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Hooda Escape: Washington Walkthrough

Hooda Escape: Washington

HoodaMath - Hooda Escape: Washington is another point and click type room escape game created by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. Your family loves to travel and enjoy the great outdoors. They decided to take a trip to the great state of Washington. After there only a few short hours of exploring, they decided to leave. Now you must figure out how to escape Washington and make your way back home! Good luck and have fun!

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Escape Washington state? Why would anyone ever want to do that? It is so lovely here. (:

This is an unusually sharpened "shovel" I just found. Looks almost like an axe. d:

Flag in the water is clue for the tent in the first scene.

Heh... there's an actual shovel in the cave once you get the climbing rope from underwater. (Shapes on pier posts are clue for the 4# chest, by the by.)

Nice quick one from SD. Although, I would have hoped for more than just one math puzzle. I guess immunity from explosions is a fair trade.

do U.S. ppl know the conversion feet to inches by heart? I had to google that...

otherwise a nice one as always - thx SD ☺

Yes Alpha, we do :)

ΑΩ, given the popularity of the metric system in STEM, I would not actually be so certain how common knowledge the old customary units are even here in 'Murica. That said, most folks here probably do know there are 12 inches to the foot and 3 feet to the yard. Now, I know there are 1760 yards to the mile, but that would probably be the one that trips up people. Of course, don't even try to comprehend the liquid measure system (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, gallon, etc.). (:

yep 12 inches to one foot :)


@ AlphaOmega (ΑΩ),

Same thing for me ! I've no idea of the value of inches, yard, feet, gallons and so on !

hmm convert what, got link to meter in customs foot millimeter convert but none of it fit for cottage


@ marita,

It's a conversion from feet to inches. I guess that they are not used anywhere else than in the USA (maybe in the UK, too). International metric system is so much more simple !

Well, when they publish "Hooda Escape: France" they can make Americans convert kilometers to meters and we can all be even... but yes, pretty much everyone in America knows that it is 12"=1'. Being an engineer, I also have committed to memory that 1"=2.54cm, so converting between metric and US/imperial units for distance is relatively easy. For other measures, not so much... especially given that a fluid ounce in England is different than a fluid ounce in America and that a pound of gold weighs less than a pound of feathers due to the difference in Troy weight vs. Avoirdupois weight...

Anyway, good game SD. I enjoyed this one a lot; good puzzles that weren't immediately obvious, subtle clues that didn't just give you the answer, and a decent length (although I do enjoy longer games from Self Defiant).

Not really the best depiction of the state of Washington. I probably expected some Space Needle or Mount St. Helens even some rain! LOL

Oh well, good game, as always! TY

Yeah, myrdlebp. It could've been any coast.

Yeah, myrdlebp. It could've been any coast.

Would love to have seen something that really shows Washington. BTW...redwoods grow in California. ;)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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