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Modern Brick House Escape Walkthrough

Modern Brick House Escape

Games2Rule - Modern Brick House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to a stay in modern brick house for your holidays. Unfortunately you are locked inside this modern brick house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this modern brick house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The bear looks hungover. xD

i think he is! he needs a musical pick-me-up.

I have so many items that I haven't used.

Why did I know I'd find you here? 1 star isn't much...

I have a paint brush (with white stuff on it), green liquid in a cup, a piece of a mirror, a magnifying glass, and a bowl of hot coals that I haven't figured out where to use.

@bear, use the goopy paint brush on the map 4 times...then use the magnifying glass on it for upstairs puzzle.

the "mirror" you will find in the new rooms to use your fragment.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm still in collecting mode. But just to mention: I found a remote which is used at the air condition in start scene for a symbol hint. Just switch power on.

I tried to paint that before, but apparently I had to put it on just the right spots....

and, the coals are put in the little stand alone furnace.

and as idiotic as it seems, you have to light the coals, despite their already being hot.

And I collected three boxes which I piled for a golden goblet.

I just blew up pic LOL
after put earmuffs on bear??

This is a horrible guessing game.

Goblets (three so far for me) go into the five slots to the right of the boxes. I'm still looking for the mirror I have to break and the furnace for the coals. And needless to say I dont have a brush.

Also, got a copper key from the apples in start scene but it doesn't fit in any keyhole.

That key will be used in a later room.

I have 6 pieces of paper and some green stuff in a cup.

Okay, thanks, but could you help me with my other questions please? I'm stuck as hell.

I am not sure where exactly you are stuck.

Use the lighter to break the mirror in the bear's room. Did you do that yet?

My comment above. I think I should start with finding the brush and the furnace cate mentioned.

Meritneith, the brush looks like a tiny hockey stick. It should be in plain view in one of the first rooms.

sneaky on wall above goblet placement...

A quick list of items that you haven't used.

The furnace is much farther on. My problem with the first set of rooms was the scene where you place the 4 boxes with circles in them. There are two staircases and an arrow each way. Kind of forgot about the one on the right.

Yes, I did that (forgot there had been a mirror) Now there's a hole which looks as if there were steps and a switch.

The furnace will be in one of the last rooms, that comes later.

okay, merit...the first thing you need to do is find the paintbrush...it looks like a stick with a bendy black thing on the end...you get it in the first rooms, but i can't remember where...then, you need to dip it in the bowl of white stuff in room where there is that head...in fact, i'm thinking that if you click on the head, that is where the brush was. when you get it, paint the map 4 times on continents.

Yes, I noticed that. I haven't been able to make anything of it though.

and look at those continents with your looking glass.

In the room with the kitchen view, you can click on those staircases to go to two other rooms. One of them has a bowl of white stuff for your paint brush.

I fear I am going to click and drag these pieces of paper and the green liquid until my mouse breaks.

Oh dear, Lurker, I've got exactly ONE box with circle and put it there.

Okay, got that hockey stick, sorry. Got a copper coloured key, remote (used at the air condition), lighter, cup with green liquid, coals, hammer, magnifier, strange piece (maybe metal), wrench (used in bathroom), that hockey-brush-thing, and a fan.

But maybe I should watch a walkthrough? Don't want to bother you.

use a spanner on screwss???? LOL

bear, the papers go in the squares above trophy cups. the green tea is used down the pike on a single piece of paper you'll find...it will have weird abstract squiggly shapes.

Okay, progress! Have painted and will use the number hints. Thank you all so much so far. My God, a hockey stick and a bowl with sugar turn out to be brush and paint!

meritneith, use the hammer underneath the air conditioner to get the clue for the turkeys.

Thank you, cate.

merit, the hammer is used on mantel.

-the magnifier on the map after using brush.
-the fan, look up at ceiling where you used hammer.

you're welcome, bear.

@merit, the strange piece is one of several you will find...you'll use it once you get in to new set of rooms and it will be obvious.

Alright, got golden key with your help. Thanks again.

Finally out. UGH

And there is the furnace. Also seen where the shapes go. Working my way.

@bear, lol...takes the fun out doesn't it?

I think it was just an item overload for me. Too many things at once and too many possible places to use them. Keeping track of everything was a chore.

Congratulations, Bear. Let's be honest, this game is a pain in the behind, and if it weren't for all your help I would have quit half an hour ago.

