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Free the Dogs Escape 4 Walkthrough

Free the Dogs Escape 4

VitaminHana - Free the Dogs Escape 4 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Vitamin Hana. In this game, you try to free the dogs by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Always a joy to play these games. Thanks, Vitamin Hana!

Not too tricky, but here are a few hints:

- Dogs do not like to give you things if you do not give them something first.

- Take note of the right-side door and the thick black line. It can be opened if you break the seal.

Thanks for the hint about the thick black line - I was wandering around with a blade for a while!

- There are some who say, "When all you have is a hammer, all problems look like a nail." I have a bone to pick with them.



Where should I use the hammer?

POP return the frisbee to the dogs and take back the bone, then use hammer on bone.

Good hints Seraku. Got me past both places I was stuck.

Nice game

it's very simple. It must be o so very simple.
Too simple for me.
How to use the paper with star = 2 to get the number for the last door?

I'ts x2, arrie.

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oh that's weird, I tried earlier on to also do the individual numbers x2, that didn't work, but now it does. It was the only possibility left.
Thanks Ipi.

Yep, not so simple to me. I can't even get started.
Don't see any hints.

If anyone is here, where is the hammer??

Jenny, the first hint are the three star pictures, the stars have shapes.

And Jenny, you get hammer in the end after opening the door with STAR=2 hint. That was the toughest part for me, thought that I need some additional hint, but it just means that a star on the wall is not 1, but 2.

Quick through
Number of/shape of stars on pic = shapes for drawer.
Check back of frisbee for red/yellow/blue number. Release a dog. Give him frisbee in exchange for screwdriver. Use sd on pic, for dog food - remember to open bag, and use pattern inside pic cupboard on dog-box outside. Free dog and get dog bowl. Place bowl and fill with food. Walk away, come back and go to hole in wall for box-cutter. Use it on r/h cupboard under star pic for trowel. Dig the plant up for bone. Swap bone for frisbee, and check the back of the frisbee again. Use all the numbers in the direction given on the number pad on other dog box and release that dog. Collect paper and use hint on it (x2 each star pic), for four digit code. Get hammer. Swap bone for frisbee, and smash bone with hammer for key. Open door and Hooray.

thanks clio-rose, the WT was really helpful.

thank you Clio!

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