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Princess Necklace in Ghost Bungalow Walkthrough

Princess Necklace in Ghost Bungalow

Games2Rule - Princess Necklace in Ghost Bungalow is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, someone stolen the princess necklace and hidden in a ghost bungalow. No one is ready to go there. You have to go ghost bungalow and find the princess necklace by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Princess Necklace in Ghost Bungalow

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use the stick with fire on the bat in the first scene

bat in the brick wall near the girl

what to do with fireflies?

Hi Alice, fireflies go on gate behind girl, hard to see

thanks Yvonne!

use bat where?

I know where spread wing bats go..

The bat you stunned goes on lamp post above girl

leroy, use the bat to hang right of girl.

good afternoon, yvonne. :)

bat goes to black spot behind one of the zombie guys--the one in the room with fire sticks

oh sorry, wrong bat--meant club or hammer thing

there are bats and there are bats! ;)

above the eye there is a ghost, on the wall

cate :) good morning LOL

TY now I gotta find a severed head by the looks LOL

keep in mind that there are two bats(of the flying sort),in the scene with zombie girl.

OK 3 bats placed now and invent empty LOL

leroy, have you gone to the sneaky scene above the opening scene?

three leaves branch goes into the cauldron

4 bats placed just noticed sneaky one..

yeah I have and placed 4 hands there..
and the 2 lollies..

the people who make these things have to be on hallucinogens. who thinks of putting pieces of candy on a box so a little alien guy can pop up and give you a severed green hand?

cutting heads with the axe

where 3 leaf thingie?
I put 3 leaf bulb on stone chest..

leroy, you'll get another one...have you found the red and green gems for crypt with skull?

leroy, when you find the 5 bats, you'll get the pieces you need to get plant piece.


Use axe to chop into 3 zombies for gems. Gems go around hole in opening scene for another zombie to hack at.

OK TY so 1 bat to find LOL

spoiler for bats...

scene 1, 1
scene 2, 2
scene 3, 1
scene 6, after placing red/green gems

Leroy, have you used the crab?

well, i'm hoping leroy found the bat.

good game g2r...thank you.

Hilarious way to get the 3 blue stones. What a crack up.

decapitations weren't necessary to make game more creepy - thx anyway G2R ☻

well that was creepy.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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