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Escape The Sharkmen Walkthrough

Escape The Sharkmen

Selfdefiant - Escape The Sharkmen is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. Sneaky was caught by the sharkmen and now he needs your help escaping! Look around and see what you can find to help escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Uh, a shark game. Count me in!

Sneaky in pool scene in a window.

jellyfish pic looks like numbers clue. spoiler:


shovel in M, lower right

silver eggs give golden key

orange gemstone in hammock

Orange gemstone in K, in hammock.

mariagrazia, i'm still searching for the last egg.

I kinda want to be kidnapped by the sharkmen....

nom, have you found the one in the microwave?

Yes, i have. I also found the one on the pillar with the hammock. And two that were in plain sight.

Oh, found it. It was in N under the bank.

Can't figure out the order of the symbols from the park bench for the briefcase in H.

Use shovel for big rock in P.

Kias, it's in the paper with coloured letters.

Kias, hint is under krashs.

sd is used in bathroom next to the start scene.

Found it. In A is an airvent.

arrange colors with the anagram (hint!!! g before o)

thanks Nomnivor for sneaky coin hint!

Is there a lighter for the candles?

My oven does not want to !

Taty use 24-hour time

!!!4@@@@###1¨¨¨¨¨6****1%$#9 ! SPOILER !

Stuck now without a purple gem...

Can't find the lighter *sigh*

Same place as Blooby. No purple gem.

POP... found lighter in room C, in the background ^^

Thanks Solitude!

Blue key?

POP! Got it

I can't open the microwave oven using the numbers from the jellyfish picture

Castle, jellyfish numbers are used somewhere else. Think 24 hour time.

Good eye solitude01!

Is SharkMan the evil twin of Marko Sharko?

Castle , see my comment 10:04

Thanks M Dalberg :-)

!!! 4 @@@@ ### 1 @@@@@ 6 **** 1 % $ # 9! SPOILER oven !

Thank you, M Dalberg ! I wouldn't have guessed that (in our country, electronic devices show the actual time, when it's 04h19, it isn't 16h19)...
I'm still looking for the blue key.

You need the goggles for 2 items

One gem and one key

Joe Comix,
thank you... I haven't found the goggles...

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I cannot find the green gem...

excellent game, thanks

Thanks everyone!!!

Shap- Green gem in the tree after you water it

map-up one, left one

Shap green gem is behind a flower on tree

I think I'm missing the pink gem

pink gem in pool

spell the word for gem order. two s are a guess

Thanks for a great game SD. I was relieved to see that the sharkman is only sleeping!

One of the better SSSG games in a while. Nice game SD!

I can't find the goggles...

I guess I'm the last player, with a day delayed but it was fun!

pdgph - the goggles were in P. Click the background and you'll find them under a rock.

And, Doris, no I just played it too so you're not last.
Thanks for the game SD - enjoyed it

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blue key in pool

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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