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Avm Ranch Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Ranch Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Ranch Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. You and your pet bird are very close friends. Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other bird has, so it is attracts many people. One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite bird and kept it inside the cage. You cannot live without him. Now you have to rescue your favorite pet from the circus by solve the puzzles.
Good luck and have fun!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

hi (again) all ☺

ah, another soft music this time

Hi Alpha!

Waiting to load

Hi all. Slow loading, either a big game or really messed up. lol

hotspot on ceiling scene 4

pic puzzle


Hi everyone : ) Waiting for game to load ...

Wait till you get to pic puzzle in S3 !!!

S on paper means sky=cyan

It is a rotater so not too bad

3 very faint star(fish) slots in s7

strawberry (?) goes in different shaped slots in s2

don't kiss down arrow in s7

LOL *miss ☻

stuck after 15 minutes playing LOL...

Another puzzle on S13

stuck already, just a blue disc with green square middle in inventory.

Blue/green disc is for puzzle with different colour letters so they can rotate.

also don't miss down arrow in s4 (like me LOL)

Another nasty slider pic in S11

got a read key from solving word on S7

Red key in S10


pic puzzle 2


colors in scene 3 doesn´t work as they are in note?

circle grid in s5 for s6

don't miss s9 from s10 (castle doorway)

number in S8 doesn't work.......

UUGGG can't get past colors after useing red key!

2 more fruits from turnin letter puzzle in s7

had trouble moving those numbers around...it was super slow.

Got a key from S10 and s4

Hi Gika : ) Can u remember where u found word clue?

number hint for s8 from fruit puzzle in s12, hint in s3

word clue in scene 12

Ty Roberto : )

pic puzzle in s11 is the same as the first one

used RDLD in S13

Has anyone solved color balls in scene 3 as per clue?
It doesn´t work.

Anyone use the GSYP paper hint yet?

RDLD for s13, gives hint for s6

Sorry Zuleika didn't see your comment!!!

unlock in s2 hint for s3

hello bandy. :) the gsyp clue is for the wooden board in scene 1...green cyan yellow pink

where do I use red letters clue?

My hero Cate!!! Thank you so much!!

d/w indeed Roberto

tried in vain other combos, too

my pleasure, treasure. ;)

I had to take a picture of 4 fruit clue in window in scene 13 and magnify it for puzzle in scene 6

yellow/red striped fruit goes in s4 for yet another key

Red letters in scene 5 are for scene 1

Does anybody knows what clue in S5 means???

Thanks Willow

can´t get spinning letters.

Yep, colors not working for me either.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Colors doesn't work for me either.

Need 1 more purple fruit for scene 10

my last strawberry for s2 was from placing halves/fruits in s3

Where is clue for coloured lights/spots in scene 9?

Cannot get those 4 fruits in right order to S6 : /

I need the hint for the left column in scene 4 as well.

my last purple pear for s10 was from the 4 strawberries

pears give 4 digit hint

we need a map for this one LOL

don't have the 2 things yet you ask for Jenny...


4 digit paper for s4, gives hint for s9

Red letters from scene 5 are for scene 1??? Where??

Well I am missing a strawberry too of course.

fruit shapes in s6


I am so lost on these scenes!! I need a map too.

Where is the striped fruit?

G = seven
R = eight ...

cate----I already did that. I am talking was talking about the red letters on S5

S6 - 4 fruits.

For the 4 slots I'm trying the following (i.e. no of clicks in each 'corner')

9 4
8 5

Tried variations - no go. Anyone got the right no of clicks?

only have 1 star :(

Oops - just saw your comment Alpha. Ty so much !

now have only the balls in s3 unsolved

is there a mistake AVM?

pleasure Zu ☺

I see no starfish outlines in scene 7.

Hmm - not working for me. obviously the clue I though I had wasn't the right one. Oh well ...

I guess is

bear, kind of click in the lower middle and a close up circle will appear.

Thanks Willow.

Striped fruit in the picture in 11.

Where did you find the paper with numbers?

Thanks, cate.

This comment has been removed by the author.

has anyone solved the color in S9?

you're welcome, bear. :)

I´m missing 3 stars. Have the stripped fruit but don´t know where it goes.

Starfish, zoom in on grass bottom left scene 7.

my comment at 12:35 PM

Roberto, scene 4, bottom right.

striped fruit goes right side in s4

My color clue doesn't work. I have tried left to right, right to left. Heights, up and down. Nothing works.

you're welcome Jenny

Did anyone find the hint for the column in scene 4?
I am missing 2 star fish, a strawberry and 1 purple fruit.

So faded spot. Thanks all!

my comment at 12:35 PM & 12:37 PM

Same here Jenny!

Anybody to help????

I read your comment Alpha..and still don't understand it

Finally found the last strawberry on the top curtain on the bed in scene 12

What does that clue on door means? G/SE...

left letter is the colour, right letter(s) the digit

strawberries give last purple fruit which gives 4#'s for column which gives colours for scene 9

Thank you, Jenny, you rock!

make so many dice dots in s4 on column as per digits on paper (left to right is top to bottom)

Thanks. Completely forgot about scene 1.

Thanks Jenny I was missing that one!

Just missing 1 starfish still.

Has anyone solved the balls in S3?

still missing 1 star and need to solve color balls.

Ty alpha I was missing one strawberry!

I think we are all stuck in the same spot now.

nope willow
there's a mistake in the hint or solution programming it seems, so waiting for AVM to fix it, i.e. to tell us the solution, 'cause I can't be bothered to restart...

btw AVM, how about a save option for such long games...?

I would guess the coloured balls have that last starfish.

Sorry guys - I'm getting bored with this one so heading off. May see u later in another game. Have fun : )

Have you found all starfishes AO?

Ooh good idea for the save option Alpha.

I will check back here later and see if AVM fixed the coloured balls thing.

I tried so many combos I can't count them anymore, so moving to new G4K till AVM tells us the solution...

CU there ☺

You're right Alpha. Save option would be good.

nope Roberto
I bet last one comes from the coloured ball puzzle...

You're right Alpha. Save option would be good.

Yup. Fixed already guys

Will tried to add save option.
It occupies more memory and development cost is high. Will try to add ASP.


hi AVM - thx for an entertaining game ☺

I don't want to restart & do everything again, as we are already near the end, so plz can you give us the solution for the ball puzzle before fixing

Thanks for the fix AVM but I am not restarting either.

see everyone at the next one.

it was a fun one until I had to restart.!

As always thx for the help everyone!



that gave me my last starfish as supposed

& owl is free - thx ppl for the very nice teamwork here ☺

What are the odds at now? 75% chance that an AVM game is bugged or broken when it gets released? This kind of thing gets old, REAL FAST.

thank you AVM Games for this nice game.
ok, there was a little bug again, but with your support @1:11 PM, I could finish this game without a restart :)

save function is so simple! Just add 2 buttons and a script with all variables in game. Can´t see a problem.

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