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Real World Escape 164 - Trip Walkthrough

Real World Escape 164 - Trip

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 164: Trip is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. There is a lady in this room who is locked with you inside. She wants to visit her friends, but she lost her boarding pass. You will need to help her or else she will be very upset. Look for hints and objects that could be useful to solve different puzzles. Your own target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons. Good luck and have fun!

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A live Sniffmouse - ty Guntars!

ah, Sniff is early today - despite my time schedule, I'm able to catch it live yay! ☻

Hey Alpha : )

Check little grey car carefully.

Look under crib.

Seems like pacifier hint should be for sliders but think we need another clue...

is this Sharon LOL ;-P
(also an association re their trip it seems)

My lipstick is stuck in the middle of the screen :(

hi Zuleika

demolishing sucks upside down ;-)

Extra hint for the pacifier is the hint on the exit door.

Compare the pacifier with the mark on the door.

Ty Alpha - I'd tried that earlier but got the middle two wrong way round ...yet another facepalm moment

also an up drag queen is involved ☻

Talk about facepalm… what to do with the lipstick? I don't see a mirror.

Never mind… drag arrow.

@JodiB - so u did same thing with lipstick that I tried, lol

I broke the axe.

Yup - now what do we stick on axe handle ?

Lurkey dont brake the axe.
or i will need to repair it again for other players :D

Keep clicking the right (of the 4 boxes) hint.

my cursor is acting up, can't find hotspots properly... :-/

secret place tells you what to do with words

I want to use the stick to whack the spider. It doesn't do that.

THen use your 'stick with steel' (from the broken axe) under the the crib to make it a butterfly net.

spider web can catch insects also in another way

Trying lots of combos from the boarding pass to get hint for the 3-numbers

Use your butterfly on the colour hint to get a real hint for the 4 colours.

like the maths in this one

I think boarding pass was first digit times second digit plus first digit. Nice game ahgain.

Wait, what? I'm still stuck with a stick and not getting the word clue on the cabinet.



2nd number +1, multiplied with 1st number

Great game again :)
And yep, very well explained, Dutchie :)

That works dutchie - ty : )

just great, 2 different maths methods gives the same result ☻

@Lurker" click on words from bottom to top

as per secret place on cabinet, touch only the other 3 word, but not anything

Didn't expect such an easy butterfly clue at end - fell out of room in a hurry. Thanks for a great little game Guntars :)

Ok, I was messing with the words on the side of the dresser, not in the cubbie. Progress.

thx Guntars for another fun game ☺

Don't think I actually solved the end butterfly clue. I'd been messing with the arrows so much that I think I got it by accident.

there are 3 butterflies with different sizes on wall facing left or right

Excellent game again Guntars thank you.
Some great puzzles as usual.

Thank you all for a great comments...
Looks like the ticked was the hardest

after you solve the numbers you can give the boarding pass to the lady.

sniffmouse in crib

the ticked
1. nr X 2. nr + 1. nr

Great game as always! Thanks Guntars!

There are a gazzilion digits!! what 1st, 2nd digits are you talking about..

BeeHave - 9 (1st digit) times 11 (2nd digit) is 99 plus 9 (1st digit) = the answer

Ooh.. thank you, Janet!!!

That was fun again!
Thank you Guntars!

Knife stuck in middle of screen...can't interact w/ anything

heh...dragged pacifier to stuck knife

door unlocked...got lucky by not touching anything...

Why only 3,5 stars?? The game was excellent and fun, Guntars has always some different puzzles that make you think for a while, I really did enjoy again!

Thanks for the game, Guntars, enjoyed it very much!

       Anonymous  7/15/16, 9:51 AM  

Got 1 SM left to find, got no more tools and still have the crack in the cabinet near the door to open, help?

       Anonymous  7/15/16, 9:57 AM  

Got POP, last one on side of changing table above words

Simpler math: 1st# x (2nd# + 1)

Thanks for the hints, really needed some of them. Good game!

Yay! Thanks, Guntars! So much fun, as usual. Thanks for the hints. Really enjoyed the tricky puzzles.

More of a challenge today but had an opportunity to feel clever - well, some of the time!

This one sucked. Not pretty much logic. No can do... Sorry, no patience to read 60 comments to understand all the freaky hints.

       Anonymous  7/17/16, 10:51 AM  

agree with Popeye, not a cool one

Next one will be easier

Sniffthrough 164:

Ok there’s the obvious Sniff1 right in front of you so you grab him and start checking out the scene.
You note the colour puzzle and the cracked cupboard for later then inspect the door just in case Guntars has hidden something in the handle.
Nope but he has drawn a speech bubble on the door.
A further check at the top of the cupboard reveals a knife which has, very sensibly, been put out of the reach of children.
Looking left you discover a pink flower with coloured dots which says that it is a nice place to land.
Land what? you think and turn left again.
The lady on the bed wants to travel but is in need of something. You wonder what it is.
You zoom in on the cupboard on the right and after several attempts to catch the butterfly you give up but notice Sniff2 hiding on the car.
Under the crib you try to take the web but a scary spider won’t let you.
Peering into the crib you find a pacifier and Sniff3.
The pacifier seems totally useless so you cut it up with the knife to find a clue which you use to open the slider drawer.
It doesn’t work.
After a bit of thinking you realise that the pacifier has the same mark on it as the exit door but it is the other way up.
This time the drawer opens and you gleefully grab Sniff4 and the hallowed Lipstick.
After this many Sniffgames you know what to do with the Lippy but where on Earth is the mirror?
Have they forgotten to put it in?
Is it a bug?
In desperation you check out the shelves on the fourth wall and after noting the capital letters in shelf four you discover that the arrow hint in the second one slides up.
Not only do you have a mirror for the Lippy but you also have found an axe.
That crack in the cupboard isn’t going to last long now……..Oopsie!
Now you’ve broken it.
Maybe the stick will come in useful later.
Time to check out the spot indicated in the mirror where you find Sniff5 and an instruction not to touch anything in the room.
Well that was about as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.
Wait a moment…… where have you seen the word “Anything” recently?
Full of excitement you rush back to shelf 4 and touch everything except “Anything” to uncover Sniff6 and some steel wire.
Looks like those upper case letters were a red herring!
Ok time for some assembly.
You add the wire to the axe handle and use the resulting loop to grab the web from under the crib.
Voila: one butterfly net.
Your new net easily snares Speedy Flapper and you put him to work on the pink flower.
His colour code opens the panel above the crack wherein you find Sniff7 and the black key.
Using your key gains you Sniff8 and a boarding pass.
A simple bit of maths from the boarding pass gives you the three digit code to open shelf three where you find Sniff9.
Being of a generous nature you donate your boarding pass to the lady and she zooms off to reveal Sniff10 and yet another butterfly hint.
You combine that hint with the arrow pointing down and the way the three butterflies on the wall are facing to crack the L/R arrows on shelf one.
There’s Sniff11 and the essential ff.
A quick ffing of the wall nets you Sniff12 and an unlocked door.
You pause only long enough to say thank you to Guntars and hit the 5 star rating before exiting yet another great Real World game.
Congratulations. You won.

You make my day Austen! Very funny! Thank you!

Difficult game but funny. 4 stars

my ff disappeared after getting it

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