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Meena Outdoor Pet Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Meena Outdoor Pet Rescue Escape

MeenaGames - Meena Outdoor Pet Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Meena Games. In this game, assume that while you camped in the green forest. You noticed that the cow got sick. Therefore, you prepare the medicines and have to feed for save cow’s life. Find the necessary hidden objects to solve puzzles and get the fruits to prepare a medicine. Good luck and have fun!

Play Meena Outdoor Pet Rescue Escape

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Don't think I've played a Meena game before. Nice little intro : )

hi (again) ev1 ☺

I'm glad that puzzles aren't hidden anymore in the sky or similar

Have a basin of water, some shapes, a candle, a box with symbols. Have noted location of various puzzles etc but needing more hints.

Forgot to say, candle lit from fire - then use to light lamp for symbols hint

a shape for tree from eagle tree, another hidden inside cave

I got a sledge hammer from putting items (2 flowers, circle, tear drop looking thing) in tree. I had to do it in the order they are going in

hammer from shapes for rock in cave

Stone from bird gives another set of symbols hints

ah, it's a wing from symbol box in cave ☻

Pour water through sieve for ...gold nuggets?

filtered gold nuggets from basin of water go in hole outside on cave

Gold nuggets go in strange oval hole above cave opening. Reveals 4 scorpions. Use empty basin to catch venom.

Put bowl up to scorpions

Pour venom in large urn in cave (left-side) or another symbols clue.

scorpions in basin (suddenly changed in liquid...) are used on pots inside cave

not very intuitive playing...

Get broom from symbols on tree. Use on number square in cave. Now working on square ....

ah, only their venom ☻

I put green mush on the cow and that's all she wrote.

Number square: simply put in order from top down and L to R. Gives ...dust pan? Tray?

Put the tray up to the fire to reveal a code, I think.

put plate from number sliders in fire for symbol hint for box in inventory

(take plate back)

Hold tray thing over fire for last symbols hint (for box in inventory)

hole bottom left in cave entering scene is a mortar, hammered rock a pestle

In the scene to the right you can click on the tree way in the background to place your shapes and get a hammer.

Put the fruits - or whatever they are - in hole in stone, start scene. Needs something else ...

Put fruit in the hole outside the cave and use the mortar to make the snake repellent.


Missed that completely - good find Bear : )

Strange snake repellent, lol! Funny little game - fun though : )

maybe cow stinks for the snake after throwing fruit juice on it LOL

thx Meena for a fine game & ppl for your nice company ☺

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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