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Ena Magical Myth 2 Walkthrough

Ena Magical Myth 2

EnaGames - Ena Magical Myth Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. This is the second level in the scary world. As a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the next level only after fixing the stomach armor for the frog. Good luck and have fun!

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Oh, another one of THESE.

Ooh, I found some dung beetles and I stole their dung. Great.

Joining you Bear.

The mouse puzzle is just a simon says. Remember where he goes and click to to turn all red lights green.

besides the graphics didn't finish the 1 episode, 'cause didn't like it...

well, I'll give it another chance to convince me of the opposite

What are we supposed to do with the mouse popping up all over puzzle? LOL

Thanks bear, got the mouse thing, but I can't get the box one in inventory. Driving me crazy.

stuck with 2 red diamonds, a mace, a bowl, chest(I can't open) and some red pieces?

After the mouse pops up in a whole sequence and disappears again, click the same sequence that he did.

red diamonds go at base of frog fountain. need another one.

Use the dragon horn to make ice. Use the golden club/mace on the ice. Then use the shield on the water to get an axe.


My diamonds won't go there, Jenny.

chest opens when all bug are electroluced

I can't figure out where use the bowl, the pungi, or the axe and my diamonds won't place.

use axe on one of the left side trees, catch grey goop in bowl, add red bits and play horn for snake statue.
last red diamond.

Drop diamonds from kinda of high up they go in spots automatically.

I really don't like that you have to drag every single item from the inventory onto everything in every scene just to figure out where it is supposed to be used.

No kidding. Not my favourite style of game at all.

There's no place to zoom in at the frogman.

Bear where did you get the dragon horn - I can't find it. I have a magical stick which looks like a snake/dragon

They go at the fish fountain.

That's it, Monica. The game tells you to blow the horn, they mean that stick you got in the beginning.

No axe, no dragon horn, still need another pink gem.

nope, not convinced, red X
still no hotspots for the items, bad, bad
& there's already part 3 & 4 in the pipeline as per VWTs on YouTube...

This series doesn't make much sense. I tried using the axe on that very same tree many multiple times and it didn't do anything. Then when I dragged the axe onto the roots of the tree, suddenly it works.....

Monica, you already have the dragon horn. Use it at the crater in the second scene.

I agree, Alpha. There should be hotspots to indicate that you need to use an item there. Otherwise you needlessly click and drag all day, which is much more annoying than fun.

kind of illogical game. Why use "this" item over there and not on any other part? Except the snake and that flute.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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