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July 19, 2016

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Three Lotus Escape Walkthrough

Three Lotus Escape

Games4King - G4K Three Lotus Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were trapped inside a beautiful fantasy garden house. The beautiful fantasy garden house is filled with full of clue papers and puzzles which will help you to escape from the beautiful fantasy garden house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the beautiful fantasy garden house and solve the clues to escape from the beautiful fantasy garden house. Good luck and have fun!

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OH Another one for my Birthday!! LOL

Happy birthday, bandytrc!

Yay - G4K!

Hi bandy : )

ROFL TY I had to get that one in today :P

Tried to get a screenshot of slider pic but it disappeared so fast...

place lever found in 1st scene in hole for key

& here we are again ☻

pic puzzle

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LOL AO beat me to it

Can't delete comments ...

Place blue lever in scene 1 and get key

Strange I can't go back to start scene HUMM?

click on good luck letters for arrow hints and coins

Try A restart ?

use arrow hints on birds in 1st scene on left door

Good grief! I was in start scene my bad! LOL

I hate 3x3 slider puzzle. I'm too lazy for that.

My game is playing up already. Slow scene changes - almost freezing at times.

       Anonymous  7/19/16, 1:23 PM  

6 coins now, and need another pink gem

Hate, hate, hate spinning puzzles!

Lol - that's really helpful Mig!

I am stuck with 5 coins LOL

numbers in scene right of start scene (stairs) for 6 digit code - gives gem

gem for animal room, need another...

I have 5 coins too bandy. Working on spinner puzzle just now

This comment has been removed by the author.

anyone have hint for the spinning letter puzzle?

As expected: game crashed 'kill pages' and reload..

I don't see how 6 digits relate to 6 # code?

turn arrows on paper in numbers scene to centre

I see 345-269 ?

left 3digit number for left column, right 3digit number for right column

bandy - use numbers as columns or rows - 345 in first column, etc...

       Anonymous  7/19/16, 1:37 PM  

To bandytrc: the letters in vertical position indicate you group the numbers in same way for 6 code


Thanks Mig !!

PITA spinning puzzle :-/

@giraffebp: spinner - I think it might be (top row to bottom),


but getting word in order is something else...

giraffebp Not yet that I can see?

You get the hint for the spinner puzzle when you turn the arrows on the paper to the center, it's

But damn if I can get them turned right!

Man ZL TY but that is ruff LOL

Darn it - I have SUN and KEY placed but AHT on bottom (sighs)

I give on that one LOL

thanks everyone, finally found hint, now can someone come work the puzzle for me? LOL I am awful at these!

I finally got it, no clue how though

lucky you Brandi (still no success here...)

have always 2 ok but never 3rd word till now...

After you turn the arrows to the center the numbers on them are for the word ANIMAL in the far right room.

Direction hint not working on ANIMAL for me

I adjusted the L some more, then it worked

have you solved the spinner puzzle?

Top of the letter goes in the direction the arrow is pointing, 1 is the first A, 2 is N and so on.

Coins go on brick wall between doors

the word on door has clue in opening words (which we got direction clue)

gotcha! finally can move on...

You were right about the L Alpha - ty.

No luck on spinner. Can only get 2 out of 3 words no matter what : /

what do you mean glisounik?

iknow i couldnt explained it. :) ok just giving


4 letter word in spinner scene


ah, now I understand, what you meant by door & opening word - thx

Finally - the sense of achievement from getting that spinner solved...


Don't try to get the 3 words in rows
Instead, focus on getting the letters aligned in columns.

Hmm - flower sections...

Did anyone make sense of the clue paper behind ANIMAL door?

that was my strategy, too Zuleika, but it didn't work for a pretty long time LOL - I think I also got lucky...

now you may have some ideas for the puzzles that follow...?

tried in vain to combo arrow paper as order with flower segments on tree for 6 colour puzzle...

The flower sections are for the six dots on either side of the two doors

way overthinking, it's just

left side of segments for left side of colour buttons, same for right side

thx anyway Brandi

now need a tool to open that round box...?

Is it an ashtray? An inkwell?

That's about as far as I've gotten, I feel like I'm missing a clue somewhere.

stuck in same place for hours

Same stupid style with the image puzzle. No way to waste time with it. 0 stars.

Still to solve:

- paper clue in room behind ANIMAL door
- 7 white flowers (in blue box scene)
- 4 x directions/dials puzzle on left-side through GOOD doorway

Anyone gotten anywhere?

7 coins, 7 flowers - but coins don't go on flowers.

The coins go on the brick wall behind the door that had the spinner puzzle.

hi guys i have green ball. Any idea? thank you

green ball is used later - it goes in room after animal door

Ty for that Brandi : ) Looks like we need at least one more ....

press the number of letters (LUCK 12,21,03,11) on paper behind the ANIMALS door

This comment has been removed by the author.

great find - thx Melissa ☺

Melissa u r a star!

Awesome! You rock!

got last coin from putting ball in hole in 6digit code scene

Iron ball goes in hole in wall in room with 6-number puzzle

Placing last coin gives water jug. Water the 3 pink lilies for jewels

Ah we need a left-right hint now for red gems beside ANIMAL door

L/R hint from tall flower plat in scene with lilies. Gives key for blue-grey bowl.

Cross (from blue bowl) opens box in 7-flower scene. Gives magnet.

Finally out!!

Sorry folks - think I'm leaving far more clues than people actually need , lol :)

better more than none Zuleika ☺

where do we use mganet or vase?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ok ΑΩ : )

Place vase in GOOD LUCK room - get bar. Attach magnet to bar. Use in RH space behind doorway below 'GOOD' sign. Get clue paper with 5 number hint... to use where?

Aha - read numbers as you would on a clock dial. Use on dials on LH door behind 'GOOD' sign.

it is 6 12 9 3 not 6-1-2-9-3

Hint for white flowers (from dials puzzle) not working for me. Tried it in both directions. Could it be for something else?

this was a really unneccessary hard game

it worked for me Zuleika

1 means it's the 1st flower to push

My mistake. White flowers hint: Click in numerical order: i.e first click 7th flower, then 2nd, then 6th etc...

Then you're out. Glad we got there eventually : )

phew, that one had some more tricky stuff than usual it seems
letter slider was a toughie & I completely forgot to think of A=1 for number paper...

thx G4K for the game & folks for the nice teamwork ☺

if anyone is still here (which I highly doubt...) will you please spoil the white flowers? i have the crystal with the numbers but it doesn't work. I can't figure out what Zuleika and AO are talking about...

don't know what you mean with crystal, but as per my notes you'll get a bar from blue dials with numbers 7 1 6 3 5 2 4 as flower hint, i.e. click 2nd flower as first, then 7th one as number 2, then 4th as number 3 etc.

where do the gems go?

thanks AO :) yeah i meant blue bar... it looked like a crystal to me lol.

dawn, the gems from the lotuses go in the first room to the left of the starting scene

by the way i still have no clue what the flower puzzle is.

Great game G4K....I hate swap puzzles too. :D Thanks for all the hints up above! Thank you!

Spoiler for the SUN-KEY-HAT spinner if you can't get it right. It made me mad, so I checked the video walkthrough.


The sequence:
2xIII, 2xIV, 3xII, 1xI, 1xII, 3xIII, 1xI

Hope I didn't make a mistake here.

A lot of whys for me in this game
No reason for many actions!

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