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5n Who Can Escape Locked House 7 Walkthrough

5n Who Can Escape Locked House 7

5nGames - 5n Who Can Escape Locked House 7 is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. You are in a locked house. You must escape from the house by finding the key to unlock the door to get out. Find objects and relate them to solve puzzles that you can escape from the locked house. Good luck and have fun!

Play 5n Who Can Escape Locked House 7

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I wanna choke the slider clue to death.

I was flipping it the wrong way.....

# clue under carpet gives second blue ball, but this ball puzzle is impossible. I just can move the right ball 1 step down...

I thought I could use the eggs in the cups on the table.

You have to put the pills in the cups, then fill with water, then add the eggs.

robert, for cups: use pills, teapot, eggs...

That tilting puzzle IS impossible. I can't get the ball to the second slot before it resets itself.

The pills are dye capsules.

I got the left ball all the way to the bottom and it reset again.....grrrrrrrr

Thanks, now I have a clue for 5 colors? No green in clue?

finally!!! for 2 blue balls: make sure you move your mouse just up and down!!!!

I can't get the puzzle to work. Throwing it in the bin.

Where´s the clue for sliders?

slider clue is the grate in first scene (dark marks)

Ah Thanks Hotz!

for last number-fruits slider I can't see a logic, but I had a bit luck:

orange6 purple(?)3
nut(?)7 eggplant4

Fruits puzzle? lemon is 5 , but what about the others?

ops! should refresh! Thanks again! No sense for me too.

blue ball puzzle sure is awful. it keeps glitching... it won't tilt fully, or the ball won't move much. i finally got the first ball down to the bottom and it reset. red X.

worst game ever

That fruit puzzle was stupid. Only one clue?

Fruit Puzzle is number of letters in the word

5 letter in lemon, etc

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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