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Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Walkthrough

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

FMStudio - Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer is another scary point and click adventure escape game developed by FM Studio. Will you escape the Puppeteer? You ran off the horrors of the dreadful house of Forgotten Hill and are finally back to your car, just to find out that your girlfriend is not there anymore! Following the few clues she left, you find yourself inside a terrible and grotesque Puppet Theatre. Can you Survive? Take this new challenging adventure in Forgotten Hill, solve intriguing puzzles, look for the clues hidden around the theatre and investigate the mystery to escape. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game contains bloody and scary scenes, not suitable for children!

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Ah the weekend ...

hello, zuleika. :)

Check ticket carefully

Picture on wall of big guy's room gives clue for bells.

piece of mirror comes in handy more than once.

I can't catch a bug and trying to figure out which card to pull. Also trying to solve color riddle with I, II, and III "forks"

Guess I'm just no good at card tricks ...

Feed eye to big guy - but he wants more

For the bug you need stick stuff then herd him into it

Second new developer on this week!

i love the graphics in this.

Hi cate. Haven't found place to use mirror piece yet.

Why does this remind me of a Rusty Lake? LOL

POP - just found on of the places, lol

Mirror piece used several time on posters

Phew, caught the bug!

When you do the coats leave a space between them, when in the right order, click to get something that falls from coat

man, this developer has sorely overestimated my hand/eye coordination...i simply can not get the bloody bug.

hey, bandy...it is like rusty lake, isn't it?

cate, you are not alone, getting that bug is not easy LOL might leave it for now

When you get the joker card, and are asked to take a card, place the joker, and you've won! get a coin

I am still working on blood and skulls puzzle !

Finally finished the skull blood puzzle. A "T" of skulls

hello again, yvonne...it's making me blue...i don't think i'm going to be able to finish...at least i can win a hand of cards. :)

bandy, it takes 3 clicks...i think it was ul, ur, center.

Skeleton poster is for the order of coats. First poster is for the 3x3 grid in hanger room, but I cannot solve it...

Thanks Cate I finally got it!

I hate puppets they creep me out LOL

zoom on cinema screen and make puppet, same as poster outside, not as easy as it sounds lol

finally I managed to solve 3x3 grid... I missed a reset button in this riddle

For the Puppet, I took a picture of the clue on my phone and looked at it when doing it. May easier than trying to draw it to remember it. lol

I got a screen shot and still can't get it?

In room with 3 doors, right door not locked

Well I give on puppet, that one is too tight.

You can drag puppets hands and legs, otherwise you won't make the right figure...

Use mirror piece on puppet poster for the right pattern.

Ok Moved it one more time and it worked! LOL

Chairs in cinema have clue for middle door in 3 door room

Great find Urban, thank you

There is another hint for bells to get more food, but hearth is not on the big guy list of delicious food :)

bucket and wrench are used in bloody bathroom

OK, now I'm stuck with green and red bug, cross, hearth, bucket of blood and a key.
I will have to finish this game tomorrow, but i will rate it 5 stars, because it's very nice.

for hanging puppets: click on a puppet and hand pic will show you, what's the next puppet to click...

Family photo goes to empty frame in romm with 4 puppets. Use 8 symbols code for the door puzzle behind the stage.

Bucket goes under sink with wrench and then you get bucket of blood and red beetle

Still looking for color clue for drink machine

any idea, where to use heart-key or grey key?

1 symbol for color code is in yellow room...

so i've still not nailed the beetle...does anyone remember the reward for doing so?

and, while you're roaming, note the arrow pictures with shape for earlier "clock" puzzle.

Went back out to scene one where ticket taker used to be and now a picture puzzle, gives a key (I believe for floor).

Nope, not for floor, I know have two keys that don't work there

Enjoying it but bailing as spending too much time on modelling the puppet - just don't have the knack obviously -

I am so stuck with silver cross, heart , bucket with blood, heart-key and grey key. and I am missing yellow beetle.
any hint is very welcome

To get the beetle Cate, put the sticky stuff on the wall but go around the game screen to do it and then come back going around the game screen. Then chase the beetle towards the sticky stuff and pick him up

Solved "circle clock" puzzle.

Square arrow (ticket taker) points on five.
Triangle arrow (picture on the wall / room with 4 puppets) points on twelve.
Circle arrow (??? / BF) points on nine.

Got another grey key.

good find nomelted, thanks

Great Nomelted, that helped but now suck and the fat guy wont eat the heart but not giving up yet.

for those of you who are having a tough time with the green beetle, it was doable for me once i simply put the sticky stuff on wall and steered the bug towards it. :P

k stevens, thank you so much!! finally figured it out, but i wish you'd been around 30 minutes ago. ;)

Keep clicking the broom!

Clarification - Click the broom the number of times the creature behind the gate barks.

thank you 1054ce

Great find 1054ce!
Placed yellow bug in frame and safe revealed. Made 5-6 random clicks and safe opened, don't remember combination(

wow, the rotating eye puzzle took me a looong time...

Yeah, need to cover all the eyes, even the small ones. Tough.