That CD doesn't look like a CD but I've learned my lesson in this game.

Thank you, meritneith. I almost quit as well, until cate helped me out. Thank you again, cate.

New scenes! I hoped I'd get out...

ouch.. never make coffee with no pants on LOL

you're welcome, bear...i don't know which is worse, the exhaustion from the endless rooms or the frustration of trying to figure out what to do with the nondescript items.

well, thank you , leroy, for that visual. lol.


@leroy, ya think?!

Another key. I don't dare to hope...

just placed boxes catching up

Yessssss! Out! Now I'll go and squeeze a lemon into my eyes to feel better. Or maybe I could put out my pants and make coffee?

Thank you all you lovely people for helping me, at least I got out on my own after the circle boxes. Get well soon, Leroy, whatever hurts.

Oh Joycy... hope you have stored enough food and told your boss you won't come at work for three weeks.

sorry cate it early morning here LOL

And I wonder who voted this game to 3.5 stars. One from me.

where is this furnace?
cut up paper and wondering what to do next..
aint found CD yet either..

Nvm placed 6 papers..
I should read back comments..

well, i didn't vote and i can't imagine bear gave it 5, sooooo maybe the developer?

You could be right, cate.

Leroy, the furnace was in a room to the very left. Maybe you'll need that key from the start but I'm not sure.

And the CD looks like a white button.

lol, merit...i wonder why you torture yourself, as i know you're not a big fan of eightgames...and this is simply more "hunt and peck".

i wonder what happened to the old developers...detarou, bianco bianco, rgb, orangebiscuit, gotmail, et al?

can't find the mas to paint got the brush & magnifying glass they dont work on the picture

merineath your so funny lol

joycy, the picture is the map(on wall right)...it's persnickety, so try upper left corner first.

and, by the by, did you put the white goop from bowl in room with head on it?

Cate, I wonder that too. But I just sat here and saw you and Bear were here so I gave it a try. Won't happen again! And yes, those good old days...

Joycy, the paint: If you see the kitchen where the boxes with the circles go, you cannot only go to left and right with arrows but there are two hidden rooms when you click the stairs above the direction arrows. I think in the right hidden room there's a bowl with something white (I thought it was sugar) on the table. That's the paint. Can't remember where the magnifier was but it was in plain sight I think. Maybe in the same room? Or in the room with the continent picture, on the left cupboard?

That's no fun but black humor. Not something you'd expect from a German, eh?

i keep seeing you guys talk about 6 pieces of paper. I have scissors, but no paper. where can i find that?

OMG it was in front of my face the whole time... nvm...

thanx cate that worked

i keep seeing you guys talk about 6 pieces of paper. I have scissors, but no paper. where can i find that?

you're welcome, joycy...nap time for me...good luck!

need two wood blocks earlier in the game I put the fan in the ceiling & nothing happened

No paper, no scissors, no gold key and no help to find any of it left here. Thanks guys!

Hi Jenny where are you at the game the papers come from upstairs new room the scissors were I think behind a cushion

merineath just seen your post I had the paint brush dipped & I couldn't get it or the magnifyer to work on the picture thanx anyway lol

the papers are cut from a pictre board

oh Jenny I remember now the scissors were in the fruit bowl first scene

Thanks Joycy!

There was a key in that fruit bowl, first scene! I needed that too!

lit the wood burner to get the last block the other in the waste bin thought I was out more rooms

Jenny did you find the scissors try behind the cushions

You have to do the brush on the four corners of the picture first. When all are revealed, you can use the magnifier. I just left mine on the last one to keep it out of inventory.

I did find the scissors Joycy and made it out thanks to your help finding the key in the fruit bowl!

well you beat me Jenny I'm still on the hats bit

can't find the last wooden block. anybody still here and give me a hint?

Hi jaina m, did you get the one in teddy room, where you light the fire cracker?

jaina m, one of the shape blocks came from the fruit puzzle

nevermind, i didn't realize that the switch-thing goes where blue shapes go...
out - that was hard work.
i'd like to suggest to number the rooms. it would be easier to make some notes where one saw something or to talk about when helping each other...

another shape block from putting ashes in burner and using lighter, one from doing shapes puzzle, one from taps puzzle

jaina m, sorry, I thought you meant the 4 wooden shape blocks

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