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Avm Escape Special: Green Bob Walkthrough

Avm Escape Special: Green Bob

AvmGames - Avm Escape Special: GreenBob is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are in your forest house. And you have a cute GreenBob as a pet. That Green Bob has few nice playing spots in the forest; like mountain caves, waterfalls and beautiful tree house. One day the GreenBob doesn’t return back after playing in the Forest. It must be trapped somewhere in the forest. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest to escape the GreenBob from the forest. Good luck and have fun! [Game File Updated]

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let's try :)

stuck in s2

have red and white stick thing now stuck

anybody here im stuck with what i think is a fuse cant get anywhere

I have 3 green stick things but they do not go in the slots in scene 2. Also have the fuse. Stuck with the rest of you. Anyone bring tea or coffee? (:

any help for scene2? how do you use the hint from lady bugs?

I've tried using the leaves on the plug as a LR code, but it's not working.

@Lilly, I assume the number order in scene one tells us which order to use the directions on the lady bugs. But there is no place to input the directions so far. (I've tried the 4-color buttons like directions too, no luck.)

where did you get the green stick things?

Oh, wait! The green things DO go in the slots. You have to place the bottom one first, and then work upward.

@Tony, they are in scene one. To the left of the arcade machine.

where do you have green sticks from? till now i only got to scene 2 killing this little animal with poison - and found red fuse...

Seraku where did u find 3 sticks

The green things were stacked up in scene one, left side.

seraku....still not seeing them

Did I accidentally solve the LR puzzle, which is why they showed up for me?

I had just assumed that the leaves on the plug did not work, since there was no big fanfare about it.

thanks but even with your help i cant find them

me neather. do we need to solve R/L puzzle..?

for LR puzzle trying all combinations - but nothing... :(

oups, suddenly they appeared....!!!

Sorry, folks. The green things do come from the LR puzzle. I just played it again, but I am not sure how I made it work. I just tried a bunch of things like "LRLLR" or something like that and it worked. I think it is related to the leaves, but I more-or-less brute-forced it.

so i'm stuck in scene 3 :)

oh my god i cant even figure out l/r clue from leaves haha

@Lilly, use the broom to clean up the mess on the left side of scene 3. And take that gray thing (power cord?) back to scene 1.

Combine the clues from the arcade machine and the area on the ground for a 4-color code in scene 3.

oh, thanks Seraku!

stuck at scene 6 after red white blue puzzle

@tony, you made it to scene 6? I've been stuck on scene 5 for awhile now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@yvonne, thanks. But it seemed to be "34" for me. Oh, well. Moving along now. (:

anybody know how to get the lighter

Seraku, so sorry, just checked and 34 was correct

Don't miss the down arrow from scene 6 to get to scenes 7 and 8. (:

stuck with a bucket

I can lift the handle then nothing dont know how to get lighter or what to do with books

I think the bookcase goes with the arcade buttons, but I haven't found the combination so far.

I am also tired of that little brown varmint running back and forth!!!

the same place, opened one gate in s6

thank you seraku missed that arrow

Gear puzzle piece hiding in bushes in scene 8.

almost ready to give up two cages open and bucket need the lighter and stop that dang brown dude. . and hammock sleeper? Book case tried it on arcade machine every which way , , ,

LeAnn, i'm stuck in the same place...

@LeAnn, I hear ya. I think we'll end up using the bucket to trap that stupid critter. Then the lighter we can grab and used on the tnt for the sleeping guy.

I suspect we are missing something like a branch or stick or something to combine with the bucket to set up a trap.

i thought about brown long things hanging down in the scene 8... but we'd need something to cut it

did anyone else notice that the first lady bug only has one antenna

@LeAnn... Not until you pointed it out, but I think that's the actual source of the LR clue.

yes. is it a hint?

scene 1 : B 9 R 5 Y5 G5 clicks

@game over, really?! That was like the very first thing I tried. /:

Well, I'm out now.

I do not understand why these games fail to recognize inputs properly. It just sends us on wild goose chases when we do the right thing but get no positive feedback.

thank you!!!!

hm, i'm too tired for it tonight - what to do with the bucket with tied rope on it...?

@Lilly, use it on the hole in the ground in the scene where the rocks used to be.

Then the water wakes up the sleeping person.

Don't forget to take the rope back from the bucket after using it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@yvonne, great minds think alike, eh? (:

poor game, ridiculous hints, sometimes wrong hints, basic math errors, it´s inexcusable to the game developer to put so many ads in the site, force the user to them and push to the player so bad product. Zero star

Seraku, LOL that's what I thought too :)

ah, yes, there was this hole... and out :) thanks!

AVM, ask some tips to the folks of sniffmouse, they know how to do a nice game

Trash! Clues were illogical

I give up. Second AVM game in a row where I can't even get out of the second scene because the LR puzzle does not work. Very disappointed.

The red bugs have hint for LR. Can you please check.. LLRLRLR

Thev book order have clue for Machine on S1.BRYG. counts -9555

AVM is the only developer who needs to come and deliver the solution, because their hints are so confuse and illogical no one can break

AVM - how do you get that LR clue from the red bugs? I just don't see it.

Red bugs head have a hint

it took ages for me to understand color code in scene 3. letter clue in scene 3 is combinded to colours on monitor of arcade machine. spoiler:

red, green
light blue, red

after going in scene 7 and 8 i'm not able to go back to scene 6. started over 3 times and every time the same. so out by red x

The color of the green books is so pale that they look yellow, and some of the spots that you are supposed to place objects are so dark that I couldn't even tell that they were there until I read it here.

now it works..

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