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Find the Escape-Men 173: Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 173: Escape Game 2

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 173: Escape Game 2 is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No1 Game. Solve some puzzles, find the 10 escape men and escape from the room! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape-Men 173 Walkthrough
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Tried counting lines, tried counting shapes, l to r, r to l. No luck. Probably something obvious, but I am not getting it.

used 1 number on pad - 1 green man but thats all

any1 an idea? I am lost ;-)

AHA, hit a number on the keyboard, then the arrow. 4numbers show up below.

absolutely no idea!

Keep hitting the top of the keypad, it falls off and you get a new # clue and green man.

Keep hitting exit sign over door, it opens for new # clue and green man.

Maximom, how many times or where exactly should I click on top of keypad? no reaction after 40 clicks...

keypad not falling off for me - it it hundreds of times!

Hotzenplotz, I just kept plugging away at it until I hit the sweet spot but I don't know exactly where it was. Sorry, I always assume other players can replicate my dumb luck!

I've opened a 2nd game to see if I can replicate my results.

We have faith in you Maximom! My clicking finger is beginning to hurt!!

You can remove the keypad by dragging it down...

thank you OOGGRR

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Click the top of the keypad and drug down.

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Ok, well I've gone back to my original game. Have 4 escape men so far and a 9927 clue paper. Thanks OOGGRR and Yuki Yuki for the keypad clue.

what to do with the blue handle?

I can't see any result of second code paper (from exit sign)...

hab 4616 tried a man came out, but could not be better, keyboard I click on the top but it wobbles nichtspassiert.komisches not spiel.komme further

hi, marita, draufklicken und runterziehen, dann gehts

5 men, blinking yellow spot on blank wall

I give up, too much pixel hunt for every tiny step.

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I give up, too. No fun factor in this one for me.

About stick with 4 direction..
Left - Up (click head 1 more) - Down (click head 2 more) - Right

Got 10..

Clicking top of keypad and dragging down but nothing is happening. Every now and then it wobbles slightly but nothing more. Normally love FTEM games but cannot go any further with this one

POP! It just worked. You have to drag down until you reach the down arrow then release.

Was the number from the escape light supposed to give me an EM ? Can't see anything happening after entering it, stuck with only 3.

       Anonymous  7/22/16, 2:14 AM  

Got them all, but not cool game

Me too Truus


click on the 9927 agian

I clicked or dragged the second number (I think) and got another number. on Reverse it says x2 Now stuck with lever on wall. Not sure what directions to use

or one of the numbers

enter 9927 again

Thanks Handy and Jazzypix321, got the lever too :)

after getting the number from the exit sign and entering it, I got nothing, stuck with only 3 EM

NVM, I clicked on the first number and got the paper

aridza click on one of the numbers in inventory

on the bare wall something shiny, click on it

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after you get the shiny one, open the green men, that will give you the direction of N S E W

Tried the directions as per nira's instructions but...nothing

do twice star index

Got 4 men and lever on wall but can't see anything shiny on wall anywhere

thank you thank you EGS

what to do after getting the EM from the direction lever?
@Jazz, wait for a bit while facing the bare wall

the other wall with nothing on it

Making a little progress now, thanks for your help, got 6 now. :)

jazzy, you have to wait a little before it'll appear. Concentrate on the right side of the wall

Got something, keep clicking on the lever in the middle, you'll get a blue ball and click again for a stick

keep clicking on the blue nob until it falls off, while it is in the middle

I demolished the lever and stopped the fast running man, 8 men in inventory now...

Got them all after that, pretty easy end after the first 6 EM

use pen on floor with bare wall scene

use the pen again in the scene with the hole on the wall on the right next to the EM in inventory

Thought I'll be out after getting 10 EM but nope, no idea what to do to get out

Drew an arrow and made one fly into my inventory and the STOP letters seem to make a nice number too :)

out finally, check the hand of the big EM guy with the pen

Out too :)

This was a tough one, thanks for all the help !!!

what to do with blue ball, i only have 9 men

If I remember correctly, there was an EM hiding on the back side of the blue ball

Thanks Truss, that was really painful, thanks for the help.

Click on the big green mans other hand for the escape code

Good interesting game
and I really liked it

I can't find the 4th man (after entering 5028 into the keypad). Help?

This is a weird game. Not a fan, but I want to finish it.

click on 9927 in inventory

also after entering number, click back arrow on number pad for another number

(before you hit enter)

Ohhhh. Thanks, AlphaOmega!

I have now given the big EM man the pen - what do I do from here!?

POP! Just saw the code in his other hand.

That was really painful!

I Loved this one. No the puzzles aren't "Find a vase that has a paper code in it and enter it somewhere." These have the unexpected but not crazily so much that the puzzles are irrational.

Wish there were more escape men games. 173 and I've done them all . . . *sigh*

Why only two stars???

Wow, that was actually pretty good! First I was totally confused, and I think I'd have never solve half of the puzzles without help. Too sophisticated for me, but witty.

Didn't understand why you had to dial the directions twice. Because it was x2 in an earlier puzzle?

I don't understand the lever. Where am I supposed to get the clue?

Zoe, maybe that's because the game is unintelligible for the players. I'm quite sure that, let's say, Stravinsky gets 2 stars out of 5, on the average, if you ask the audience of a rock festival.

Oh well, I tried three different games and could not get the exit sign to open. Watched WT, too and did everything exactly right - still could not open it.

Jackie Cheng, lever clue came from the corner of the mouth of the 5th green man. Do it twice, I don't know why.

It's impossible

Punnivinn, I only have 4 men. Where does the 5th one come from?

Nevermind, Punnivinn. I finally saw the yellow dot on the wall. I've been staring at every wall for 10 minutes it just appeared now.

Hard game !
for sign exit door click on left door and drag it to the right

OHHHHHH! Thank you seb!!! I should have known to drag the door, since we already had to drag the keypad....duh!

Yes, pretty challenging, but I still think it's worth 5 stars, not two...

Thanks No. 1 Games!!!

stuck with nine and a pen

already closed game, but IIRR you have to open pen first - there are 2 spots to use it: one was on floor to stop an EM, another in scene with superEM just left of EMs in inventory on the navigation bar

only got 5 men..giving up, cant get or even understand lever. no hint for it..

Hint for lever is after you find the green man behind the shiny spot on the wall. Look at both his hands....one hand says to do the sequence twice....the other hand shows the directions. Spoiler below:

W, N, S, E (do that twice)

I forgot to mention that you find the "shiny spot" man in with the other green men - open that box and click on his mouth...

Brilliant game although I did need some clues.

stop # spoiler5701spoiler

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