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Escape Game: King’s Crown Escape Walkthrough

Escape Game: King’s Crown Escape

5nGames - 5n Escape Game: King’s Crown Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. You are on a mission to get the king’s crown. Get into the castle and find the crown and escape with it. Relate objects and solve puzzles to achieve your mission. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape Game: King’s Crown Escape

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Make this LARGE because the pixels are SMALL!

Go back to the placed apples.

Nice puzzles, out

Knife in front of bridge

First 4-digit number you get is for the paws.

Tiny yellow lantern in the porch.

Zoom right in again to unlock front door.

Crowbar to left back inside.

Should I give this a try? One star so far but only one vote. Well, I'll go in.

So far so good, Meritneith! I'm trying to persuade the bull head to give me my third little yellow lantern. He just looks cross.

Aha! Third lantern hiding in plain sight in the lantern picture in left inside room!

I got to the 4 number wheels puzzle and quit.
Not my favorite type of puzzle.
It was fun up until that point.

Okay, I just arrived in the house.

Yikes! Turning number puzzle freaking me out! have to go....

Good game until there. I'll try again later.

Oh, that doesn't sound good, let's see if I'll get past this thing.

By the way, don't forget the star puzzle below the bull's head. Hint is from outside. But you all knew this before I think.

I did not like the spinning puzzle but got it worked out. Some of the dials turn the digits slower so that they fall into the correct spots.

I solved the spinning puzzle by following the walkthrough part of it (and even that was a challenge, LOL). I'd never made this on my own.

For those who quit the spinning puzzle: It gives a golden ring for the bull's head, and then you're out, so you might take this as a fun game until that point.

Fun game? Way too small! Even as large as I can make it too hard to see things.

The spinning wheel puzzle is far too frustrating bye bye

At first I got frustrated as well when I tried the spinning puzzle, but then I figured out how to use it and it's actually not that bad.
Basically each circle consists of three layers, which you can select. Each layer is linked to a layer in other circle, but you can control the spin of only the circle layer you clicked on first. The one attached to it spins as well but you can't control it. So if you find that something doesn't seem to align, just deselect it and click first on the circle attached to it. Spin that one instead and you'll see that the first circle would align perfectly

What I didn't like about the game though is that it was too simple and a bit repetitive. Cute graphics

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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