/

once you put the button in the mask thingy the light goes on ... it gives a clue for the doves

AO try bottom left,bottom right, up, top left,top right.

IIRC…click birds BL,BR,Top, TL, TR in that order

start at top circling around labeling them 3, 5 , 2, 1, 4 then push in numerical order.

POP always works, have knob now

paper clue IS LR for triangles at painting.

thx anyway guys ☺

painting gives screw driver

Has anyone solved the order for the clock's pendulums? I have a lot more clues than places to use them so far

can"t get left right came up with RLRRRLRLLLR


chemistry isn't right atm with me & the game... :-/

what to insert in number box slot & where to find a paper?

Watch I wrote. Don't remember right or left to pull the weight once ,the other appears 5 times. I thought so about the time difference of two hours. On a tip from the couch and the paper press the button under the lamp. Liked the graphics. Good game. I passed)

thanks alinpc

1 time one weight and .. just different. I once pressed.

oh, no, refreshed the wrong tab (restarting)... :-/

btw, number hint is random for each game

My hands worked 3L,3P,1L,1P,2L,1P.

AO paper goes into number slot…number clue(my post 6:02) on top shelf in glass cabinet.

Got a blade which got me the paper from the board ..Dont know what to do with the paper though :/

Thanks alinpc

MeIB see my post above yours

totally lost atm... where is blade?

from paper and number…get a stamp on paper which makes squares under lamp on desk active

I guess I need to find blade for paper then?

AO blade comes from inserting shape next to fireplace

shape was in fan center once you stop fan

stop fan using button that came from IIRC locked box in glass cabinet?

AO don't feel left out. I can't find squat!! LOL

LOL thx alinpc, now where to get that shape LOLOL
(total brain eclipse here atm)

ROFL, ok, so to start the loop I need the key I don't have...

the shape was in fan center (see above)

key came from… I think…space behind coat rack you open with the screw driver...

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 6:30 AM  

help please, totally lost here, no idea what paper or shape you're talking about, no idea how to work on the clock

ROFLMAO - ok, thx & where's SD? ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻
(soon we'll have a step by step WT here...)

Mig Uri I am totally lost with you! under snails I have M2 S1 is this for clock?

LOL screw driver came from painting on the right side of fireplace which opens with the LR clue from bulletin board

AO SD came from L/R on painting Spoiler is above in comments

at least I'm not alone at the stuck party LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

ROFL AO I am still working on clock!

Are you guys stuck? where?
I just finished the game

for LR see my post at 6:14

The clock code comes from letters/numbers below the snails and the calendar. M2 is Monday (second square) which is 7 and S1 is Saturday (1st square) which is 5.

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 6:37 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

finally LOLOL - totally forgot about the hint on the board ☻ ☻ ☻ - thx ☺

Nini xD maybe you can help me. I have paper clue for under blue lamp but where is clue for which square is which?

Nini my hero TY!

@alinpc, lift the middle cushion and then then the bottom part of the sofa.

Thanx Nini,,, I swear I tried that forever ago…lol

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 6:39 AM  

@Dawn bates: forgot the calendar clue combined with the snails

L: 7, R: 5

thx Nini that took me on the rum ☺

9 minutes and only 75% loaded...I quit

ROFL *run
(but feeling like I'm on rum just right now LOLOL)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Terrific game as always…thank you Flash512

Maybe some one can spoil buttons under lamp I see both clues but?

Bandy.. its BR TR BL TL BL TR

       Anonymous  7/9/16, 6:46 AM  

rest goes easy after that, nice game

thnx Nini and alinpc for your help

TY alinpc

YW Bandytrc

finally out, too - phew, now I need some brain food LOL

very nice game - thx Flash512 ☺
& thx ppl above for guiding me thru my acute blindness ☻

Thanks for the help! Good grief I dropped the ball on this one LOL

I am so lost on this one. put both buttons on painting but can't make L/R clue from bulletin board work.

Fabulous game! Thanks, Flash512! I really enjoyed getting stuck in this beautiful room. Thanks for the hints. I needed them.

Jenny. Arrow is starting point, so L is first. Follow squares downward.

Such a good game ruined by that stupid clock.
Too much interpretations, two possible S in the calendar, the puzzle that solves only doing left first. Aaaaagh! I'm mad at that clock!

That was a quick one - thank you for your wonderful games, Flash512!

Nice game :) Thanks for the hints.

That M2 S1 clue was too obscure. Whoever figured it out is a genius.

Great game as usual (except for that calendar!). A lot of work went into the graphics that had no bearing on the clues or puzzles. Very enjoyable.

I wrote about the watch. At the same time 2:50,others 1:30. I took the difference of 1 hour and minutes.

wow, thank you all for the help, and Flash512 thank you for the game awesome.

Decided to replay the game. First time playing, I opened the birds up to the tip and the clock somehow worked ,as wrote above,only not immediately. I pulled them for a long time))) This problems of the author. Now thought, and why the calendar? NinixD was right )

Thanks, enjoyed the game, although that M2-S1-calendar-clock hint was too obscure, needed seriously help there. Dumah, I think the "left first" was because M2 was under the left snail.

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