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Wow Lilliput Escape from Dangerous Witch Walkthrough

Wow Lilliput Escape from Dangerous Witch

WowEscape - Wow Lilliput Escape from Dangerous Witch is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, a dangerous witch prisoned an lilliput in her house. The witch house looks very scary. No one is there to help lilliput. You have to help lilliput to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Lilliput Escape from Dangerous Witch

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Scarecrow goes in hole by fallen tree

Joining ...

hidden bat behind bush next to the moon

Leafy branch goes in tree hole

branch/green flower for tree hole in left scene for my last spider

Pins go in gingerbread doll

hidden panel top right of cat statue (behind spider door)

I'm stuck with the witches broom & a star. Looks like the star goes into the picture on the right door room, but cant get it to go?

(big) stone for hole in right scene...

Hi Samantha, use the broom under the picture on the bricks

ok but how do you get all spiders to open this door ? I have only two and I miss two bats too

thanks yvonne!!!

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there is a hidden hotspot below the 'path' on left rocks

Make sure you check all the rocks for secret places and on walls inside too

4 spiders:
- behind scarecrow
- place scarecrow
- green branch on tree hole
- lit a fire

Use charged wand on witch to miniaturise her.

ok thanks hotzenplotz :-) I just can't lit that fire but you help me anyway

oh yeah to lit fire .. take the extra stick and lit it by the cauldron fire. Than lit other sticks. (sorry my english is bad)

Where´s 4 digits? and star?

Still have broom in inventory (after using once) and red gem.

Roberto: 4-digit hint is on picture in right-side house

Space for star appears under that picture when you hit wall with broom

I think red gem goes in pic.

Thanks Zuleika!

Missing only cross.

And ty too Roberto - funny that I missed that in the same pic, lol

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Just need one more gold shape (cross) for door . Only broom in inventory - not doing much anywhere.

there is a hot spot behind a brick in bottom left in symbol door scene...

Thanks Hotz! That´s where I found my cross.

Ty Hotz - and I thought I clicked on every brick in that room!

Out now - nice game : )

Sexist rubbish!

serves her right being trapped in bottle with those silicone boobs ;-P

a darker, but still enjoybale CSTPISEG* - thx Wow ☺


cant take the broom, is it a bug?

you have to shrink witch first with stick loaded from cauldron & then put her in the bottle & close it

Same here glisounik until I spotted the cork from the bottle where I had failed to pick it up and put in inventory. However,now I have the broom, it doesn't seem to do anything anywhere. I guess I keep trying it everywhere, in CSTPISEG tradition.

POP. Was trying to use broom in the witch room! Wrong room, should have paid attention to the pic on the wall!

That witch needs a bigger dress, that one barely covers her boobs. Nice game WOW, thanks!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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