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Escape Game: The Treasure Box Escape Walkthrough

Escape Game: The Treasure Box Escape

5nGames - 5n Escape Game: The Treasure Box Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. In this escape game, you are looking for a treasure box to get the riches in it. Try to find the treasure box and open it to get the valuables in it. Make use of the objects you find around and solve the puzzles to achieve your mission. Good luck and have fun!

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can't drag any item or go anywhere

the only things I have is a stick and a bag, stuck in the inventory, wonder if this game is glitchy

same here Dazz

can't do nothing, time doesn't run, nothing is working...

I thing not woriking this game. omega

Same here. Only a bag and nothing works. I restarted but that did not help

Game seems to be working for me. Gave a carrot to the rabbit, gave 3 chicks to hen (she layer eggs) have a scorpion on the stick from the lettuce. Stuck now with hay (cut from bale with sicle) bag and stick/scorpion

Put hay in box lower left and cow moves and you can enter tent.

I have 3 chicks, carrot goes to the rabbit, sickle from hay, cut that round thing and get hay for the cow and get a new scene. I have to figure out what is with all those clickable animals. Something is under the scorpion in the bucket.

i found 3 bowls in the 1st scene, I presume we have to put something in them. In 2nd scene, i got a lot of items and too many puzzles :)

frogs puzzle on the pond. I used the shovel near the basket, found a stone statue. I wonder what's with the parrot over there

the corn give the solution for the frogs puzzle. now i have 2 scorpions on the stick. Don't know what to do to get rid of them.

there where you used the sickle to get hay i got another scorpion. Darn

put all of them in the hollow log and are all gone! Yay! Took the item.
It would be nice if would appear the name of the item. Looks like a thing from metal.

I got a bag with "58 kg" written on it. Does anyone know where to put it?

not yet. in the tent there is a 5# puzzle, got a clue which doesn't work (from a piece of wood?)

near the potatoes sack i found something, no idea what is that. Looks like half of a mask?

time to try every item on every hot spot. ...and this makes me angry. A button goes on the lamp and gives a clue.
if i have to open the WT, then 2* will be the maximum what will get this game from me.

with the rag, clean the statue, place the "metal" item what I told before, get stone head with half mask. Can't place the other half. Maybe i have to do something before this.

after you fix the wheel from "cart" (sorry for me English), this can be moved aside and you get a hot spot at the base of the tree. There are a ton of ant over the pliers which are necessary to cut the wire to the other log, near the one with the scorpion inside.

58 goes in the tent at the sliding puzzle. I need a break. See you later

who would guess that the feather is necessary to the mask?
I have a bow, 3 eggs, 1 button (need more), 1 nail, 1 sack which was shed - probably I need a scoop, same piece of wood (?) with numbers on it.

I gave up and watched the WT. Use the bow and the arrow on the hive, ants will move and you can take the pliers. The rest is in the WT, will not be my work. Disappointed.

thx alcaro for all your hints ☺
me also had to watch some parts of the VWT
(even Nikita who made the vid had troubles as you can see there...)
& game started so nicely - thx anyway 5n ☺

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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