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Ena Control The Ghost Escape Walkthrough

Ena Control The Ghost Escape

EnaGames - Ena Control The Ghost Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Imagine a situation that you went to scary world in a dream. There was a witch in a scary world and gave you ten tasks to complete. The witch said that if you complete those tasks you will be released. If you have the good problem solving nature, it is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

ah, new option - a ? top right in some puzzles to
let you know what to do

& don't forget to click padlock bottom left to confirm your puzzle solution

crowbar for door right room from 4 letter puzzle, hint

behind round panel in right room

oh, even more rooms...

key for box in 2nd room after door, gives


tab works to find hotspots e.g. for collecting stuff

Stop posting new games at 5am! I need to get to bed! In we go...

& hotspots disappear after using - really helpful

LOL Nigel
be prepared, there will be also a new G2R soon ;-P

bats for sliders


1st slider on top, 4th one 1 up from bottom


1 is top position


cup from arrows, hint

on collected map

oh, no, at symbol puzzle, some wheels are moving together...! :-/

& the other 2 puzzles with a ? top right are also tricky (not that I solved them already ;-P )

2nd eye from symbol puzzle & eye from box in corridor go on skull for paper piece



I adjusted them in following order


%&£%3&£%&2£%&£%&4£%&£%5&£%&£%1&£%&£ rd/nd/th/th/st

hope that helps

shuriken symbol from 5 letter puzzle, hint

on hanging bowl first room

now working on the 2 tricky puzzles...
(BBS - hopefully ☻)

swapping letters puzzle wasn't so hard for me, now have magic liquid

off for the other letter puzzle...

oops, couldn't do a screenshot from (green) dot letter puzzle, but remember the first 2 lines



I'm stuck on the 4 symbol puzzle in the first room.

And the colored button one in the 2nd.

another shuriken symbol from dot letter puzzle

use stool at passage under skull with black cloth, clean board

Hammer time! :) Thx

use assembled hammer (head from symbol puzzle in 1st room) on crate for

colour hint

pleasure Nigel ☺

(& sweet dreams, if you'll go to sleep after this one...)

Yup, got those. Was able to clear my inventory some. I still need a 4 digit code, a screwdrive, it seems, and something about an oily patch lol. I need to look around again.

I see the slot for the cross, but can't zoom in on it (hopefully not a bug)...! :-/

I was able to insert the cross without a problem.

same here Nigel, but still loads of stuff in inventory...

I wonder if that is used in conjunction with the bats to get the lever puzzle and you were able to complete it before hand. I cannot access it now but I know it gave different sized crosses.

as game is autosaved, I refreshed & clicked continue, but cross slot is still not active - hm.

maybe anymore, 'cause I already solved the corresponding puzzle LOL

ah, ok, thx Nigel, then cross hint & not bats were for sliders it seems, but bats worked anyway ☻

I have a magic potion, crowbar (once used on door) stick, cup, a digit number clue, sword and a box with symbols. I still need a 4 digit number, a screwdriver and the patch in the same room as those two puzzles. No more hotspots to be found.

GOTCHA! there was no hotspot, but I noticed a slight difference between the elks ;-)

oh, no, if they're no hotspots for using the stuff, then we're screwed LOL

missed that spot, thx Nigel

get digged out a coffin to open from that patch

...and out with a score of 279 lol. Thanks. I saw the difference but I didn't even think about it. I've not played escape games for a while, been rusty.

hat from coffin goes on pentagon, the same for cup (fill it after placing & dip sword), & shuriken symbol box

trapped ghost & got out with that cross & gear unused

thx ENA ☺ - enjoyable game, but too much hotspot hunting for me (& no go with invisible hotspots!)

& thx for the company, Nigel ☺

Haha, yw. Have a good one.

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I have been finding ena games very laggy

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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