Trying to figure that out now Hotz

the clue with yellow and black circles on a music sheet is used on bells...

Where did you find
yellow beetle?

Kev Jonesy, yellow beetle got from broom and barking beast. Read 1054ce comment above.

Hmm, clicked on broom for a
while and saw nothing.
Trying again.

Out now. Liked this one!

For color puzzle also pay attention to the picture in room with 3 doors.

Kev Jonesy, click on broom, then listen to the beast - 2 barks = 2 clicks, 3 barks = 3 clicks etc.

wonderful game...thank you...a great way to start the weekend.

Oh!, so that's the trick lol!
I was just randomly clicking
on it.

Excellent game. Very Rusty Lake-esque. I'd be willing to wait several weeks in between games like this in exchange for the daily onslaught of "put random objects in random places" games that we're getting lately.

I'm with you 1054ce.

That was pretty amazing. Color clue comes at the very end for drink machine puzzle

Had to watch video to get
the rotating eye puzzle.

From start, click the 4
buttons like;

* 3x
* 2x
* 1x

Excellent game!
Can't wait for more!

I could have played this ad infinitum with the sound muted... I would have never realized I'm supposed to go after the number of barks :D :D :D

The puppet on strings is driving me nuts. I just can't get it in the correct position. Trying for five minutes, but it won't let me pass :( (I have the posterhint, but still!)

Anybody, please: this clockwork puzzle with the half- and quarter moons and eyes, behind the painting in the "four bugs" room - does it have any kind of hint somewhere else in the game, or can it be solved on its own, woth no such hint?

Oh, I'm starting to suspect the hint for the clockwork puzzle is the letter on the table in the same room - and it says I have to set the wheels so none of the eyes are visible...

That was absolutely brilliant. And I was just thinking we hadn't had a decent game for ages. I remember something similar but years ago. Great puzzles which are easier than they first appear.

Yes! The clockwork puzzle is, indeed about setting the wheels so no eyes are visible - neither the big ones, nor the small ones.

Hi bio it sort of helps to get the covers over the eyes completely (at some points the little covers don't completely cover the eyes)

Natural's "Elements" came out last year. You don't say it wasn't a brilliant game?

yeah, I got the moons cover almost all of the eyes, only a fraction of one of the small eyes was visible... And it dodn't work - but luckily I BF'ed the solution before I would start engineering out the solution :)

Yes I like those and rusty lake, although I lke this one better than rusty - they seem to be a bit off my sense of logic.

Hmmm... I got a hint for the sliders-and-colors puzzle, it didn't work, but as I was fidgeting around with the sliders, suddenly it opened... I'm sure two of the symbols weren't over the colors the hint indicated...

Wow, I've never seen a place where you need a ticket to LEAVE the place :D

Out at last. Great game.

they have an earlier game that takes place right before this one (when his girlfriend stays in the car). its called Forgotten Hill:Fall. not sure if i'm allowed to post a link here

Thanks dre! It was presented as armor games game.

Internal link:


Out finally. Great game with nice graphics! Really enjoyed it. Thank you!

I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of the warning regarding bloody and scary scenes! Even as an adult, I do not care for these. Sadly, it looks like I am missing a terrific game, but I know myself well :) Thank you for posting that information for players!

This comment has been removed by the author.

what a delight

That was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! One of the best escape games I've ever played. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible, the graphics were amazing, and the story was fabulous.I can not wait for the next installment. Definite 5/5!

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 2:20 AM  

just playing (saved that for the weekend)
thx guys for the hints so far, esp. bio re unmuting the sound for broom movements (unfortunately, had it off, too...) - moving on...
(btw no probs for me with adjusting puppet, thanks to my beloved snipping tool ☻)

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 3:09 AM  

my words, Sam! ☺
never enjoyed a creepy game (even gross several times) so much LOL
liked the language choice option (although narrator is still speaking English ☻)
TVM FMStudio ☺


the hint from the chairs for the middle door is not working; black and white do not match or do have to do something first?

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 6:12 AM  

white dots on seats are actually black in puzzle

(first 3 are the same)

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 6:29 AM  

Did anyone go back to check the theathre after giving out the exit ticket? I was wondering since it asks "you want to stay or leave?"

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 6:35 AM  

didn't encounter anything else there Estefania...
(thankfully game has autosave)

That was absolutely brilliant, thank you. I had to resort to the video for both of the "slider" type puzzles because that's just me.

The puppet adjustment to suit the picture in the hallway? Is there another picture I've missed to reference it's position by? It really shouldn't be such a specific position, been meddling with this puppet for an hour making ever so slight adjustments and I'm 1000000000% sure it is spot on and it still doesn't move the puppet... Help!!??

i need to know more i'm stuck on, well all i have left is the bucket of blood, heart key, heart, mirror piece, silver cross, and a sheet of paper with a code on it that i cant figure out where it is? PLEASE HELP ME IVE BEEN ON THIS FOR DAYGTS

It's a pity, can't get the puppet
in right position. So I must leave
this wonderful game.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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